Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Cake and Housework!

*282* Fuck yeah!

I lost some weight girlfriend! Woot! Woot!  I know it does not seem like much but it is not a fluctuated weight change. That has been a steady I have lost 8 lbs! I have not eaten any carbs and I do not want to. I can tell a slight different in how my clothes and body feels. Just slight but enough to keep me moving.
Today is Fred`s birthday. We are having a small chocolate cake. Fred and I are going to sacrifice all our good work and have cake today. Oh yes we are! LOL
I have been under the weather with what I think was a cold but I think it was because of being out IN the cold shoveling the massive amount of snow we got a couple days ago. Another 8 inches ya`ll. Fuck me I am so sick of the snow. I bet they will say this has been the snowiest winter for Connecticut on record! I have been thinking of Spring. Maybe I am becoming delusional from all of the snow. I want to plan a garden bed in the top yard this year and I want to start cleaning the house. Really cleaning it. Tossing shit that is taking up space, new curtains, new lamps, and the like. I want to get rid of our nasty ass love seat and buy another nasty assed love seat. We buy used because we have animals and kids. New will not enter my house until a later date in my life. And I am perfectly fine with that.
Today is a day of errands. I am making breakfast right now. Then pick up Fred`s cake, get a card from the girls, and just general pain in the ass weekend errands.
I am glad I have Fred in my life. He has made these past 25 years the most happiest ever for me. I have been with him longer then I have been without him. Not many people get to experience this kind of happiness. I wish everyone could.
It is the best.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter of my discontent

Lu looking like a garden gnome

  It is snowing, again! And not just a little bit..a shit load..again! I had to push the front screen door hard because it was the snow was drifted up against it. More shoveling for me today. Joy! I figured a goofy picture of my maltipoo, Lu, would give you a smile. She is a goofy girl and I love her to bits. We do not know exactly how old she is. Last year the vet guesstimated about 2 years old. So this March I will say she is 3. Because that is when she came into our home. She hates the snow. She screams when her feet touch it. I have newspapers down for her and Perla (our chi) to go potty on. That means that I am ruled by dogs. And I really do not care.
  Yesterday I was so hungry that I wanted to eat some carbs! I over ate some peanuts in the jar instead. My sugar was 125 this morning. Not awful by MY standards but higher then it has been. I need to keep on top of my food. I had not eaten lunch so I paid the price of hunger.
 I started reading because I wanted to learn more about Low carb eating. It has helped me a lot there. Very much. I could say that I am following the Atkins plan but probably a morphed version. I mean, Christ...Fred and I are going to eat a decadent chocolate cake on Saturday for his birthday..that isn't low carb by any means. It is going to set us back 3 days (that is what the site said) but we do not care. We ordered it in advance before we did this and we are each going to have one big piece. Then back on the train! Can you tell that my brain is working better? Carbohydrate withdrawls are awful! You feel extra stupid! You are tired. Ugh! And I will have to go through it again after I eat the cake..but I do not care. It is Fred`s 45th birthday on Saturday and it is special! We will still not eat carbs for other meals though..we decided that. He wants chicken wings, Caesar salad (we do not get the croutons), and a veggie.
 I want to also say that I am feeling better. I not only feel better mentally but physically. I read that women seem to lose inches before they lose actual weight. The scale will take forever to dip but you will notice your pants fitting better. I am able to move around better. My feet do not hurt as much as they normally would. I have more energy during the day. The complex carbs were weighing me down. I have had a few people (strangers) tell me that it was dangerous. Do not do it! You NEED carbs to live. What they forget or do not know is that everything that comes from the ground is a carbohydrate. Apples, cucumbers, wheat grass, tomatoes, etc etc. So Fred and I are getting plenty of carbs from all the veggies we are eating. We have never had this much fiber in our lives! LOL So this way of eating is a good thing for us! Do not worry!
Just make the fucking snow stop!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I feel good..du nu nu nu nu.


Blood sugars are staying to normal. I am dealing with blood sugar crashes during the day. I think my insulin is too strong now that I am not eating the complex carbs. I am going to have to make an appointment with my GP/Endo about it. See what he says. If he will take it away or not. I have been checking steadily during the day and evening to make sure I do not crash.
Fred is doing well also. He wants to lose the pot belly he has acquired with age. This is good! Really good.
I wanted to go to the gym today but it snowed again. So I shoveled instead. Shoveling is exercise in my book. Fred and I have noticed that we are now dealing with carb withdrawl and it sucks man! I am tired. But I have read that it goes away after awhile and then I will move on. I can already tell I have no brain capacity to even make this a longish note today. My brain! My brain!!
  Chelsea is concerned that we are hurting ourselves because we are not eating certain things. I think that is kind of funny because she is the pot calling the kettle black. She is a Vegan. She is not eating certain things either. I just tell her to not worry about us, we are getting plenty of food to eat. She keeps trying to tell me that she understand Diabetes more then I do. That I do not understand how blood sugar works. I have had diabetes for 10 years but SHE knows more about it..oh and I did not forget to mention that she graduated from medical school..cause she hasn't. I love my daughter very much but sometimes she royally pisses me off. Millions of people eat a low carb meal plan and they are fine. I am getting all of my carbs from veggies. Eventually I will start adding fruits to my diet but for now I want to keep my blood sugars under control.
 I feel good. That is all that matters right now to me..

Monday, January 24, 2011

No chocolate?


I got my period this morning. I had no clue it was coming because I was not craving or eating chocolate. I always eat it this time of the month. Oh well. I am going to be eating Fred`s chocolate birthday cake on believe that! I know I am changing my ways but birthday cake is birthday cake dammit!
I am doing really well so far. I have not strayed from the low low carb eating. My breakfast this morning is an over medium egg with a bacon cheese burger on top of it. LOL I had a large glass of tomato juice also. I thought I would shake up breakfast up a bit today. My good friend showed me a Diabetes website that she uses for low carb recipes. It is called I will find many different ways to serve food. I want Chelsea to teach me how to make her lentils also. They are so good. Mmmm!
I have much more energy then I used to. I am wondering if this is a placebo effect or not. We will see. I have to leave here soon and go outside (IT IS ONLY 6 Deg F!!) and pick up Natalie. Mondays are her short day at school.
We may go to the gym. Like I said..I have been visited by MaryMary and may not be in the mood.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monthly cycles


