Sunday, June 30, 2013

Annual planting and other shit

Mexican heather


Is that a sweet Mexican heather  plant? I went to Lowe`s yesterday to get a steam cleaner for the carpets and I decided to pick up a couple annuals for the pots on the front porch. One of the four new guinea impatiens just died so the pot had sat empty for a couple weeks. I just bought one of these and put it in the pot. I want to see what happens. I do not mind if I have a one off on the porch. I also picked up some Moss roses for the cone hangers. I am glad I got that done before the July 1st. I feel like I have been behind in so many things.
I think I know why.
 As I said before about the dripping out of the nose at night, I am also starting to get all foggy and cognitively fucked up. I went to the DMV on Friday because I had to pay the registration on the Jeep cause she was an illegal beagle. It was near closing time so I knew it would not be a ton of time for me to wait. I felt like such shit. I realized as I sat there that it was all the stimulation going on in the room. The noises, the talking, the people walking around, the lights, the intercom..I was so close to feeling like I was going to lose my shit. Before when this would happen, i would go lay down and it would go away. I could not do that this time. But I survived and the Jeepo is legal now. The taxes here have gotten so high that I had to pay off in installments. tsk tsk.
  So for my health, I am feeling like shit. I try to get some things done so that I can say I accomplished stuff but I cannot do like I was doing before. I cut the dogs hair, I picked up lunch for the kid, I planted, and then after I watered, I swept the front porch. There! I am done! He thinks I am cooking dinner. That is not going to happen. No way. I feel like dog shit.

 Now do not scold me...well nobody will be do not do it on the other side of the screen. I will call the ENT office in all good time. I have to get the brakes fixed on the Jeep (yes, her ass decided she needs new brakes now), I  have a sleep study coming up for my sleep apnea and THEN I will call the ENT about the ears ringing again and all that crap. The part that I hate the most is the dizziness has come back and that was one of the things I was so happy to get rid of.

Fourth of July is coming upon us this week and then next weekend is Sailfest. Summer is moving swift. Before we know it, it will be Autumn. I need to really move my savings up for the coming colder months. I want to have a good Christmas this year and I want to have oil in the tank at all times. I am just talking a blue streak huh?
Oh and we are dealing with fleas finally. Took them awhile but they have arrived. I will have the cash to get the dogs some flea treatments on Tuesday. The cats will have to wait until Friday. They do not complain as much as the dogs do.

Okay...I am done for now. I feel like I need to get into some jammie clothes and lay down for the rest of the day. Sucks. I could have done so much.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Summer Summertime


   It is finally summer. It is starting to heat up a bit but not heatwave territory. As long as I do not have to turn on the AC THAT much, I am good. Yesterday I finally planted all the cherry tomato plants in pots. I also bought an heirloom tomato and I dug up another heirloom tomato that was not doing well in the ground. This is why I want the raised beds. I can control the food of the soil without breaking my back or the bank. There were a bunch of plants at the community garden up for the taking and the majority of them were sad and close to death. I took one thyme plant that did not look like it was about to kick it. It is on the front porch in a smaller clay pot. I hope it does well like the basil is. Pretty soon my ass will be sweating from canning jams and jellies. I am definitely going to do a peach pineapple and another one I want to try is a pineapple habanero jam. Not super hot but a little hotter than the strawberry jalapeno.
  We have been doing extensive cleaning around here. Like wiping down baseboards and window sills. Lemon scented cleaning. I love it! I am tired of the hiding places of my home being dirty. Time to peel back the layers, suck up the dust bunnies, and wipe it down clean. Now that hubby has been sleeping better, he has more energy. I on the other hand feel like dog shit. Very tired all the time. But that is my life now. I think the summer heat saps me. I would love to go traipsing off to a yard sale binge or picking strawberries or being out in the middle of the state getting some food and just exploring in the Jeep. We have not done that since we got our cat MonsterFace (who has passed). That has to be almost 10 years. There is nothing nicer than a long drive out into the country. You know where you are but you really dont. . That is what I miss. I think I will try to capture some of that this summer. Go drive a half an hour out just to have ice cream and sunflowers. Drive an hour to get locally brewed Birch beer from the birch trees in their backyard.
Yeah..those plans are going to be made.

As for today..My plan is to finish cleaning the kitchen and  making a nice big dinner. We are going to have BBQ ribs, corn on the cob and tater tots. The tots are my compromise because I would rather have potato salad. One day I will get my wish! LOL

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father`s Day 2013

THE perfect gift for the Dad in your life.


  Tomorrow is Father`s Day and I figured I would post now because I tend to forget and that would not be cool. It is just going to be me and the old man most of the day. I think that is the way we want it to be. We can sleep in. Have a lazy breakfast. Walk around in our jammies all morning or afternoon. I think that is the best present I could give him. A glimpse into an empty nest. My Dad is long passed away. 30 years this November. That is a long time to be missing your parent. But I am not weepy about it. He is gone and my Mom is gone and I have come to terms with that. Same with Hubs. His grandfather has been gone for many years and I think he has come to terms with that loss too.

