Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Happy 2015!

  Another year is ending and beginning. Shit has been in the works of change for months but are really being implemented for the coming year. It is time for me to prove to myself that I can do better for me and for hubs. 


The cold is still hanging on and I am gonna go to the walk in later cause I think I  might have ear infection and god help me strep throat. I have to call the pharmacy to see when they close.

But that is just a side step. This
new year we will have a new energy efficient furnace that will save us money in the long run. His job is not helping us with paying for it. He has to fax out papers to see if we will be allowed to take out a emergency amount from his 401k. Crossing fingers. We will use the Gofund with whatever he gets to replace furnace, pay the electric bill, put oil in the tank and buy me some fancy bubble bath...cause this bitch deserves it! The new furnace will save on electricity and oil consumption, it is a tax right off, and we can get a small rebate from the electric company..Score! So we wait a bit longer. I figured we would have a working furnace by my birthday (Tuesday) but that is not likely. Maybe the following week.

   The kerose
ne heater is ours to keep. It is a life savor! It keeps our little house very toasty when it is only 12 deg f outside. It will be good to have if the electricity goes out in the winter months. I am going to keep one or two of our portable heaters for just in case but I will probably give the rest away. I have a couple people in mind.

nding Fast 2015 starts tomorrow. Scary? yes. Uplifting? Definitely! I will do a weekly update on how I am doing and a monthly update on what I saved. It will be small amounts at first because we have the high insurance deductible to reach but after that it should be amazing.

Gotta go...Walk i
n clinic awaits meh,

new year!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

  I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas morning so far. Hubs is off to work for 8 hours of double time. We could surely use it. There isn't much under the tree so everybody is sleeping in. Sounds sad but it is okay. This year just sucketh but we are all here. That is a good thing. It is almost 8am est and it is 54 deg F here. It will go up to the mid 60s when the sun comes out. Weirdo weather.
 I have smoked turkey necks bubbling away to make broth for the collard greens. We will have dinner later because he wont be home till dinnertime anyway.  I will putter around to get stuff done. I am glad for the warm temps.

next week is January 1, 2015. I have not changed my mind about paying off debt and saving money next year. I will be the most hated Mom on the planet at times but I dont care. The sick dog and a dead furnace have sealed the fate of our finances. I will be purchasing a fridge (yes..the old one is still kicking) and hubby needs new phone (old and cracked) after the furnace is fixed.  After those are done.. Spending fast at full tilt.  For the first few months of this year, it will be rough because we have that high deductible on our health insurance. We have to pay for everything medically out of pocket till we hit the magic $4k.  <----ridiculous!  I am positive that it will be very hard but the outcome for next December will be amazing. 
 Amazing, I say! 
   If I do what I pla
n, it shouldn't be too hard to achieve to pay it all off.  Bills, Groceries, Pharmacy, Gas, Dr appointments, and anything that is a REAL need. There will be a envelope with $50 every month for Hubs and I to do some fun. He is not completely participating. He will bring dinner to work but he still wants his small bit of money every week. I have obliged him that. All other shit will be a no. If we want it, we will have to go without or try a way to get it ourselves. I will document about it once a week.

They opened their gifts and there was a small bit of a smile from them both. I bought most of their gifts from local shops and I made them each two infinity scarves. It isnt a crappy Christmas after all. Yay! I bought two vintage cabbage patch dolls (1984) from Ebay for our niece. She is in love! I did good.
Okay, I have water boiling to wash dishes. I have a ham to dress for the oven, cupcakes to frost, potato salad to finish, and deviled eggs! Yes!

Merry Christmas to you all. Have a great lo
ng weekend.

I hope you all have a great day. E