I got my first period when I was 10 years old. I went to the bathroom in the 5th grade and did not know what I was looking at. I freaked a teeny tiny bit in my head. My mother never told me that it was going to happen. I have been getting my period every month (minus when I was pregnant) for 32 years.
I cant wait until it is over!
 Heavy bleeder here. I do not get traditional PMS, I gravitate towards chocolate. That is going to become an issue since I am not supposed to be eating sugar..LOL We will see how that goes. Hormones may win that battle.
I wanted to share a site with you that Chelsea showed me. It is called Monthly Info. You start by putting your first day of your period in. Then come back when you get it again. This site will tell you what you cycle is, when you are ovulating, and when to expect your period again. Totally cool! It will even text or email you a few days ahead to let you know it is coming.
Where was this shit back when I bled out at the club? I was wearing grey pinstriped tight assed jeans. You could not hide that shit. I put a coat around my waist and went home..LOL
Another thing I wanted to show you was the Diva Cup. I want one and so do the girls. I just keep forgetting to buy it. Maybe next month I will remember. I have tried something similar to this that is disposable. I liked it alot but with the Diva cup, there is no waste. It sounds gross at first, but if you are a heavy bleeder like I am..You will love this thing. It holds it all in. No more ruined clothing. No more leaking.
Okay, I am off to make Sunday breakfast now.
Have a good day!

It is working!!


  It is 8:33am EST here in Old CT. The temperature out on my front porch is 15 deg F. 

 The low carb eating is working. I wanted to give you some more information because I was kinda cryptic before about what? Who? how?
The author`s name is Gary Taubes. He has a Facebook page, his own blog,  he has been in a bunch of magazine articles and he has a new book out called Why we get fat, and what to do about it. I am not going to start following this guy around like a rock star or anything but what he says makes lots of least in terms of me.
   My blood sugars were normal all day yesterday but later on in the evening they started to fall. So I took less insulin last night. I was up to 22 cc a night. Last night I did 17cc. This morning my blood sugar was 115. That is phenomenal. My blood sugars at night were always in the upper 200s and sometimes to 300. My morning sugars sometimes would be in the 200s with the insulin. I was afraid I was going to have to start taking insulin at every meal. Hells to No now!
I have more energy then I did before..I mean like at night! I was always down for the count! OMG! If I start losing weight, I think i am going to go dancing. LOL
Last night for dinner I had 3 kielbasa links with Dijon mustard and broccoli rabe with garlic. I had a snack of peanuts earlier, so I did not have a huge dinner.  This morning I am going to make eggs and bacon but I need to change it up. I found the that I will try today. If anyone knows of any really good egg recipes, pass them along to me.
Today I am going to make a frittatta for breakfast, go to the gym in this freezing cold day, and work on the little Arthur Dollhouse. I have neglected her so.
Is it Spring yet??

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Freezing Temps and Housework.


It is COLD outside this morning. COLD.  It is 9:15am, the sun is out, and it is 19 deg F. We have a quarter tank of oil but we have been using the portable heaters. I seriously do not think the oil is going to last the weekend. I do not have any money to buy oil right now anyway. Do not feel sad for me. We will be okay. That is just how it is sometimes. There was choice between buying oil or paying the electric, car insurance and buying groceries. Oil lost. I will ask Chelsea to loan me the money if it gets too bleak and I will give it back to her next week. No biggie. I may ask her anyway cause it is brick out now...imagine later on tonight. I will talk to her when she gets up, she will give it (she had better), and I will call for delivery tomorrow.
 So far, the no carb thing is doing really well for me. My blood sugars are lower then they have ever been. I usually take 22 cc of insulin pen at night. Last night I only used 19cc. Yesterday my sugar went a little lower then I would like I started feeling funky. I think for now 19 is good. When I start losing weight, I will have to keep lowering it.
 Fred and I each had a crock of french onion soup with cheese (no bread) and a double cheese burger with grilled jalapenos and a fried runny egg. I ate all that..and I lost a pound! WTF!
 I am  not going to post my weight changes until every Friday like usual. I did do most of the stuff on my list for this week. We had some snow so plans had changed. Snow shoveling is exercise in my book..LOL
 Today I am going to clean out the fridge. It is dirty. It needs it and it will warm me up from moving around. Since I will be calling for Oil (crossing fingers)..I am going to have to shovel some of the side walkway and steps the bitter fucking cold! Fuck! It has to done so the oil dude can get to the pipe. There is more dusting to do and general pick ups.
I have not touched the Little Arthur but I have not lost my Muse. She is waiting for tomorrow. I am going to work on it all day tomorrow!
Bacon and eggs again for breakfast but I need to change it up. Think of different ways of serving it. We have sausages also..So I could do that instead. Hmmm.
As for dinner, I do not know. LOL I guess I will figure it out.

French Onion Soup

Yesterday I made some French Onion soup. It is a favorite of Fred's and mine but we do not have it very often. We will usually have it when we go out to eat at certain places that make it well, like Steak Loft. It is a long cooking process but it is worth it because it can be  a labor of love. If you love this soup and you love someone who loves this soup, take a day to make it for them. It will show them a tiny bit of how you feel. Plus, you gotta love each other cause you are gonna REEK of onions afterward. :)

Cook Time: 3 hours
Yields: 4-6 servings


1/2 cup of butter or margarine
2 teaspoons of olive oil
6 onions; I used 1 white, 1 sweet, and the rest were yellow onions. Sliced thinly
3 cloves of garlic; minced or use microplane grater if you have one.
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon of dried Thyme
1 teaspoon of kosher salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1 cup of red wine
3 heaping tablespoons of white flour
2 quarts of beef broth; you can use veggie broth if you want to make this a vegan soup.
1 french bread baguette
1/2 lb of Gruyere, or Swiss, or Provolone cheese; if making Vegan, use Daiya Mozz cheese.


You are going to need a heavy pot to cook this in. You do not have to have a Dutch oven like I do in this picture but you are going to be cooking this for a long time and you do not want to scorch the bottom. That would be a tragedy.

I cut my onions in half and then slice half moons. Do it anyway you want. They should be cut thin but do not stress if any thick pieces end up in there..they will cook down. This is what 6 onions looks like.

In the pot, put your butter and olive oil. When butter is melted, add your garlic, bay leaves, and thyme. I like to cook the garlic for like 2 minutes before I throw the onions in. Put the onions in, mix to incorporate. Add your salt and pepper. Now put the heat on medium/low and put a lid on. It is going to cook for 25 minutes. You can go back and check and stir once in awhile but you do not have to sit on it.

At this point you may want to open your wine and give it time to breathe. This is Yellow Tail Chardonnay. It is a very nice wine from Australia. Not expensive either. This bottle cost $6 during Christmas time. Do not worry about the wine getting you drunk in the soup. The alcohol will disappear during the cooking. It is kid safe!

