Saturday, December 14, 2013

Skin care for oldies with dry skin


  I know I have not been around much and I apologize. It is very frustrating to type when the letter N sticks and you have to make a effort to use it. Or NOT use it. So this is basically the reason why I haven't posted.
 It is snowing today but not as bad as predicted. We stayed in all day. Watched tv, cooked a turkey dinner and vegetated. I wanted to share something kid #1 taught me on Friday. My facial skin has been soooooo dry lately even when I moisturize it. She said I needed to exfoliate. I have been very lax in my feminine upkeep.
 I exfoliated with nutmeg. Yes! The stuff you put in Pumpkin pie. First wash your face with a good natural face soap. Rinse. Pat dry.  You take a teaspoon of nutmeg and mix with some water to make a watery paste. You rub this all over your face and then softly rub your fingers over your face for five minutes. Add more of the mixture if the stuff on your face dries out. Then rinse with water and face cloth. Next step is to mix together one beaten egg with some local honey. Beat it together till combined. You are going to rub this all over your face like a mask. Go sit someplace for 20 minutes while it hardens. Rinse off. Wash your face again with facial soap. Pat dry.
My face felt like a babies butt! Amazing!
Too bad I could not do that to my entire body. Winter is rough on this almost 45 year old.

 I am having a hard time sticking to the food plan. This is cause of all the holiday food stuff around. I want to eat everything. I have not gained but it is only a matter of time!
I broke out my Ninja and I will do a juice of some sort tomorrow. I need to nip this shit in the bud!
Wish me luck! I will try to come back more often regardless of the sticking N.

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