Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ripe peaches are heaven


   I am taking a break from painting the kid`s room. We had gotten more then half done yesterday. It has gotten humid a bit because of the rain but I want to get it done. It is a deeper red from what she had before. It is Behr Forbidden Red. The last red was a bright red. This is more subdued. Better bedroom color, I think.
  I had my Mammo and a breast ultrasound. The conclusion is that my breasts are really dense. Especially the left one in the area where I and the Dr felt the lump. The tech showed me that we felt the upper ridge of the tissue. It feels like hills and valleys. So nothing scary! I have to redo every year. I will probably have to have ultrasounds too so that they are able to SEE anything. That was a big weight off my shoulders.

  The kid comes home in mid August. I still have not had to buy a AC for the downstairs. We are surviving nicely and the electric bill has been low. I wish I could type more but this computer is a piece of shit. I could buy a new Mac this week if I wanted to but I have to start shopping for a new fridge. The seal is going on the fridge door. I want something nice but I will get a scratch and dent to save moula. The man is going back to 2nd shift starting this week. He will come home much earlier then before and he will make a little bit more money. He is happy where he is and I am happy for him.
 That is about it. I have to change into my paint clothes and eat one of the local white skin peaches I bought today.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cooler days ahead

Estate sale find: $2

*245* <---Dr office scale! Woot!
 Time for a new computer. The letter n is now a wackadoo. I almost have enough saved up for a Mac.
   I had a nice weekend. I did not go to Sailfest but that is what I wanted.They all went and I had the house to myself. Kid #2 is making Chicken Adobo for dinner. And I have ice cream sundae supplies. Yes, I have had some bad shit on my mind and a ice cream sundae will do me a solid at this point. I have been thinking about it since Thursday.
 Some shit has transpired this past week. All I am saying right at this point is I have a mammo scheduled for the 22nd. Probably nothing at all as per usual with me. I just have stuff weighing on my mind about it. Send me some positive thoughts. That is all I ask.  I will elaborate when I know more.

 Cooler week ahead. It will be in the 70s. I am so looking forward to this. I have some shit to do in Kid #1`s room before I start painting. It will be lovely to do it while it is pleasant. She will be home in a month. The veggie garden is progressing. I have teeny cukes and squash blossums. I have some cherry tomatoes growing and the blueberries on my small bush are almost blue!

  I feel I should have more to say but like I said, my mind is elsewhere. I just wanted to post this week. I have to make a better effort at this.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Damn Heidi, Where you been?

This is for my love of him

*114.5* <---apparently the scale is busted

  My mouse is busted too but I will get to the store eventually. I am sorry I have mot posted. I have no reason, just busy I guess.
 Fourth of July weekend was basically uneventful for me. We had downpours plus wind from Hurricane Arthur passing by on the 4th. Then the man went to his family`s cookout/reunion on the 5th. I did not go. I stayed home and cooked wings. WooHoo!  He went and told everybody that I stayed home cause it was empty and I wanted to enjoy the alone time which is untrue. He just wanted to keep the peace.  Basically by doing that made me look like a bigger bitch then they thought before. 
 You want to know why I didnt go? Cause most of them probably didnt want me there. It has become apparent that I am  not welcome at family functions. I am the white bitch that ruined it. Big shit happened a couple years ago where it was very well said out loud how I was hated and it was broadcasted on FB. Guess what? I didnt even do anything to get blasted. And not one person defended me. Some were told to just keep their mouth shut about it. They probably wanted to say something but it is best  not to stir the pot. This is why I will never ever go.. ever. Why go someplace where people dont want you? I would sit on a chair over------->there to be by myself for a few hours. Some will cordially come by to say hello but I will be ostracized. Umm,  no thanks.  Plus, it is kind of implied that I shouldnt go. I was never asked if I was coming, or told about the picnic like others.

 Why am I posti
ng this? Just so it is out there. I said it. Someone might read it and understand.

   It is hot out today but not super bad. I think menopausing has made me immune to the heat. I am kind of liking it. We were supposed to buy a new AC for downstairs but we just have not done it yet. By the time he gets home, it has cooled off. Kid #1 isnt here and Kid #2 has ac in her room. I have fans going. I am good. I am not going to over do it though. Too humid for any real work today. I will think of what I can cook on the grill and make a salad. I refuse to complain about the heat. The winter was brutally cold. I will take this any time.  The garden is coming along. I had a late start because of the cold Spring. My plants are not as big as they should be at this time but they are getting there. I ran out of tomato cages so I bought some sturdier supports. Later when the sun goes behind the trees, I will switch out the stakes. I have a couple pots of  jalapenos that are under performing. That is okay. I have others.  I have my 2nd cup of coffee and a bowl of bing cherries for breakfast. I will change my clothes and start to puttering.

Oh I forgot to share. Look at what I bought for o
nly $45.

Yes, you read correct. $45. This lady is moving to Florida and has to clear out. I also bought two side tables for $10 and $15. A balled foot dresser for $20, Three matching braided rugs (different sizes) for $20 and a black wood computer desk for $20. Oh..and a leaded glass cake stand with dome for $2. This is a happy lady over here!
 This is why I have work to do. The two old pieces that I used for side tables have to go to the baseme
nt for now. I have to repaint them to repurpose them.The rugs get hung over porch to get the smell of her musty basement out of them. They almost smell good.

That is all my news. The kid comes home in 5 weeks from Cali <---she likes it there. I have that long to paint her room. Wish my ass luck!

Stay cool and drink plenty of water