After the 25 minutes, this is what your onions will look like. Now it is time to add the wine. But first, go digging around and pull out those bay leaves. You are done with those. Turn the heat up to medium under the burner.

It is Purple! hehehe Now you are going to bring the soup/wine to a boil. Once it is boiling, turn it down to medium low so that it is simmering. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Add the flour in at this point and mix it completely in. Cook this on low for 10 minutes. You are cooking the flour at this point. You do not have to sit on top of it but do not stray far. Give it some stirs once in awhile. After the 10 minutes you are going to add in the broth. Stupid me forgot to take a picture. I put the dutch oven on the back burner of the stove. I cooked in on low for 2 1/2-3 hours. Low and Slow. It is going to reduce and it is going to be yummy. If you want to cook it longer, go ahead. It will not hurt it. Just keep an eye on it. Your whole house is going to smell like onions, garlic, and thyme.

Fred bought these for me for Christmas one year. One for him and one for me. The girls detest onion soup so there was no sense buying them a bowl. They come with little lids. You can find them in any kitchen supply store. Not expensive at all. If you have some heat proof bowls, they will work too.
Fred and I are on a low carb diet. So we did not use the bread but I will tell you that step anyhow. LOL

Slice your baguette in thick slices. You may want one or two for your bowl. Heat your oven to 350 deg F. Put bread on cookie sheet. You are going to toast the slices. About 5 minutes on each side should do it. If you have a toaster oven, even better! After the bread is done, turn on your broiler.

You are going to put your bread in the bowl, pour your soup over the bread, up to the top of the rim of the bowl (it is hot so BE CAREFUL). Then you put your cheese on top. Have it so that it kind of hangs over the sides a bit. The more cheese the better!
Put the bowls on a cookie sheet, slide them under the broiler and watch them carefully. We left them in too long so the cheese collapsed causing it to become overly ooey gooey. Those burnt pieces on the sides are the best!
 The soup is molten hot so be careful when you are first eating it.

That is it. Yummy Oniony Cheesy goodness. Your love will love you for it cause they know you took the time to make it just for them!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowing...again! *sad face*


I am sick and tired of the fucking snow!!!! Ahhhhhhh! 
I do not feel better but I needed to blog scream that. It is only January 21st. We still have all of February to get through. WTF!  I know. I live in New England. I should be used to this. You see, I live on the coast of Connecticut. We do not get snow on a regular basis in the winter. We will get snow showers, flurries, and if we are lucky..a big ole Nor`easter that blows in a shit load of snow. We are what the rest of the state calls, God`s country. We mostly get rain, sleet, slush. So this constant barrage of snow really sucks! If I lived higher up like in Mass, or New Hampshire..I could not be bitching.

   I keep thinking about the garden. Some of you know that I garden all Spring and Summer. Annuals in pots, Perennials, Ornamental bushes, and Veggies. I grow the majority of my veggies at the community garden up the hill. Chelsea`s job runs it. For $20, I get 2 garden plots next to each other full of organic loam and compost. The plants love it. No shade, plenty of water, and lots of butterflies, bugs, and birds. Mice too but you get that will gardening. Everyone has to grow completely organic. No pesticides. You can use organic ones if you like. Everyone shares.  There are educational beds that Chelsea tends and we get the bounty from those too. Tons of tomatoes. I made bread and butter pickles and pickled jalapenos last fall.
Can you see that I am dreaming of Late March?
I will plant tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, mesculin, eggplant, maybe squash but I dont know. I was thinking of trying tomatillos this year. We will see.

I am just really tired of looking out the window at the snow. I am tired of shoveling it. I am tired of buying those melting pellets so no one slips. I have not even gone outside yet today and it is almost 9am, The plows have not come down the road AT ALL!
I will just keep dreaming of my lush green yard and my veggies to come.

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

*284* I actually lost weight!

This past week I had gained weight and I did not change the 283 cause I was just disgusted. But my body must have had to catch up to the exercise because I lost 4 lbs! My sugar this morning was 117. I had to put my glasses on cause I thought I was reading it wrong. ROFL It is never that low. That is a good thing.
For some reason, I have been getting a Reader`s Digest in the mail lately. Yesterday was my 3rd. Either someone sent it to me or I dont know. I never got any conformation that I was getting it as a gift. It just started showing up..and no bill.  So if you are out there..Thank you!!
Anyway, the front cover of the new issue is about how to really lose weight. Scientifically speaking the government has been lying to us all along. Most obese people are suffering from a hormonal problem not a intake of too much food problem. They said if you ask an obese person why they overeat, they do not have an answer. It is chemical. It is like they are addicted to the carb and sugar crap.  If they change their way of eating, the pounds could drop off.  I do want to want to talk about the entire article cause I need more coffee. Basically, you should be following the tried and true diabetic diet, Atkins diet, or the low carb diet. But the Dr  does not want you to call it a diet because it is not temporary. We should be eating like our ancestors did. They knew to avoid carbs on a daily. They ate meat when they could get it and lots of green leafy veggies. You know those greens you pass in the produce aisle? No not the lettuce. I am talking about the greens. Collards, Mustards, Kale, Swiss Chard, Dandelion, Broccoli Rabe, and the like. Those are what you should be eating. I do now because of my vegan daughter.

So Fred and I are going to embark on a food experiment. We will go week by week.
I have talked about this before but I never got so fired up about it like I am now. We are going to eat all LOW CARB. We will be the Anti-Vegan! Except we will be eating veggies. LOL

So here are the things we cannot have.
Potatoes, pastas, white rice, sugar, candy, sweets of any kind, fruits, fruit juices, oh and I bread. No sugary drinks like soda, canned iced tea, Gatorade. Nope. Only diet flavored.
Here are the things we can have.
Beef, Pork, Poultry, fish, cheese, eggs, butter, oils, Non-Starchy Veggies, pickles, etc etc.  We can eat as much as we want. If I wanted to eat a half a chicken for dinner with a side of creamed spinach..go for it girlfriend!!
The sugar is going to be hard for me. I use one teaspoon of sugar in each cup of coffee I drink. Most days that is 2 teaspoons of sugar. I think I may let that be my cheat..for now.  Fred will probably cheat with his Gatorade.
That is basically it. I have a recipe for mashed cauliflower that tastes just like mashed potatoes. We can have spaghetti squash! LOL
I am going to try this because I want off of my insulin. If I can do that..I will be victorious.
I am wondering if Fred and I could eat some different gluten free pastas, if that would be okay. I will learn more on that.
Today I am making a big pot of French Onion soup. I have french bread to toast for floating but NO NO NO. We are not going to have that. Plenty of cheese instead!
This morning I am going to make bacon, grilled onions, cheese and eggs in a big ole messy scramble. Enough to fill us up!
Wish us luck...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



I chose this picture for no other reason that I liked it and I wish I could wear high heels like that. My ankles were never strong. I had difficulty as a child with ice skating. My dad would take me to the Duck Pond to ice skate and I would last maybe a half hour before both ankles were turned inward.

