Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moody Patooty


   Yeah, I am a bit moody lately. I have so much going on and I do not have an outlet, like cigarettes or a big bowl of fucking ice cream. I am paying bills on top of bills. One kid is moving away but has not even started to think about what she is going to do with all her shit. The other kid is moody just like me so we clash like stripes and plaid. The man is moody because of lack of sleep but that is being rectified.
And I am itchy again! I figured out that it is probably some allergy to something and when I take an allergy pill, they go away. I dont have to take the pill every single day just on the days I wake up like I want to rip my skin off with my stubby nails. And it is everywhere. But that is okay..I took the pill about an hour ago and it is already working it`s magic.

  Both girls are *almost* away for the weekend. The youngest went to Philly to visit her friend, and the oldest is leaving shortly to stay at a friends house in state but out of town.
We got the house to ourselves!!!!  Yesterday, I spent most of the evening cleaning in the kitchen. I think once I am done here, I will slap on some sunscreen and go dig up the spiderwort in the front yard. It is taking over and they are in the way of where my raised beds are going to go. I am going to try to gently dig up the ones with unusual colors like I have a pink one and I have a white one. Very unusual. I want to save those and plant them up top in the shade where they belong. There are plenty up there now so the rest can go in the garden bags. That is the extent of my life. Everything is doing okay except for a little bit of water in the basement, a broken washing machine, car registrations are due, and I am itchy.  I can admit that isnt half bad since the shitty year we had in 2012.

Vietnamese Pho for dinner is on tap. And I am not as itchy so I am off to go dig. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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