Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The year of improvements!


  The last loan we took out for home improvements is almost paid off so we are planning on doing another loan this summer. We already miss the money so might as well continue the trend and get some much needed stuff done.
  Last time we did major stuff when we fixed the furnace, replaced the roof, and the porch. Now we want some cosmetics done. We also need to replace things that need replacing. It seems like everything is falling apart around us. There are a couple plumbing jobs, carpentry jobs outside of the house, new floors on the first floor, new fridge, replace the ancient dishwasher, paint some rooms different colors, and replace furniture with newer to us.
 The washing machine JUST shit the bed this weekend. Hubs is getting pissed. I told him to relax. We will have the money to replace or repair it and everything will be fine.

The money will only be spent on what we need minus dinner out for the two of us. hehehe

All new towels, sheets, comforters, and pillows are on the top of my list after they fix the plumbing problems and the floors. We also need things like the furnace cleaned, new tires for the Jeep, over haul on the Nissan..stuff like that. Nat needs a new dresser..so we will scour yard sales over the summer to find one. I want to redo as much as I can. I am tired of being embarrassed about my home because of the floors. I want to be proud.
IF we get enough, and that is a big IF..we would also like to have the outside of the house painted. Crossing fingers that hubs knows people.

Wish I could afford a new kitchen.

Goodbye, sweet food of youth

Tomorrow is May Day
*263* <----official from the Dr`s office scale

 My A1C from the last time I was at the Dr office was 9. That is bad! Very bad. I had the blood test done again this morning so hopefully it will be much better.
 I have been bitching and moaning for so long about losing weight but never doing anything about it. After my appointment today, I realize that I have to so that I can live longer with less suffering.

 I am not going to worry about the exercising right now, as I have been told. He said the yard work that I am doing is good. Since my calf has been bothering me, I need to ease into exercise at first by upping my daily movement.
 Today for lunch, I had nothing because I am stupid and coffee was about it. For lunch (after appointment), I had a 3 egg omelet with onion, chorizo, and American cheese with a sliced tomato on the side. I am defrosting boneless chicken for dinner. I have no idea what I am going to do with it at all.
 I can feel the eyes rolling from a couple certain bitches out there. If you cannot be supportive, go stalk somebody else`s page, heifer.

  Going to eat small amounts of carbs, lots of fruits and veggies, meat and dairy are good. Eggs will save me! And lots of water and sugar free beverages. No pizzas, fries, chips, candy, cakes, ice cream...anything with sugar is a NO.  One of my friends added me to some group that is all about sharing ideas, exercises, and the like. I am just reading right now. I am not ready for any tear inducing Ab challenges. If I can take a daily walk without dying, I will be good.

This is all I am going to say about this today. I am letting it sink in. So far my sugars are in the normal range. I think that is how I will steer this. Normal sugars mean feeling better and not falling apart.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Full Moon and Menopausal


  I am feeling that the full moon and menopause are my enemy today. I feel like scratching somebodies eyes out for no darn reason. Okay there are reasons but I should just be able to get over it. I think it is just a combination of things that are making me feel mean and hermity. If I had it MY way, I would order pizza for dinner and stay in bed watching Netflix all day.
 The pipes under the kitchen sink got clogged with grease by someone that is not ME. We unclogged it but have to replace a couple pieces so the sink is non functional until tomorrow. We had to replace the starter on the Nissan this past week. The charger is not working on the kid`s work computer and their non profit does not have it in the budget and she is whining at me. I have to pay car taxes. I need a hair cut and my eyebrows threaded...badly. I cannot even afford some Calgon to take me away!
 I did fill two paper garden bags with leaves from the front yard. My strawberries are looking good. I am going to transplant them in the Fall into their own circle garden bed. Just one of my ideas for around here. That was a little bit of exercise and mind wandering while I was out there. Keeps my mind off of real life shit.

I want to go shopping and not for groceries!!

  I wish I could go get my hair colored and cut by a professional. Not Cost Cutters. Mani and pedi too. Go to the mall and buy new shoes, new bag, and a new spring outfit. Come home, take a nap. Then get up and go out with Fred to dinner and casino or a movie.
I want to be able to financially do it and not feel a smidge guilty about it. Oh and I want four new bed pillows please!