Natalie and I are MONSTERS! We completed 10 minutes on the stairclimber. We were like "Hey, that did not hurt!" So Natalie suggested we try for 10 minutes more. And we did it! 20 minutes on the stair climber! Woot! Then we did weights for our arms and our gut. The last thing is we are trying to conquer the elliptical machines. I could sustain 3 mph for about 5 minutes but when the machine prompted me to do 6mph..I was done! LOL We had a great workout. I was sweating..And I did not die!
WooHoo to me and Natalie. Chelsea did not come today because she had to work. She has Friday off she can come then. She has been a work out beast also.
Natalie and I share a onion bagel with cream cheese (lite) on the way to the gym. It gives us some energy to work out. I am having a protein laden lunch. An open faced shaved steak sandwich with one slice of cheddar and grilled yellow onion. No Mayo and only one slice of Italian bread. I have a small bowl of tomato, cucumber, and onion salad (i eat alot of those in the summer) with a 12 oz cup of low sodium veggie juice.
We are having take out for dinner tonite but I think I will have a a Chef Salad.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zumba Fitness


This is what Chelsea wants to get and I am thinking maybe I will. They have it for Wii too.
It retails at GameStop for $39.99.

To be perfectly honest, I do not want abs that you can bounce quarters off of..I just want abs that do not jiggle when I walk.

Did you have a Dorothy Do?


I did!
Do not ask me why I post what I post..LOL I was looking for some vintage winter scenes and for some reason ice skaters came up and then I thought about Dorothy Hamill and now there she is. See how my mind works? Like a steel trap, I tell ya.
I had a Dorothy Hamill hair cut for a couple years. It grew out fugly though. My brother Eric used to love to tease me. "Oh looook, it is Dorothy Hamill! Where are your ice skates Dorothy? " Jack ass!
I always considered hair just hair. I had no attachment to it. I could get it into my head that I wanted to cut my long hair and chop chop was gone. No tears. No regrets. It is just hair. I say that now but I am a bit bothered by the greys I keep finding. I am not liking that at all! My mother had salt and pepper hair, which was nice..but at 42 years old, I feel like I am not ready to go there yet. So I color my almost waist length hair red. Nice auburn. This is the longest my hair has ever been. I have gone and had it trimmed. But I am not ready to cut it. Now I am not saying I have grown an attachment to hair in my older years..I just want it to be long for now. I may be that old grey haired lady with the long braid down her back, or not.
 There is an icy storm going on today so there will be no gym..even if it is on my list! I am cleaning, facebooking, and cooking.
Tonight we are having egg rolls, spring rolls (for chelsea and I) and a lemon fried rice that I found at I am following the other suggestions for modifications. More hot sauce, Lemon pepper, and lemon juice. It would be too bland otherwise.
I have a recipe for the Spring rolls someplace but I cannot find it to share. I think Chelsea has it in her bookmarks. It is a really refreshing, veggie filled, spring roll. Very tasty!
Tomorrow I have to remember that I have to go order Fred`s birthday cake. Same place as mine..Cake Lady..but all Chocolate!

And yes..I did twirl around to make my hair do that! :)

We did 10 minutes!!!

Natalie and Chelsea woke up yesterday and we all went to the gym. Natalie and I were able to do 10 minutes on the stair climber without stopping! Granted, I was going slower then the other people but not super slow. I wanted to conquer that 10 minutes. My thighs did not start to really scream until I had about 4 minutes to go. I just worked through the pain.  Last time we were on it, we could only do 5 minutes!  We need to conquer the elliptical too. They both told me that the tread mill bores them. I like it. I like to walk in general so if I cannot do it outside, I would rather do it on that. Eh. We are starting to go about our own ways in the gym. They do their things and I do mine. I do not feel rushed. When I went with Fred, I felt rushed. Like he would stay there for like half an hour and want to go. Dude, we need to stay at least an hour!
 When I am at the gym, I am not self conscious about how I look. I think the reason is because there are alot of fatties in there just like me. No Judgement! There are skinny girls, buff guys, lanky teens, and roid cases..but there is a nice mix of different types of people. Young, middle aged, and older. So I really do not feel like my big assed fatness is out in the open there. I am just another person coming to get their sweat on!

I am Heavy

Eat with pleasure and without rest

  Eat with pleasure and without rest...sounds like my life. I love food and I love this image. I would LOVE to find this in a full scale poster. I would so hang it in my kitchen. I love the re-dos of vintage french food and booze posters.

  I watched that new show on A&E called Heavy last night. I had a teary moment here and there but otherwise it was inspiring to me. This was not a game show. There is no big cash prize. There is no ultimate winner. Everyone is a winner if they follow a few simple rules..Portion control and exercise. Lots and Lots of exercise. The kind of exercise that makes you scream for your Mommy. That is what I need to do! I am doing it with the stair climber. I can do the 10 minutes now.  I want to be dripping with freaking sweat when I leave Planet Fitness!
But..It might not happen today. We are having an ice storm this morning. It is not safe out there right least in my neck of the woods. Snow, the sleet, and then a nice topping of frozen rain on top. It has not hit the freezing mark yet so it has not gotten extra scary.
I have lots of house hold chores to do and if it warms up enough for ice to go away..I will go to the gym..otherwise I think I will Just Dance.
Chelsea mentioned that she wanted to get Zumba for the Wii, I am going to look into how much it is going to cost.
 I really want this! I think this show was the motivation that I needed. I get that people love the Biggest Loser but that was about ONE winner. I want to see many winners.
I want to be a winner too!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tilapia and corn chowder


I made a Tialpia and corn chowder last night for dinner. It was really really good. Fred ate two bowls. He is a picky eater, so that must tell you something. I am going to post the recipe from as is and my alterations so you can decide what you want to do. Tilapia is a nice firm fish and it does not have an overly fishy smell to it. Really good for kids and people that do not like fish that much. My dad was a fisherman so I loved all sorts of fish and seafood. You can get Tilapia in the freezer section of the grocery store or Walmart. The fillets are individually wrapped so you use as many as you want.

