Thursday, July 30, 2015


*i dont care*

    It is a hot and muggy Summer day today (and yesterday). I have been sitting around in front of fans in shorts and tank tops. Hubby is making dinner on the grill. I just cannot do it.

I think the evil diamox has messed up my gut. I have been told by my endo to push the fluids today and I will see him tomorrow morning. I have pain on my right side like when I had my liver troubles. It is a constant nag that has gotten worse over the days. I get sharp pains, nauseated, gassy, and just feel ill. TMI!! I have no trouble with #2 but afterward I feel like I still have to go but I dont. I have a slight appetite. It could be my liver, my gallbladder, or my pancreas, I reckon. Whatever it is, I aint staying in the hospital. I refuse! Okay..if it is serious I will go. But otherwise I want to just make it go away. So yeah..what do I do if I have to start the diamox again if that is what is messing with my gut. There is only one other pill. If that doesnt work.....
Yeah..nothing positive to say.  I will post what happens in the comments. I wish to be happy again.

 The heat is not helping at all.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

What I would`nt give to have a block of ice to lick!

That looks like heaven.


   It is a scorcher today and it is only 1030am. I took the d.o.g.s out. Fresh water for them with ice cubes. Fresh food. Meds for Ruby and Perl. I wet Lu in the sink (that will happen multiple times today). Gave a huge drink to all the plants on the front porch (gotta do the few in the house). I folded towels and started a load of wash. I took out the stink-a-poo garbage and brought the recycling out to the curb. I have to take my meds and force the liquids today. The pill that I take for my head  makes me heat intolerant. I have never noticed it until today. My eyes are not good either. We dont have a AC on 1st floor so I will suffer it out.

   First things first. We think Hubs may have rebroken his foot from going back to work. He sees the foot surgeon tomorrow morning. Later on he goes to have his deposition for his comp case. It is looking like it is in his favor. He was told he would do this and then he would have to see the comp dr at some point. I hope to the baby Jesus that I don't have to do it. I could end up having to do it. I don't think my brain could handle that.
   We need some positive thoughts and prayers going his way for this, his foot, and something else. It is for a very positive outcome and it will alleviate some of my stress about money. This has been a long year of torture trying to pay bills. Today is just as hard. I have to ask my kid to loan me cash to pay a bill. She should be giving us rent anyway but don't get me started on that. I have to ask her or said service will be shut off. If it is shut off, I will have to pay the back and current balance plus an added kick in the ass of $25. So I wont be able to pay all of that till the end of the month. She relies heavily on this service so let us hope she helps. Usually I am pretty good but when extras happen,  I get screwed.

This is why we have to pray for Hubs. He needs to get off his feet and back sitting on his bootay in a cubicle.  PRAY!!!

  On a positive note, we are having a bumper crop of tomatoes. The plants are huge and full of flowers. That means lots of tomatoes! I am happy cause the Farmer`s Market has gotten expensive. It used to be cheap. You could spend $10-15 and come away with a ton of produce. I went last week. Tomatoes were $3.50 a lb. Yeah! And not heirloom ones either.  It was ridiculous. I will have a ton of leeks also. I will make a large pot of potato leek soup, put them in Chinese soup containers, and freeze till for the Winter. Yum! I might try to dehydrate them also. That would be a great way to utilize them.

   I see my neurologist on Thursday. My friend is going with me. I have to see if I really do have IIH. I don't want a Lumbar Puncture. I really don't. They scare the shit out of me. It wouldn't happen then cause you have to plan for it and a anesthesiologist does it. I don't want to do it.

It is hot but I am sitting in front of the fan and it isn't that bad. As long as I dont move or blink, I am okay.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Come on! Let's twist again. Like we did last Summer.


Everyone is still sleeping on this juicy looking Saturday morning. Kid #1 is on a work thing out in the Midwest. She comes home tomorrow night. I got little Lu bugging the shit outta me to make room on the couch for her....there. Now she shut up. Ha! I see that it is going to get super hot for the next few days. Us poor folks cannot afford to purchase the 10k btu AC that we need for the downstairs. I am guessing I will be sweating the weight off this coming week. Isn't that loverly? Somebody needs to teach this Bitty how to coupon, how to just turn off the cable without listening to the whiners, and sock money away for winter. is raining out. That is the ending of our cool snap. 