A girl can dream....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning in my coat

One of my maple trees..Spring Buds


It is flipping cold out there today!
  I have a busy Sunday ahead of me. I am going to do some yard work that will not kill me and I am going to take my first walk of the season with Fred this evening around 6pm. Sun will still be out but it will be nice.
  I took the dogs out as per usual this morning and I started to trim bushes in the yard that I had not done previously this year yet. Over the years I have forgotten names of things and it is embarrassing because i used to be so good at that. I have a lilac bush, a hydrangea, two azaleas, two rose of sharon (i have a couple babies growing in other places to fill in spots), and a large butterfly weed.
 I have really neglected my yard over the past couple years because I just have not felt very well. I have a lot of catching up to do. Today I am going to trim all the bushes except for the lilac and the azaleas. They both have to wait until after they have bloomed. I want to get some sort of order going in my life and that yard is the perfect place to start. Once we get the loan for the home improvements, I will be too busy on the inside to think about the outside. This year, I am going to plant some tomatoes and some herbs..definitely basil. Low key on the veggie growing this year because I will be busy. I do not want to neglect my plants anymore. So today I am going to change into some warm clothes and I am going to trim bushes and rake the rest of the crap in the front yard. I will have my trusty pain in the ass dog, Ruby by my side.
 Fred has been walking the bridge with his friend every Sunday. I am not ready for that much of a haul so we are going to start slow with our old mile walk in the neighborhood. Doing it in the evening and starting now before it gets hot. I want to be a bit conditioned before than. Let`s hope and pray that I do not fuck up my feet again!

I hope you have a nice Sunday and that it is full of sunshine and warm breezes.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dealing with seasonal flare


   I am sorry that I have not posted recently. I am dealing with Fibromyalgia seasonal flare. Spring has been taking so long to show up that my body is just protesting all over the place. Plus since I have been moving more, my right calf muscle has been hurting. I am not complaining about it though. I just need to walk it off. I probably strained something. No biggie. I have just been tired, antsy, preoccupied, and a bit grumpy. Add a sprinkle of Depression and you get the idea. I will be better once Spring temps come and settle.I am just dealing with the sads and over sleeping and pain. It sucks but I know that will change. So if I do not post much, you know why.

 I have more to talk about but just not in the mood for it. I have dishes to do anyway, so I might as well get on it.

Have a great Sunday and week.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tired is as tired does

This is me..working her ass off to keep it clean

    I have been doing so much lately around here that I am must plain tired. Spring cleaning and organizing can get a girl the case of the Zzzzz`s. After I am done here, I may or may not take a nap. That is up for consideration.

 What to talk about?? Hmm

   I have finally decided on the color theme for the living room. The walls are going to be gray but I have not decided on the shade. I also want white trim, accents of black and a turquoise blue. I am going to go to Lowe`s and pick up some of those sample paints and try to decide what to do.
 I am going to take all the pictures down off the walls. I want to change up a couple of the posters. I love reproductions of French advertising. I want the tealy turquoise look in there somehow. I do not know. I will figure it out. LOL I want new shades on the windows and accent drapes in black. There will be new flooring, new to us living room furniture, and a nice round rug in there. We are going to donate all the furniture in the house that we do not want to a charity that will come and pick it up. But first I need to start with the paint!  The kitchen will be blue but I have not figured out the other colors, so I am going to stick with my ideas with the livingroom for now. 

  I found a old handbag at salvation army yesterday. It is a small black purse with gold snap and small handle, with a bakelite accent and it is lined with the name Paray. From what I can gather online, that is an old name from the 40s. I paid $2.99 for it. I need a smaller wallet though. That is on my radar. My wallet clasp wont stay closed so this will give me a reason to buy a smaller bag. I love old bags like what my Mother would have used. Pretty snazzy!

  Okay, yeah. My ass is tired. I am going to go lay down on the couch and watch some tv. Hopefully that will revive  me. I do not want this to be a wasted Saturday.

Have a good weekend and hope all is well.