Tilapia Corn Chowder

Serves: 6 
Total Time: 45 min
Prep Time: 15 min
Cook Time: 30 min


  • 2 ounce(s) bacon
  • 1 teaspoon(s) canola oil
  • 1 stalk(s) celery, diced
  • 1  leek, white part only, halved lengthwise, rinsed and sliced thinly
  • 1/2 teaspoon(s) salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon(s) freshly ground pepper
  • 4 cup(s) reduced-sodium chicken broth
  • 8  Yukon Gold potatoes, diced
  • 2 cup(s) fresh corn kernels
  • 1 1/2 pound(s) tilapia fillets
  • 1 teaspoon(s) finely chopped fresh thyme
  • 1 cup(s) half-and-half
  • 2 teaspoon(s) lemon juice
  • 2  chopped fresh chives
  1. Chop bacon and cook in a large Dutch oven over medium heat until crispy, 3 to 4 minutes. Drain on paper towels.
  2. Add oil to the pan. Add celery, leek, salt and pepper and cook until the vegetables just begin to soften, about 2 minutes. Add broth, potatoes and corn. Bring to a gentle simmer. Cook until the potatoes are just tender and the corn is cooked through, about 8 minutes. Stir in tilapia and thyme; return to a gentle simmer. Cook until the tilapia is cooked through, about 4 minutes more. Remove from the heat.
  3. Stir in half-and-half, lemon juice and the reserved bacon. Garnish with chives, if using.

*I did not use the bacon because I did not have any. I did not use celery because cooked celery grosses me out..LOL I had a leek and I had 2 small sweet Vidalia salad onions. I chopped those and put in the oil like the recipe. I used 4 cups of veggie broth because that is what I always have on hand (Vegan child). I used a standard sized can of corn. I did not have any chives. I have them growing in my yard but it is the dead of winter so we improvise! Oh, I added some red pepper flakes during the cooking time with the potatoes. This was a really good recipe. I bet it tastes great as is but if I do not have something I learn to live without. Give it a try!*

MLK Jr Birthday..a day of rememberance and cleaning.

I would be as thin as a matchstick if true!

  No school today. Chelsea has Mondays off. Fred has to work. 
I told Natalie we were going to the gym this morning but she is still sleeping. I will wait until 11am and then I will just go by myself. I have to shovel out my side walkway today also . We never touched it or the stairs leading to it. It has to be done because that is where the oil spigot is for our home heating oil. I still did not hang those curtains so that will be this morning right after I finish up here. I live the life of Reilly huh? I am getting to the point in my life that I am really getting tired of picking up after other people`s shit. Take care of yours and I will take care of mine. My house is a mess..MESS! It is a mess because I cannot keep up with it. Fred knows it and understands . It is not like it is Hoarders territory. It is just cluttered. And it is not all my fault. I have two adult (well one is almost an adult) daughters that do not do anything in the house except mess it up.
 So before I start on a full fledged rant (I can you know!) I will let it stay at that. So if you wonder why I do not invite you in at the spur of the know why. It is not YOU..It is my house. I am embarrassed.
But Fred and I are finally becoming adults about owning a house. We are saving money bit by bit to do some work on the place. We have done some things already. New roof, new porch supports, new french back door, new motor for the furnace. We have alot of cosmetics to do.

 So Monday will consist of the I said yesterday. Fatty needs a workout! Going to Stop and Shop to pick up Chicken Quesadilla supplies, hanging curtains, and I think I am going to walk around with the dust bunny broom and get all the hangy things on the ceiling. I usually do that once a month but I see a few that are starting to multiply.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Plans for the week ahead 01/16/11

I wish!!
I love Diet Pepsi. I have been drinking it for years. I could drink Pepsi but it is too sweet for me. I like the fizziness you get from the Diet. I know..I am a bit weird.

  I have some Tilapia Corn chowder bubbling in the dutch oven on top of the stove. It is almost 5pm and I am on the computer. I cannot believe it. With two *kids* in the house, I have to wrestle to get the Mac at this hour of the night. Fred is being an ass. It is Duh Duh Duh...Sunday Football! He does not want to go down to 7-11 to get a loaf of sliced Italian bread to go with the soup. I do not want to do crackers. I have a major problem with crackers..I love them and I can hoover them lickety split. So I want the Italian bread so I will only have one slice (with Earth Balance) to go with my chowdah.
 Gym tomorrow morning. I found some really nice gym pants at Sally`s yesterday. They are going to be great to sweat my fat ass in.
I was thinking that every Sunday I could type down what I plan to do health wise during the following week. Then we can all snicker when I do not actually do it.

Monday: 11am Gym. Stair climber,treadmill, circuit.
Tuesday: Day of rest..seriously
Wednesday: Gym. Stair climber, treadmill, circuit
Thursday: Gym but light. Treadmill and stationary bike. maybe a little circuit.
Friday: Errand day.
Saturday: Just Dance for six songs
Sunday: ??
I do not know about Sunday yet. Should I make it a day of rest or keep on trucking girlfriend? I will leave Sunday up in the air for now. I may be in so much pain from the rest of the week that I may be prostrate in the bed moaning in pure agony.
hmmmm! hmmmm! hmmmmm!
I said Agony! Get your minds out of the gutter. hehehe

Doing good..after I saw myself in a dressing room mirror


I went for some retail therapy with the girls on Friday. We had been holed up in the house from the snow and icy roads..We needed deeply discounted winter stock to buy and it had to happen NOW! We had a good time and they both found some excellent deals. As we were in H&M, I happened to look over to my side and there it was. Me. I was reflected back at myself from a long distance of a long dressing room. I have let myself go so badly. I looked away because it shocked me, bothered me, and actually made me want to cry a little bit.
I have sworn off most complex carbs at that moment. I realized afterward that I cannot do that all together. It is about portion control and exercise. But I was going to do my hardest to make these pounds drop. This started Friday night and has continued. Last night for dinner was cheese burgers. I had already planned these ahead of time. I had a cheese burger with cheddar, a slice of bacon and grilled onions. No bun. I chopped up my burger and put it in a salad with a tablespoon of Caesar salad dressing. I had a cup of nachos with salsa on the side. That was dinner.
For breakfast this morning, I had 2 small pancakes with maple syrup, one egg, and 2 slices of bacon. I had a HUGE glass of tomato juice with it. I had to pick Nat up at a sleepover and she had not eaten so we stopped at a nice Sunday breakfast place.
 I am making a change and I am going to try very hard to stick to it. Lots more veggies and protein.
Oh do you want to see our icicles??

Isn't that cool? The snow and ice have been sliding off the house this morning so I had to do this early. I hurried so i would not get caught in a landslide. That is Chelsea`s bedroom window.  All the houses around look just like this. I have had icicles before but not to this extreme! LOL And that is with a new roof. Imagine someone with a bad one.

