Saturday, November 22, 2014

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree.

I wish I could have a little Christmas Tree

*252* <---compulsive overeating strikes again. I hate the holidays. I will nip it in the bud.

  I was going to buy one of these small table top Christmas trees this year just cause I have wanted it for a couple years. I came thisclose to getting it. I decided that would be just feeding into my spending habits so I decided not to. We have a free fake tree in the basement. Free is better then $19.99 plus tax.

 Today I will be bleaching the hell outta the downstairs bathroom. It is the dependents bathroom but they never clean it. They just wait me out till I cannot stand it anymore. So I just sprayed down the tub surround with Clorox spray. I will wait like 20 minutes and go scrub the shit out of it. That will last about a week and they will muck it up again.

 I have many things on my list but I can only do so much.

 I will be spending about $10-15 today at the grocery store. I have to pick up some canned tomatoes and paste plus some pasta. Hubs is going to his friends house tomorrow to watch football and wants me to make pasta. I will probably start it today. It takes hours to cook and I am not getting up super early tomorrow to make it.  Yesterday I bought groceries, gas, medicine, and the kid`s cigs. She has been doing chores to get them so I put them in the budget. That is her luxury and she is paying for it with manual labor. It is hard not to spend. You have to be really diligent. Very hard shit to do.

Gotta go. Bleach is getting to me. Ha! Have a great weekend

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