Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 *the meal that was`nt*

Two pumpkin and a sweet potato

    My beliefs in saving for the hubs and I were reinforced on Wednesday. Let`s just say some ungrateful things were said by some spoiled as shit dependents towards the Hubs. The Hubs was about to leave at night during a nor`easter to stay somplace else.  I cried like a baby. He stayed. We are done.  I cooked the entire meal myself except for the sweet potato pie up there. Kid #1 made it.  And Hubs and I ate our dinner alone. They ate after we were done. Yup.
Oh and I fell down the icy porch steps with a big bag of garbage. The bag kept it`s integrity. I am so SORE. I will survive though.

 Fuck taking them to the nutcracker. Fuck buying them gift cards to go along with their presents. They will get the meager stuff that I bought. That is it. I could care less about the tree. If they want it, they can put it up. I am ready for this bullshit farce of a holiday with ungrateful children to end. Come on January!

  Today I took myself all the resale sites on FB but one. Just in case I need something in the future, I have that resource. All those locals selling shit is dangerous to my plan.I made it so I wont get notifications either. That is one more part of my plan for the new year.  I want to spend nothing. Pay off bills. And then save.

  If you buy a very large boneless pork roast (LARGE like two arm fulls) for $12, is that a splurge? The roast was not on our list but it was so cheap that we had to!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree.

I wish I could have a little Christmas Tree

*252* <---compulsive overeating strikes again. I hate the holidays. I will nip it in the bud.

  I was going to buy one of these small table top Christmas trees this year just cause I have wanted it for a couple years. I came thisclose to getting it. I decided that would be just feeding into my spending habits so I decided not to. We have a free fake tree in the basement. Free is better then $19.99 plus tax.

 Today I will be bleaching the hell outta the downstairs bathroom. It is the dependents bathroom but they never clean it. They just wait me out till I cannot stand it anymore. So I just sprayed down the tub surround with Clorox spray. I will wait like 20 minutes and go scrub the shit out of it. That will last about a week and they will muck it up again.

 I have many things on my list but I can only do so much.

 I will be spending about $10-15 today at the grocery store. I have to pick up some canned tomatoes and paste plus some pasta. Hubs is going to his friends house tomorrow to watch football and wants me to make pasta. I will probably start it today. It takes hours to cook and I am not getting up super early tomorrow to make it.  Yesterday I bought groceries, gas, medicine, and the kid`s cigs. She has been doing chores to get them so I put them in the budget. That is her luxury and she is paying for it with manual labor. It is hard not to spend. You have to be really diligent. Very hard shit to do.

Gotta go. Bleach is getting to me. Ha! Have a great weekend

Friday, November 21, 2014

Short List

My bestie is gonna knit me one

1. I need to buy a travel mug so that I dont buy coffee outside of the house.
2. I need a SUPER LARGE insulated, non metal water bottle so that I dont buy water outside.
3. I must think ahead about food. If I am not going to be around the house, I have eat beforehand or  bring something.
4. I have to sit with Kid #2 and a solid weekly meal plan. This will save time and money.
5. Coupons. Every Sunday! I wont be crazy coupon lady but I gotta save where I can.
6. Starting today, I will not have a allowance. Gas and groceries...that is it. Let`s see how that goes.
7. December will be the last splurge month. I am almost done Christmas shopping.

Okay..short list of things to drill in my brain. Kid #2 watched a ton of episodes of some British show called Fat Doctor on netflix . (It is graphic!)
  She has decided that we will no longer eat crap..all the time. Praise! I have a buddy now. That will save us money also.

Gotta go..Friday errands to run. TGIF

Friday, November 14, 2014

Is it January 2015 yet?

Fall Damn you!


  My wish is that I would not have to participate in celebrating Christmas. I have a clear plan on what I will purchase. I am getting flack and feedback. The girls want to try to guilt me into doing what they want. It has already started. Kid #1 has a friend that wants to sell a very large (i dont know size) flat screen tv for $400. I am guessing they need the money. I said I dont have the money for it. Kid #2 tried to give us the selling points of the tv. I said that if it is still for sale when I have the money AFTER the holidays, then we will see. They were pissy to say the least.

   The girls (remember 25yr a
nd 21yrs) want to see the nutcracker on stage. It costs $40 each at local theater and $60 each at the casino. Hubs will see if we can get comped(free) tickets at the casino first. But no one wants to help pay for these tickets. It is supposedly on me and hubs. Then they will want dinner out afterwards.    Look, this is the deal: $50 visa gift card, EACH. A gift that equals approx $20, EACH. And the show (maybe). EACH. That is it. They will not be happy and I am learning that is THEIR emotions. Last year when they opened their gifts, they verbally assaulted me about how  some of them were just bad choices. I didnt gift well.
 Rude awake
ning this year, huh? hehehehe

 I have still been reading and planning my spend free year. These couple months are practice. There was a deal on Christmas cookies. I almost bought them. Then I just closed the browser. Yay me!
That is a luxury we ca
nnot afford. I have a list of grocery items. I will go when Kid #2 is at a appointment. That way there is no influencing my purchase decisions. Generic! Sale items! Coupons! Meal plans! I have not done a meal plan yet but I have this weekend to work on it. It will save money cause I will only shop for what I need. 

 As I was readi
ng the blog, And then we saved, I learned that she added a small amount of cash for her and hubby to do something once a month. Go out to dinner. She saved like $30 (i think) but since CT is oh so more expensive, I decided on $50. We could go out to noodle bowl with appetizer. That would make us both happy. But as for pizza and taco bell, and burger king that I paid for (25yr 21 yrs)..that will end Jan 1st. 

I am still in jammies. Gotta change that situation. I am going to go shop at Walmart this morning first and come home to get shit done.

 Have a great weeke

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Ass is on a Roll

*250* <---heel needs to effin heal!


    I have read a good portion of that blog so far. I have become motivated. I did some things and I will do some more things. I have changed my electric carrier back to the original company starting end of this month. That will save me. I am going to the gym this week to cancel BOTH our memberships and no turning back to that. Why am I paying them almost $600 a year and we dont use it?? Dummy. That is gone. After I put the money in the escrow for the insurance (end of this month), it will lower our mortgage payments by almost $300 a month.

 I also started a s
nowball payment list. With all the wayward bills that I could find. I can pay off that short list in two months! I have other bills but I will dig those up after this stack is paid. I want to be debt free!


Okay, I gotta go. Cold air is coming and I have windows to cover!