Okay, I need to go. Part of my retail therapy involved buying new curtains for the living room. I am going to  hang them. Then I am going to finish the Member of the Month article for the Gazette. I also want to try to work on the Arthur porch again. Damn porch is bugging me!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We shoveled...too damn much!

Fred navigating the snow

I have heard varying degrees of what the snow totals for my city were but a couple official ones said we received 13 inches of snow. It was NOT a blizzard, it was a weather phenomenon called a  bombogenesis.  A bombogenesis is a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure - 24 millibars or more - in 24 hours. Basically it is the reason we got a TON of snow in such a short period of time.  My ass is sore from all the shoveling.
I stood next to this car (our car), with snow almost to my knees and I just was like What the fuck are we going to do?? There was so much of it that we did not know where to start. We could not find our second shovel, so we tag teamed. We went back and forth taking breaks. It took us two hours to dig out the car, the garbage can, the walk area (we do not have sidewalks on our street), and the walkway and front steps..oh plus the front porch. Then I went inside, made chili, and we took a nap! LOL

This is the front walkway after he was finished. The snow was really high on both sides.
This is our side yard. That is a garden bench over there. The wall is completely covered. The dogs will be pissing on newspaper for a few days until I get the back patio shoveled out.
That is our next door neighbor`s pine tree bowing to the weight of the heavy snow. This young guy had his closing on Tuesday (he just bought that house), and the storm came on Wednesday. We introduced ourselves to him. He is going to gut the whole house. He needed help getting his car out of the snow later on.
I know there is going to be more snow but I HOPE that Mother Nature gives us at least a week break. I mean the weather people in our state says we just got all of our winter storm for the year in that one storm!
Spring! Where forth are you Spring?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I guess we know how I am going to lose my weight this year. Shoveling! And I will be doing most of it apparently. Fred has not shoveled once yet this year. I am conditioned for it already. I do not want him to hurt himself. So I will do it...
Still in my jammies so I will take more pictures later on. My favorite tall ornamental bush is totally flopped over from the snow. I have to rescue it later. I will be so sad if it dies. I have had it since I started gardening here. And I don't ever remember what it is called.
My hips were so sore yesterday from the gym on Monday. OMG! I have to do it only every other day for awhile. Maybe. I think. I want to do it everyday so I think I will stick with that. Except during major weather events like colossal snow!
I was around for the Blizzard of 1978 here in New England. I was in elementary school but I do remember it.
We went to school that day. Then they ended school early. I stepped outside and all I saw was white out. I had never seen anything like that before. It was sooo cool. I was going to start walking cause my Mom was not there (she did not drive). But my friend`s Mom offered me a ride. I got home and about 10 minutes later my Dad came into the house pissed off at me. He worked at Electric Boat and they shut down the yard. He made it over the bridge and came to school to get me. I was not there so he freaked out. I can understand now as a parent. Back then I thought he was just plain mean.
How was I supposed to know that this was a MAJOR storm?
We did not have school for a week! We made igloos. The side street by my house that I had friends on was blocked at the bottom by a snow drift. So we were able to sled down the hill and crash into it. It was very cool.
Shit like that does not happen here anymore. City workers are on top of the snow and they have chemicals now that make it go away faster.
I found a documentary on Youtube about it if you are interested at all.
This is part one

I am going to finish my coffee and then survey the elements.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!....again!

Half Scale Arthur Front door


Isn't that just ducky?  Fred has to work tonight and he gets off at 11:15pm. He will be driving home when this shit is starting. Of course I will stress until he comes thru the front door. It is going to be one of those winters..I can already tell. It is going to snow all the way until Late March-Early April. 
My skin is so dry too. Chelsea got a nose bleed last week. I need to boil some more water on the stove. It helps put moisture in the air. We need it. It is super dry in this house. 
I have to go get some cash and then to the food co-op. We need a couple things to make dinner. Plus we have no soy milk and what is cereal without soy milk! LOL
We have plenty of everything so I do not have to run to the grocery store with the masses. People flip the fuck out when a storm is coming. Didnt you just go grocery shopping on Friday? It is only Tuesday!
Yes I am going but that is cause we need a couple lemons and some milk for out cereal. I am not going batshit. I have plenty of food in the house.
I am going to work on the Arthur kit and watch the snow fall tomorrow morning. Fred does NOT work on Wednesday. *breathing sigh of relief*

OMG! I am sore! Morphine!!!


It is a new week and I have a new attitude. I went to the gym with Natalie and Chelsea yesterday. We were there for about an hour and a half. Chelsea is overweight but she is a walker so she is fit. She wanted us to try some new things.
We all went on the stair climber. I think that is a Nazi Torture Device for the thighs! But Natalie and I did good. The last time we were on it we struggled but yesterday we were able to do five minutes without stopping. That may not seem like a lot but when you are in major pain from is good! I think if we keep it up, our time will get better.
Then we did stationary bike, then some of the circuit machines, and then the elliptical. My legs were crying to me last night. Because they know we are going to do it all again today.
I want to get it in because we have major snow gym on Wednesday. I will have to Just Dance instead.
I am bit sore this morning but not enough to make me not want to exercise today.
Onward and Upward!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 18th Anniversary to Us!

18th Anniversary gift: Cat`s Eye 

  I do not have a wedding photo to show because we really do not have any. I did have some snapshots but they disappeared/lost on one of our moves. We were married by a Justice of the Peace. She was my city welfare worker..hehehe So I was definitely not getting anymore benefits from her. We got married for the insurance. He worked at the hospital and had/has good benies. I wanted to have another baby. Put two and two together and we got married. So romantic huh?
It was and is. We love each other even after 25 years together. For those that are wondering..Chelsea (almost 22yr old) is his baby too. She was my flower girl. He said that there was no way he could ever get out of saying that our girls were his..they are his spitting image. LOL I gotcha now motherfucker! hehehe
We do not do anything special for the day. We never have. You see, we have so much celebrating to do in the month of January that we just lump it all together. We do not have to make a big deal of this day because every day is a big deal to us. He is my best friend. He is my soul mate. I do believe that exists. He will be my one and only.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shoveling is exercise!

Morning Dawn
I shoveled out the car, the front walkway, the steps, and where we park..That is the routine. It is in the upper 30s so it felt good outside. Cold but not painful. That was my form of exercise for today. I still am only working on 5 hours of sleep if that!
I will fall asleep eventually. Sooner or later..probably later.
Guess what?
It is going to snow again tonite! Another 3-4 inches. Bastards! Fred will probably have to work another 12 hour shift tomorrow so he will be of no use to me at all.
Enjoy you Saturday!

Lazy....STOP IT!


