Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I love turkey

*222* <---have not weighed over a week so I don't really know

  *sipping second mug of coffee...smell of bathroom cleaner wafting past my nose*

I couldn't take it anymore with the swamp bathroom downstairs. It is disgusting. Literally and figuratively. The children were never gonna clean it so I had to just go in there. I sprayed the shit out of the tub surround and letting it soak. I have so many things that have to get done but I will take a sliver out of my daily banked energy to clean their designated bathroom. Yup.

  Today is pie day. I am going to make a couple sweet potato pies. I do Patti LaBelle`s recipe. I did it last year and it was really good. The girls requested it again specifically. I do not make my own crust. I could and I have but why bother. Pillsbury makes a fine rolled out crust that I have been using since they first came out. I think I was like 16-17 yrs old. Yes, I have been baking forever. I have a Youtube recipe for a Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake for Hubs and I.
They post the recipe on their blog. I really like Keto Connect. They have some really good ideas for recipes and I can see them doing well on YouTube. I have started to have a like for cauliflower. I hated it before but the more I cook it different ways, the more I like it. I am going to make a mashed cauliflower au gratin minus the breadcrumbs. Usually we do a mash with a little bacon but this is a bit different and I like it. I will do a carrot dish that Kid #2 wants. Kid #1 wants potato salad. I will do my favorite cheesy cabbage bake. The turkey (yummm) and the chicken are all defrosted in the fridge. I just have to face the grocery store TOMORROW! We don't paid till then so I have to pick up a few things we are missing.

  I don't do Black Friday as some of you know. But I will be out doing stuff so I figured I MAY go to the Goodwill. They are having 50% off your entire order. That might be too hard to pass up. We are planning on a small live tree this year. I just want it. We may stay like that forever or we will go back to fake next year. I have a couple pressies to buy and I will be done. I am really not into Christmas because I always get after thought gifts that make me feel even less appreciated. Part of me wants to just do one small gift each and that is it. Then I wont have hurt feelings into January.

   I gotta do leaves, cover windows, water all the plants, make pies, clean the kitchen, take Kid #2 to work, and listen to Kid #1 cough cause she is sick..keep that shit away from meh.
As for my gut, it sucks and will talk about that another post. It will be all about the colitis, MCAS, gluten sensitivity, and how I cannot eat hardly anything. Fast track to a saggy bikini body for this old girl.

Okay...gotta go. Much to do! Happy Turkey Day! Happy UnThanksgiving! Much love to the protesters and Water Protectors at Standing Rock!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I need tires again


    It is a gloomy and rainy day. It is reminding me that I have to buy two new tires before the end of the month. Jeepo is rear wheel drive, back tires are horrendous, and I need the bitty balanced. Every year, it is no fail. Two new tires and she is good to go. Why the rain reminds me is cause her ass squeals and we dont want that when the snow starts to fall.  I also need to buy a roof rake...

   It has been almost two weeks since the transplant. I found a group with a message board that is very very informative about MC. I have learned that I was right back a couple years ago. I am back with the notion of fighting the battle of Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD). I also learned that I am probably chronically deficient in Magnesium but the pills I take will not help me. I have to make a spray to rub on my skin. Applying it transdermally is the way to go. I am looking into it. There are more foods I have to avoid. In addition to the LCHF way of eating, I have to give up dairy. I have to temporarily give up eggs and raw veggies. They are too harsh on my colon right now. I ate a bit of coleslaw on Sunday...it was soooo gooood.. I paid the piper for that. Two days sick. Yesterday I actually thought the cdiff was back. That is how bad I felt. Today is much better. I am not 100% so I will be very careful with what I eat. I will fill up with some BPC and make zoodles for dinner with meat sauce. That actually sounds really good.

    So yeah. Eating has been a bit of a luxury lately. I am not saying I am starving because I gravitate towards things that will fill me up but there isnt alot I can eat that doesnt hurt me. Yesterday I lucked out because the local Spanish grocery store had freshly cooked chicharrone in their deli/meal case. 8 big pieces for $5. I shared a couple but that fat and meat satiated me and my gut was okay.  Supposedly I can eat proteins, fats, and well cooked veggies. Well cooked. This is so the colon doesnt have to do alot of work digesting. This is why the tasty tasty cole slaw that the Man made is a no go for me. I have to wait till I go into a sort of remission. That could take a year! I will probably get knocked over in a strong wind by that time.