  Tonight I am going to a dance. Yup. Our high school throws a Alumni Dance every year at the banquet hall at the beach.  I am sort of kind or dressing up. I have a white and red cotton dress with a formed bodice and a flowing skirt. Reminds you of the 1950s. I bought cute red flats and a red .....brain is not tiny sweater that covers your arms. ?SHRUG? I was almost successful getting rid of my farmers tan but it is still noticeable to me, so I will feel more comfy if they are covered. I know. I am weird.  Hubs never likes dances or big gatherings like that. He has issues with noise too (migraines) so an old friend from high school that I talk to on a regular is picking me up for us to go. I was able to get a whole bunch of people from high school to go. Tonight is gonna be a hoot. 
Hopefully they can get a flattering photo of me. I dislike getting pics taken. 
 My only issue is make up. I don't wear it anymore. But I feel I should wear some because I am all dolled up with a naked face. I will do some tinted lotion, eye liner, fill in eyebrows, and lipstick. Maybe a smidge of eye shadow. We shall see. 

  Yeah, I really need help with couponing. We do a lot of whole foods but there are some things we need (laundry detergent, dish soap, shit paper) that could use a coupon to go with. It just overwhelms me. Remembering to get up to buy the papers to get the coupon inserts. The books and plastic sheets to put the coupons in. Going to websites to compare when certain coupons are usable with store sales.  It is like homework. Look. I don't want to be one of those assholes that buy every single box of Gushers cause I could get them for 5cents each. I just want more food for my money so I can afford to buy more whole foods that don't have coupons. 
 But it seems like I will have to teach myself cause there are no local classes (I checked).

I still haven't made the jam. I guess that won't be happening soon cause of the hot sticky weather that is coming. Yuck. 
Okay, so I am going to clean the kitchen for them, primo myself for the dance, and hope to hell I don't feel like donkey shit later. I will go regardless. 

I am not letting my body ruin this night. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Humidity makes you fat


   So do hormones, pizza, and a whole sharing size Snicker bar!  Ha! It is too hot to cook so take out was ordered under duress.

   It has been so humid the past few days. The kind where blinking makes you sweat. I hate it. I know I said I would not complain cause of all the snow we had but oh well...there it is. I dont like sweating. We had rain come through last night so it is cooler today. I am going to take advantage of this small window of crisp air to finish moving the furniture in place in my room. I cannot find any clothes because it is like a bomb was detonated in there. The dressers have not been put where they belong and there is clothes and crap everywhere. So that will happen this morning..or that is the plan.

I also have a plan to get the jam done soon. I am hoping tomorrow. The following couple of weeks will be busy and I wont have time to do it. Right now the family is jam-less. We shall see how that goes.

I am doing ok. I have good days and bad days with my head. I try to take it in stride. Some people need to realize that when I feel like crap, it isnt just a headache. It is way more.

 Short sweet post today. I ate too much yesterday, cool off, cleaning and Jam! 



Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July 2015!

   I woke up almost an hour ago. My first day to sleep in since he started work. Ahhh! He is off to the barber. The youth are sleeping. I am on my 2nd cup of coffee and staring at the clouds out the window. If it rains, so be it. We had grilled wings with grilled corn on cob last night. It was delicious. So if I have to cook the burgers and hot pups inside, that is okay.  Today is kinda lazy for us. I am feeling okay to cook (knock on wood). I will make a small potato salad and some baked mac and cheese.  I could do a big salad for our veg. I am also gonna do cupcakes.
But first....I have to drink this coffee and clean the kitchen from yesterday. Yuck!

  Last night I got two surprises. One was being introduced to a new show called Wayward Pines. Matt Dillon! Are you kidding me? I love the show.  You can catch up on Hulu plus because it is still airing every Thursday. There are 10 episodes to the season. Really good..I am not spoiling at all. Surprise two came while I was catching up on Hulu. Kid #1 says that she thinks she is gonna buy us a new laptop. Both Kid #2 and I stopped what we were doing and said What? at the same time.

We shall see people. We shall see.

Some days my head/health are good. Some days not so much. I still have the autophony pretty badly. My balance is iffy and loud noises make me sick still. The leaking has stopped. Maybe it was just a left over thing from surgery. Which is amazingly good.  The other stuff not getting better..i dont know. It will probably have to be another surfacing to fill all other divets and holes in my head.
 I am waiting. I could call early before August to have the cat scan but I might want to wait. I dont want to discuss surgery right now. I am enjoying our mild summer.

Okay. I gotta go. Ruby is whining to poop. Must go outside.

Have a Happy 4th and be safe!