This is a pep talk I need to give myself.
I am being lazy and I need to stop it. I do have to understand that my body has some problems that make real tough workouts difficult. I have to listen to my body and when it is in pain..I need to take it easy on it.
But I need to stop being so lazy.  The only way I am going to get rid of this gut is if I work it off. I put it there, I have to make it go away. And NOT with surgery.
I was  able to quit smoking after 20 years! I can do this. I just have to do something every single day.
The gym, walking the neighborhood, or the dance game. Every day..No days off unless I am in immense pain (it is gonna happen) or  ill.
Then I have to be more mindful of what I am eating. The holidays are ovah!
*I already told Fred that I did NOT want a box of Hauser chocolates this year for V day. He is so sweet but I cant do it this time. I told him to get me a plant.*
 No more junk food in this house, but I also have to not totally deny myself. If I have no junk at all ever, it is going to backfire on my ass.  I have to lay off the complex carbs as much as possible. Pasta, rice, potatoes, yams, and bread. No No No!

This is a new day. I am starting today. I have to. This bullshit is not going to work and I will just sit here bitching and complaining the whole way.
So Today January 8th, 2011 is the day I start being very serious about this journey.

January Snow ,12 hour shifts, and drunken sailors

Half Scale Arthur window trim

  No walking the hill today. First because it snowed and secondly..I am only working on one piston today. Right now it is 4am. The Navy dudes across the street and two houses over are dickwads. I woke up to the sound of someone`s car stuck in the snow. If you live where it snows, you know what that sound is. It is the constant revving of an engine. I tried to ignore it but it was too late. It was 2am and I was awake. I also wanted to know if the kid got home okay. Natalie went to a show (music) outside of Providence, RI last night with a bunch of friends and one Mom. Mom stayed for the show. I found out that it was not snowing in RI so I fell asleep. They had to drive on I-95 to get home and it can be mighty messy.  She got home okay. I got to let her grow up, you know?
As for the Navy dudes, after the revving of the car, they decided that they wanted to show off their sound system in their car. They had spent some money on it because the base did not vibrate the car at all. But it was 2am!! And it is snowing, so what cop is gonna want to navigate our area for them. They are true assholes. I hope they get shipped out to Timbucktoo!
Since I am not walking the hill, I will do some Just Dance. I have done the intense workout of 6 songs. It makes you sweat. But I will have to sleep first.
I have so much fat work ahead of me. I am sick of looking at myself in the mirror. It is so hard. I know it is not instant and I do not expect it to be but I do it and I see nothing. NOTHING. So it is very discouraging. I really think that I am going to have to stop eating. Not in a anorexic or bulimic sort of way. I mean my ass is so fat, my metabolism is in the dumpster, and the insulin is making life really difficult. I am going to have to just eat rice and veggies..oh wait. I cant eat the rice. Veggies and meat and beans. I have to stay away from the carbs because I am not moving anywhere.
My feet are doing amazingly well..which I am so happy about. I just have to lose weight!!!
 Fred got a call from his boss yesterday. She wants him to try out working a 12 hour shift tomorrow. 9am-9pm. She wants to implement it in the whole department but many of the nurses are saying NO. But Fred and his 1st shift counterpart are all for it. They would work three 12 hour days and have four days off..I think that is how it works. Then they would have to work four 12 hour days. It balances itself out. I say that he is going to be a royal bastard. Lack of sleep, long shifts with the bitches..Yup..I am in for some nasty attitude.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday snow and leftovers.


This is my birthday cake. It is small and tall. Looks yummy huh? I had a piece last night and I will have a piece tonite and that will be it for me. I can only do so much of the rich sweet stuff.

It is going to snow today so I have to run....zoom! I have errands! Friday errands..LOL I will have a longer blog post on here tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure you saw that I was still here and in a better mood.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME! *the video has swears so do not click if you do not want to hear it*


It`s my birthday! I get cake today! WooHoo!

Okay, listen to this shit. Either she reads this blog (doubtful) or I do not know what! The sister sent me a message on Facebook this morning at 5am.
*Happy bday....i will not start off a new year not speakin to any of my a capricorn..u know how we are...if did anything to offend u I apologize.this year is special for me and I want all my family to be apart of it..i graduate in may..and I want to celebrate that with my family.i love u ..fred chel..and of coarse my baby nat.*

How am I to take that? Is it a true heartfelt apology? Or something else. You see how she says...this year is special for ME.  Now if it wasn't special for her, would I still be on her shit list???
Something that makes you go hmmmm?
If I did anything to offend you...WTF? You called me out. I am a bitch. You could care less if you ever see me again. I am the reason you do not see your brother..etc etc etc.

Am I just being a total bitch here? I need to send her a message back unfortunately. I have no idea what to say. None what so ever.
Because she has a graduation coming up, dontcha know? And I have to be there for it. 

Today is cake, rib dinner, and that is about it. We went out on Sunday because the weather forecast was saying SNOW. But it is sunny out so that is not going to happen. It is cold as a witches tit though. I can tell you that.
If you have any idea what I should say to her..i could use the help. I have to be nice *cheese*

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She best not come over here.


Today Fred is going to a funeral of a very old friend. I had to rush out to the grocery store really quickly so I could get back so he could use the *good* car to go. He got a phone call while I was gone stating that his Mom, Brother, and both his sisters are in town for the funeral also. Fred is going to work right after the service.  I have no problem with his mother, his brother, and his one sister showing up here. But the other one..hmm.
 She emailed me some really nasty things last year and has yet to apologize. I do not really expect one from her. She said what she said and that is it. She blames ME (and probably the other family members do to) because we do not go out to visit them in Rhode Island. Fred told his brother exactly what is up, so if they want to know..they can ask HIM or they can ask Fred. It is not my fault. He is a grown man. He has made up his mind on what he wants to do.
 Can you tell that I do not want them showing up here? It is because of that sister AND the fact that the house is a mess. I  had a sick kid and a sick dog for a few days. The house is smelling funky fresh. I have no beverages to serve and I think I should be given at least one days notice that you are showing up. ONE! Just ONE! They never ever tell us they are coming. EVER! You are watching tv on a Sunday in your PJs and Bam! They are at the front door. You have not cleaned the house, you have nothing to serve...I do not get it.
 I am going to make myself scarce later. I am not going to be here. They may just leave anyway because they will see who they want to see..People other than us and Fred.

So I am a little bitchy this morning. I am going to clean up the livingroom and bathroom..cause they ALWAYS have to come to make a piss stop. Just in case they break down the door, or Natalie opens it. If I had it my way, I would just leave or go upstairs and close the door. Cause I KNOW she is going to be with them and have the audacity to come in our home.
And I am stuck with the piece of shit Jeep.
Someone come rescue my ass. Please?

