Sunday, December 29, 2013

Juicy Juice

Apple, Strawberry, and Spinach


 I broke out the Ninja blender yesterday. It is very intimidating at first but I had to get over that. It is a big piece of kitchen machinery. It revs up like a jet engine. It scared man and beast the first time I turned it on. I made mango margaritas for the first go round.

Mango Margaritas
1 lb bag of frozen mangoes
1 tray of ice cubes
5 oz tequila
3 oz triple sec
2 T of white sugar

Blend baby Blend!
Really fucking good. Oh yeah. I got over the fear of the big machine that has suction cups on the base to keep it tethered to the counter. This morning I made a juice/smoothie. The apples gave it the texture of a smoothie but it was oh so good.
2 apples, 5 strawberries, a handful of baby spinach and a cup of tap water. Whizzzzz! No added sugar needed. It was delicious. I had that will a hard boiled egg for my lunch.
 I am glad that I purchased this machine. Our regular blender was not doing the job that I needed and we could never afford a Vitamix. This is going to give me more healthier options in the coming months. I cannot wait to make nut butters.

 I am on day 3. It is driving me a tad nutty without all those foods I am addicted to but that is ok. I have done this before..I can do it again. Just takes me a couple weeks and I wont feel like eating the wallpaper.
Have a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OMG!! Christmas 2013

It is shameful to brag but I don't care.


 OMG!!!! The man gave me a Coach bag for my pressie! COACH! I also received a couple Alex and Ani bangles and much needed comfy slippers. I am good. I am very happy.
  On another note, my child was happy until she tried on one of her gifts. It did not fit. To be honest, it came from England so that could explain the size difference but she didnt  care. She was fully upset and I had to fix it.
Not only do I need to change my lifestyle for ME but for those around me. If the food choices in the house are healthier, than they will become healthy too. I am going to break out my Ninja Ultima Blender today and let the juicing begin.

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you are having a nice day. I fell asleep last night without my cpap AND was awoken before 6am. My eyes are crossing. LOL
 But I will stay awake cause I have a ham to prep and cook. Then I have to do Patti Labelle`s Over the Rainbow mac and cheese. She has a recipe out there with seafood in the mac but I am not doing that. Just straight shit. I have never done this recipe before but have done one similar with eggs in it. Really good.

Okay..this bitch is tired. Trying to wake up with some Lemon Chiffon tea. You all have a great day!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013


 I am going to struggle on with the suck ass N and the F that is starting to give me trouble and write a post. I have really learned something. Sometimes you need to be told the honest truth to get a point across. I found out a new friend has the same liver problem that I do. She has lost 200lbs so far. She lost her father to it. He lived an agonizing life towards the end and she felt that she needed to tell me all about it. I needed to hear it. She is going to bring me in pictures of what he looked like healthy and what he looked like in the last two years of his life. I need to see it.
 I have a liver disease that I can reverse with a change in eating (forever) and to be active. If I do not, it will certainly make me miserable for the rest of my days.
 After I had that talk with her yesterday, I have gotten back on track in my mind. I am not eating anything sugary sweet or potato chippy from now on. I will eat ham tomorrow so today I am eating fish and salad for lunch and dinner. My liver has been hurting these past few days so she needs to be healed now.  I have a renewed sense of why I am doing the low carb, low fat, juicing, and exercise. It is not so I will look cute in a dress.. It is so that I can live a pain free life.

That is how I am going to end this post. I have a salad to finish and prep work for tomorrow`s dinner.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Skin care for oldies with dry skin


  I know I have not been around much and I apologize. It is very frustrating to type when the letter N sticks and you have to make a effort to use it. Or NOT use it. So this is basically the reason why I haven't posted.
 It is snowing today but not as bad as predicted. We stayed in all day. Watched tv, cooked a turkey dinner and vegetated. I wanted to share something kid #1 taught me on Friday. My facial skin has been soooooo dry lately even when I moisturize it. She said I needed to exfoliate. I have been very lax in my feminine upkeep.
 I exfoliated with nutmeg. Yes! The stuff you put in Pumpkin pie. First wash your face with a good natural face soap. Rinse. Pat dry.  You take a teaspoon of nutmeg and mix with some water to make a watery paste. You rub this all over your face and then softly rub your fingers over your face for five minutes. Add more of the mixture if the stuff on your face dries out. Then rinse with water and face cloth. Next step is to mix together one beaten egg with some local honey. Beat it together till combined. You are going to rub this all over your face like a mask. Go sit someplace for 20 minutes while it hardens. Rinse off. Wash your face again with facial soap. Pat dry.
My face felt like a babies butt! Amazing!
Too bad I could not do that to my entire body. Winter is rough on this almost 45 year old.

 I am having a hard time sticking to the food plan. This is cause of all the holiday food stuff around. I want to eat everything. I have not gained but it is only a matter of time!
I broke out my Ninja and I will do a juice of some sort tomorrow. I need to nip this shit in the bud!
Wish me luck! I will try to come back more often regardless of the sticking N.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Freezing Rain blues


 Ahh! December 1st. 2013 is swiftly coming to a close. We have freezing rain going on out there so I am staying my ass inside the house until it gets warmer. Dark and gloomy for this first day of the month.
 Today I am back on the food wagon. Last night we had pizza as a last hoorah! Big mistake. I feel like shit today. That is my penance for eating it. It took a few tries for me to realize that I cant eat like I used to anymore. NO MORE! Everything will be exactly the same as before. Low carb, low fat, low fat or dairy free, no grease, no junk, no take out, no fast food and all the other stuff that I said no to before. If it is processed, I aint eating it.
 The first week or two will be hard because I will be detoxing and since I am addicted to these things I will have some withdrawl. I did it before, I can do it again.

Computer is a piece of shit. The letter N can be typed by rocking it with my finger. grrr! And the computer is getting slower. We need a replacement. But I am playing chicken with the oldest. She wants me to purchase my Mac now so then she can just take it over and not spend a dime. I want her to buy her own computer first. Then I will buy mine. That way she has NO reason to use the one that I bought.
I can live with this fucking N until the end of my days. <------No I cant but she will cave before believe.
  All these weather ups and downs have been fucking with my sinuses and head. Ugh. Feels like a tension headache but I am guessing it is barometric. My health has been okay. Nothing major. Last month it was 4 years since back surgery and quitting smoking and one year since my mastoidectomy. What a ride that was!
**Now the letter J is giving me troubles. I bought a can of air but it did not help.**

Okay...I need to motor. I have decorating to do and dinner to plan.