    Thanksgiving menu is slowly taking shape. There are going to be things me and the Man cannot eat. But that is okay. We all should get stuff we like. We are gonna do cauliflower mac and cheese (maybe) cauliflower mash, mashed potatoes, small batch of oil based potato salad, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, and spicy roasted carrots. I will make corn bread and I will make a sweet potato pie. That looks like a good menu so far. I have to figure out a low carb dessert option or we will definitely cheat and eat the pie. We decided we would cheat on Christmas day. Of course we are human and Halloween candy has been consumed this past month. I try really hard not to feel guilty. I am not perfect. I have to retrain myself of a lifetime of eating a certain way. We have done so well so far. The holidays are just so effin hard!

  Today I am going to tackle the laundry and cook. I think that is as much as I can accomplish with this gut. The pups want to go out and I need to get dressed.
This is not a fun filled post but I figured I would do it cause that is what I have said I will do!

Have a good week. Eat some bread for me!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

At least I got a free turkey


 I started this on Monday. The day got away from me. Then we voted. Then yesterday was a day of mourning for some. So here I am today. I am halfway into my first BP coffee and I have a list of things that gotta get done. Lu needs a hair cut. The three windows in the living room need to be covered (i already did my bedroom), leaves to bag, and I have a half peck of apples to make into apple sauce and I might make some pie filling to freeze for thanksgiving but I have to do research. I have a London Broil defrosting that I was gonna make a soup with...maybe.

  Let`s see. Where should I start?
 FUCK!!!! I accidentally deleted this paragraph...TWICE! I gotta win some money so I can get a new computer. This is fucking ridiculous!!!!!

   Okay......I had the fecal transplant and so far, I think it was a success. My gut feels much better. I will be dealing with some symptoms while I heal and there are some symptoms that I found out later are not related to the cdiff. I had it done by colonoscopy and they knocked my ass out. Praise! Afterward, you have to lay flat at an angle (head toward the floor) to try to keep the 250 ccs of donated poo and saline for at least an hour. Yeah, that was fun. The cramps were like birthing labor, I shit you not! <---hahaha I was told most people last about 15 min. I kept my eye on the clock and lasted for 45. Poop Warrior!  

   She did some biopsies. That is when I found out something else was wrong. I was diagnosed with Microscopic Lymphacytic Colitis. It is the least evasive of all the inflammatory bowel diseases. It does not raise your chances of colon cancer like UC or Crohns can. Huge sigh of relief there. She wants me to start a high dose of Pepto Bismal tablets. It is a treatment that most that are first diagnosed start off with. I have to watch out for neurological symptoms from it. Most people cannot tolerate it. It makes me a bit nervous. The diet is basically LCHF! Which is amazing. I do have to give up dairy though. I have mostly been avoiding anyway so it wont be hard to give up all together. I can use ghee in place of butter and nut milks in place of creams and milk. It sucks that I have another thing but I am okay.

   Yesterday I met up with the mother of my brother`s children, G. We have been friends on FB forever but we haven't been face to face in decades. It was a really good visit and it surely wont be the last. We talked about all kinds of stuff. We ran errands, went to lunch at Crazy Burger in Narragansett. She is a great person and I am glad I traveled to go see her. 

  While I was at her house, she gave me a skein of multicolored hand dyed merino felting wool. She gave it to me because I was talking about how I wanted to try out needle felting. I bought a kit for super cheap one day at Ocean state job lot. It sits on my desk and stares at me. The other day, the garden shop I go to advertised a needle felting class coming up and it is $20. Includes light dinner. I am branching. Taking a class to learn a skill with other people at night! I am not prone to social anxiety but I am lazy when it gets dark. It gets dark at 430pm. The class starts at 6pm-8pm. So this is a huge deal for me. When it happens, I will share pictures!  I havent really crafted much. I do the arm knit scarves but that is about it. I lost the love of miniatures and dollhouses so it is time try something else. This might be it. 

  As for the title of the blog post, I achieved spending $400 at the local grocery store and got my free turkey. I actually chose the biggest (8.4lbs) hotel turkey breast. I still want fucking turkey for TURKEY DAY. They want a roasted chicken. So we will do both. There is room in there. I know I am doing potato and cauliflower mash. Ummm. That is it. I cannot really do any of my old standbys. Especially there will be no sausage stuffing. I picked up two cans of cranberry sauce like I was a robot. It took me a few minutes to realize what I did and put them back. Loaded with sugar and fructose! So I gotta plan that out. There will be a pie but that is for the girls. Oh who am I kidding. Fred and I will totally cheat. But it is just one sweet potato pie. That is it. I promise my gut and my keto-ness.
  That is about it. I have to give Lu a haircut after I post this, clean the kitchen, decide on dinner, and cover the windows in the livingroom.

I hope you all have a good Thursday a
nd no snow yet!!