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Solar Eclipse says so.


There is going to be a partial solar eclipse tomorrow. It cannot be seen here in North America.  But that is okay. I am talking about the eclipse in terms of ME.
Have you ever heard of Astrobarry? Chelsea showed it to me one day last year. It gives some really accurate (at least to me) horoscopes. Sometimes they are scary they are so right. Well, I read mine this morning (the  new ones come out on Monday)...

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Though this is undeniably a new year—and you'll be damned sure of that by, say, mid-'11, once you've made at least one rebellious stand of independence from a privately contentious emotional standoff—I recommend starting it off with the familiar blend of (1) unerring moral self-authority and (2) very few, if any at all, outward utterances of such authority, which would bear the potential to sound self-righteous. I've periodically offered similar advice over the past couple months, and it begs repeating now, with both Mercury and Venus hidden behind the 12th-house veil of unintelligibly. Yet, Tuesday (Jan 4) morning's solar eclipse in your sign, where both Mars and Pluto also remain, bespeaks of another big astro-opportunity to dedicate your hard-working, far-reaching initiative to some world-bettering, self-confidence-inspiring endeavor that could take many many months to reach fruition. There is no better time than now to bite off such an ambitious chunk of life… if, of course, you agree to get off your own back with the expectation-humbling awareness that (1) it will take a long time and (2) you will make so-called 'mistakes' (which will ultimately enhance your ability to appreciate your own efforts, once you've 'fixed' them and gained further pride in yourself). Make your private deal with the Universe (or whoever runs it), and negotiate yourself some big stakes; then, for now, keep the deal under wraps.

The first part is something else but I wanted to point out the part that I put in bold letters. Now I do not know about the world bettering but the self confidence inspiring endeavor could be about me getting off my ass and really doing this. I guess you could say that many people in the world need to get off their asses and get some I will look it like that. Before I read this I had already decided that I was going to walk this morning. I have some phone calls to make first and I have to drink some coffee to wake my ass up. But I am going to walk the hill.
I am better today. PMS is gone. I do not usually get it that badly. Seriously, if you know me at all, you know I am a chocolate eater when I get my period. I am not a bitch. Yesterday I was a big old ball of emotion. We went to the casino but I did not have fun at all. I mean I could have but that place just does not do it for me anymore.
I used to have a real problem with gambling a few years ago. I was sick physically and my mother was dying. I was an emotional wreck. So slot machines *helped* me in a sick sort of way. I went to GA for over a year and then I stopped. I hardly ever go anymore. And when I do, it is with Fred. I do not need that sick crutch anymore..Thank goodness!

It is it is time for me to get moving. Have a good day all!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bloody Mary has come to visit....

It came Yesterday! I am having a really bad period this month. It is messier then usual, the pads are overflowing, and I am in a pissed off mood this morning. I am not usually the jealous type. I might get a bit of envy from time to time and wish I could covet such and such..but normally I am a happy camper. I made the mistake of looking at pictures on Facebook. My neighbor UP and Over on the other street. Her daughter is friends with Natalie. Her house was a piece of shit for years because she could not afford to fix it. (divorced, no alimony) Her girls wore hand me downs, and they never had heat in the winter. But this woman always had this AIR about her. That she was above us all. That she was some hot chick ticket and she did not need to associate with the peons. I am not the only one that felt that way. Well, she hooked up with a contractor dude. That is all I have to say. I have been happy for her and her girls because the house (on the outside) has been looking really nice. Good for them.
Until I saw those pictures on FB.....
Bitch has all new shiny appliances, gas range, fancy cabinets, all new furniture, all new hardwood floors, nice tile in the kitchen.. Oh and she has a new car too. Now the bitch really walks around like her shit smells like Godiva.
You know..I will never have that unless I win the lottery or we eat $1 store tv dinners, sit in the dark, freeze to death, and never spend a dime. That is the ONLY way we will ever get that. So I am being a jealous bitch. Because I am tired of having broken things, subfloor for flooring, 25 year old carpetting, used furniture, etc etc etc. I am sad that I am too fucking useless that I cannot have a job. If I was still working, life would be so different. But no, I have to be like this.
*This is my period and the winter blues talking..Can you tell?*
 I should have never looked because that is going to grate at me ALL DAY!
 See, Fred and I were going to go out today to celebrate our birthdays. We were going to eat out and go to the casino. We save for this every year. We blow $200 once a year (whoop de doo) and blow off some steam. That would make me feel better today. But his ass wants to wait until dark because of FOOTBALL!
It is going to snow later. It is going to be cold later. But the football is more important.
Still in a rotten mood. I might just tell him fuck off and I will just stay in bed all day. That is all I am good for anyway right now.

OMG! Fucking all new appliances BITCH!

I will be better tomorrow..I swear. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 How cool is that?


I bought a new scale! WooHoo! So I weighed myself this morning and it is at 286 for the New Year. We had a nice last day of 2010. I woke up rather later then usual (9am). I had to go to bank, take Natalie to Dr appointment, pick up steam cleaner, grocery store, pick up Fred at the barber (saves gas), pharmacy, food co-op, get gas for cars, etc etc. Fridays are busy days for me. Then I cooked. I made all the food on the list above except for the chicken buffalo dip. I am going to do that tonight instead. The chicken samosas were really good. Try them out!
 I did not make it to midnight. I was so exhausted and I tried! But my body was like Nope. Your ass is going to sleep now. So I missed out on Happy New Year!  There is another bottle of bubbly in the fridge. I think I will make mimosas to go with our brunch this morning. Sounds good? I think so.

 I do not do New Year`s resolutions. I am just going to continue on my quest that I have been trying to do for the past two months now. I have been exercising more but I could DO more of that. I have been eating less junk but I could DO less of that. So I will just continue on. I am going to work on saving more money and spending less but I have been thinking about that for MONTHS now. That did not just pop into my head today. I will start talking about that in the coming days.
 Some of you might not know but my birthday is coming up in five days. I am going to be the big 42. Fred has the money saved. We celebrate my birthday, his birthday, and our wedding anniversary in one night. We go out to dinner and we go to the casino. It is lots of fun. I get a birthday cake from a bakery too!
When Fred`s birthday comes at the end of the month (he will be the big 45), I will make his cake and we will go out to dinner with all of us. I am all excited. I want to go out and get something new to wear! LOL
So this first day of 2011, we are going to clean carpets, clean the dust off of the ceiling fans and top shelves (that I cannot reach), and I think I am going to BBQ today. It is 45 deg F right now at 10am est. Good day for a Polar Plunge! (yeah right..LOL)

I hope you all had a great last night and have a great New Year!