  The rains have left us with a little bit of water in the basement. Not a huge amount. It is in the sump pump area. Well, a hole has formed in the plastic piping and it is shooting water all over the place. I could be the Mrs. Fix-it that I am and go down there, dig out the sump pump, take off the piping, cut it, put it back on, put the pump back in the hole, re-adjust, and cross my fingers but I am not in the mood. Ugh!  It needs to be fixed but I am not in the mood to get wet and sit on the floor. But I will do it. I will get sick of going downstairs and adjusting the pump every hour cause it has moved again. Grrr!
  Tonight we are going out for Vietnamese Pho. Nice big bowls of hot steaming beef and noodles. I cannot wait! My mouth and stomach drool in anticipation. That will be our Father`s Day out. Tomorrow we will be lazy and probably I will get him to help me fix the damn pump.

I hope you have a wonderful Father`s day. If you are a Dad or you are with your Dad or you are remembering him.

Moody Patooty


   Yeah, I am a bit moody lately. I have so much going on and I do not have an outlet, like cigarettes or a big bowl of fucking ice cream. I am paying bills on top of bills. One kid is moving away but has not even started to think about what she is going to do with all her shit. The other kid is moody just like me so we clash like stripes and plaid. The man is moody because of lack of sleep but that is being rectified.
And I am itchy again! I figured out that it is probably some allergy to something and when I take an allergy pill, they go away. I dont have to take the pill every single day just on the days I wake up like I want to rip my skin off with my stubby nails. And it is everywhere. But that is okay..I took the pill about an hour ago and it is already working it`s magic.

  Both girls are *almost* away for the weekend. The youngest went to Philly to visit her friend, and the oldest is leaving shortly to stay at a friends house in state but out of town.
We got the house to ourselves!!!!  Yesterday, I spent most of the evening cleaning in the kitchen. I think once I am done here, I will slap on some sunscreen and go dig up the spiderwort in the front yard. It is taking over and they are in the way of where my raised beds are going to go. I am going to try to gently dig up the ones with unusual colors like I have a pink one and I have a white one. Very unusual. I want to save those and plant them up top in the shade where they belong. There are plenty up there now so the rest can go in the garden bags. That is the extent of my life. Everything is doing okay except for a little bit of water in the basement, a broken washing machine, car registrations are due, and I am itchy.  I can admit that isnt half bad since the shitty year we had in 2012.

Vietnamese Pho for dinner is on tap. And I am not as itchy so I am off to go dig. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here comes to wind!


  It was hot for a few days but then it went right back to the cool breezes and cool nights just like before. The garden loves it. The dogs love it. And I love it. I know it wont stay like this but it is nice to dream. Looks like Tropical Storm Andrea is going to be skirting us this Saturday. Oh Joy! I hope this is not a predictor of where future storms are going to hit. I think this global warming could make living in CT/NY/RI/MA suck major most of the time. Not only will we get the snow in the winter, now we will get buried in storms in the summer. I will hope and pray it does not get bad for us.

  I wanted to give a shout out to a site that I frequent on Facebook. It is called Heavenly Steals. It is one of those sites that post deals, coupons, freebies, and contests. I was never into that sort of thing before. I think I stumbled upon her when I was looking for good coupon sites. For the past 6 months or so, I have gotten some excellent things. Dog leash, Free magazine subscriptions,  pedometer, bbq lighter, t-shirts,  samples of anything and everything, free shampoo coupons, free hair color, and the list goes on and on.  I thought I would share because I know a couple of you are like me and could use a deal. Plus it is fun to get little packages in the mail.

  The moving my booty and eating better has been okay. I have lost 5lbs so far but I can still end up eating shit that I shouldn't. I have been eating less crap though and more healthy foods. Tonight we are having beefy enchiladas for dinner and I am making the sauce homemade. Oh yeah. I am going to follow this simple recipe and it will be good. I am hungry too. I had done alot this morning and I only had a grilled cheese to eat. So this bitch is hungry for dinner.
  Money saving has been doing well also. Any extra that I can squeak out of the budget, I give to Fred to hide away. I am thinking I will buy a nice fire safe for the house. Good sized one too. Put all important papers in there. That will be one of my next important purchase that I do in the very near future. I also need to purchase paint and supplies for the living room and dining room. Painting time shall begin!

 Okay, this bitch is gonna go relax and watch a bit of the boob tube. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome June! Welcome Summer!


  Kinda warm here today in ole CT. I am not in the complaining stage today. Yesterday I was. I had errands to run and my body temp was up there and it took a cool bath to get me straight. Damn fluffy ass does not like when it goes above 75 deg F.  I was always like this, even when I was thin. Big sweaty mess. I have to apologize sometimes so people do not think I have heat stroke.
Pounds are lost when you sweat like a pig. :)
   Fred is off doing some stuff but when he comes back, he is gonna put the AC in the living room window. YES! It is a heavy one and it is a two person job. He is good at anchoring it in the window too. I think I want to have one of those window air conditioner anchor things that attach to the side of the house. Then all he would have to do is slide it in the window and all is good. Today is house cleaning day for me, as per usual. I am feeling good today so I will get much done. Even in the heat. I am finishing up my last cup of java here.

  Life has been boring but that is a good thing. Health is okay so far, Hubs does not have to worry about lay offs for the future, and our family economy has gotten a little better. It is not anywhere near perfect but it is better than it has been last year. Last year was one big clusterfuck of stress. So far, life is better. I want to be able to say good, but that will take a bit of time. . We are  thinking ahead to Christmas surprisingly. Last year Christmas was not even in our radar because there was no money.
 So there are positive things on the horizon and I hope it stays that way.
   I am going to clean the kitchen, clean the downstairs and maybe upstairs bathroom, sweep, and dust a bit. Hubs is home so we might have some food on the grill for dinner.

Boring post but boring posts mean my life is doing well.