Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I think I am addicted to shoes


 Ever since I bought my first pair of  cheap Birki`s Dorian clogs (ebay) for my feet, I was hooked. I have three pairs of them now. I have a pair of Betula sandals that cost only $11 at a consignment shop and I just won a pair of Born mules for $5 on Ebay.  The biggest find was a pair of black Dansko mules for $5 at Salvation Army. Shoes were 50% off so they were $2.50! I am addicted to sturdy for my feet but oh so fashionable shoes. This is bad. I always owned up to being a handbag whore but shoes are a whole other level of depravity.  I have to have cute shoes that help keep my feet pain free. I used to not care. I have a couple pairs of flats now (that are not high quality) just for the colors to match with certain outfits.
I blame it on the game Covet. If you do not know, google to find out. It is like electronic Barbie dress up. I like it. I play every day but only just once or twice. But I think the act of accessorizing outfits to win stuff has moved into the real world. LOL
Yeah...those Born mules come tomorrow. They will be a nice shoe for the fall. Most shoes that I buy have either been never worn or very slightly worn, like they wore it for a day and didnt like them. I have to have good shoes for my feet and badly used shoes from others are not good.  I could never afford any of these shoes at regular price. Silly as it sounds, I cherish each pair. They will make my outfits looks good and my heels will be happy campers.

     I made a appointment to see the allergist next week. I am going to bring up the subject of my constant itch. Then I will segway into the possiblity of Mast Cell disorder. If they dont the block of cheese, I will get referred to the Dr in new york. I have to get a handle on what is wrong with me. Did I give the kid the hypermobility? Do I have Ehlers-Danos? That could explain the cranial leaks. I have to talk to my Ear Dr about all of this plus my head shit. I dont want surgery right now. I can tolerate the symptoms I have for now. My vestibular issues are a pain but I know what it is so I do not panic. I face it (in my mind) head on so that I dont over think the symptoms and make it worse. The squiggly lines I see are just because my vestibular-ocular reflex is out of whack.
 Some people do better with surgery. Some people get worse. I dont want to take that chance of the worst case scenario.

 I promised a whole thread on eggplant recipes. I will dig out some stuff and get right on that! I have not forgotten.

Enjoy the rain today. The garden will surely be happy!


  1. Handbag whore...lmao....that is SO me....I do love shoes as well....I need to window shop on ebay...I love a good deal! The Salvation Army does have some real nice stuff sometimes. Our garden went to shit...all I wanted was crook neck squash so I could can them for the winter...they started off good...but hell no...moles, voles or whatever they are destroyed them. Pissed off I was. The tomatoes went wild and were good, the eggplants disappeared, so I figure she who was supposed to help with garden came and got them. Oh well....hope they were good! I'll think I'll go check out Covet. Hope you're well!!!

  2. All my tomatoes at the community garden disappeared and the beds were watered. So I think one of the helpers helped themselves. Oh well. I still have a shit ton of leeks growing. I cant wait!
    I will post an update.

  3. I dislike squash but would like to know what you do with it

  4. All I do with it is slice it up into coins, put some olive oil and butter in a pan, get it all melted and hot and put the squash in there with some salt and pepper and lemon pepper....oh and garlic, gots to have garlic (I put that into the butter and olive oil first thing) and just saute/fry em up for about ten to fifteen minutes. Love it!

  5. I like spaghetti squash, pumpkin, and sometimes butternut. I have two huge zucchinis but I make bread out of them.

    As for squash growing, it is like the simplest thing to grow. People plant seeds and come August they are begging people to take it away. I cant grow it to save my life. I might get one or two squash..maybe. Most of the time it dies one me.
    But every year I try

  6. If you get addicted to Covet, i am blameless! lol