Monday, August 31, 2015

I am a chicken.


   Kinda Sorta.
    I cancelled the spinal tap for this Friday. I have some shit going and I decided I needed another month to straighten it out. I will have it done early October instead. Who wants to get their naked spine poked by a stranger in this heat? Blech! So my chauffeur and I are going to go consignment shopping instead. Oh yeah. Retail therapy is what this chic needs. That and some diner breakfast.  All serious though. I am going to have it done but something came up that I have to do that following Saturday. It is all good.
Bok Bok Bok.

   Mondays always start out with so much promise. I start getting things done, run a couple errands, plan dinner (burgers on the grill) and by 3pm I start to peter out. It is bullshit. I still have stuff on my list.
 As most of you know I am the Queen of my castle aka I do practically everything. This usually happens while three other adults sit around on their free time watching Hulu and YouTube. I do get help. I wont say they are completely lazy. But I am seriously getting sick of it. I cannot afford a maid and going on strike doesn't work (food mold grows in 2 days). I just trudge along while I wait for the cleaning fairies to do me a solid. Clean my house. Fairies!

  Health wise is a toss up today. My head feels okay but my body feels like shit. I can trudge through the body pains. I am a old pro at that. To me, this s a good-ish day.  Kid #2 and I went to the Book Barn. I found a copy of the big book Fibromyalgia Advocate (purple cover) for $4. I do not know where my copy went so I bought another. Kid #2 is devouring it now. She might be dealing with multiple diagnosis like I have and I want her to be informed. I also bought a book of 1000 tattoos and a Tony Bourdain book. I have some stuff to read. That always makes the day better.

My ass needs to get off this lappy. I have to season the burgers and let them sit for a bit in the fridge. The man will be home before I know it.

Today was okay for me. I can take a 1000 more of these in a row please.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I finally got my breeze


    I took the dogs out this morning as per my usual routine. We four were greeted with a pleasant surprise. It was a tad chilly.  It is still a smidge humid but the cool breezes made up for it. The ragweed is in full swing unfortunately.  *itch itch scratch scratch*

    It is 9am and I have made the Man his breakfast sandwiches to go, watered all the plants, fed the animals, washed dishes (stuff soaking) and on my 2nd cup of coffee. Today is a okay day. I know that my body could change in a moment to make the day rotten but I am staying positive.  Yesterday I had a case of the dizzies while I really needed to be some place. I gave myself the 10 min for the mini attack to pass. I have had some times where the whole day was ruined. It sucks but I am learning to adapt. I saw my surgeon last Friday. He made that *oh shit that aint good* face. I have to have a cat scan on September 11. It would have been the 4th but I have to have that pesky spinal tap. I dont want the spinal tap.  I want to cancel the tap. BUT i know I have to do it to get some answers about if I have IIH or not.

Dammit...the dog has to pee again...............

Half an hour later. I did the dogs and then called all the scripts in for everybody. I also have bon bons to chocolateize. You can click my labels to find the recipe. I am making them for my brother in laws pig roast this Saturday. I have decided not to go. The surgeon said it could be very bad if I dont have a quiet place to go. I have decided we will just go up to visit another Sunday when there arent a bunch of people.  Oh well. I have to be safe. So Kid #2 is going with the Man. I hope they have a great time. 

  Yeah... I got  mega shit to do. Plus I have to throw a nap in there at some point. I guess I should go and to it.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Lovely Aubergine

I promised eggplant recipes. These are my most favorite things to eat with eggplant. Mmm! I will probably end up making one of these this weekend.

First up is Eggplant Parmesan. I like it with a side of thick spaghetti. Or you can take it and put it on Italian rolls to make an eggplant grinder/hero/hoagie. 

I love this recipe so much. It is great as is and the carb count is so low. Give Eggplant Stacks a try one night. 

If you love hummus, you will probably love Baba ganoush. It tastes really good on wraps and gyros or just dipped with toasted bread. 

For a final recipe from my favorite hits, it comes from northern India. I love love love eggplant bharta with some basmati rice and garlic naan. *drool* 

There you go. These are things are made with eggplant that I have eaten multiple MULTIPLE times. Enjoy!