Thursday, July 9, 2015

Humidity makes you fat


   So do hormones, pizza, and a whole sharing size Snicker bar!  Ha! It is too hot to cook so take out was ordered under duress.

   It has been so humid the past few days. The kind where blinking makes you sweat. I hate it. I know I said I would not complain cause of all the snow we had but oh well...there it is. I dont like sweating. We had rain come through last night so it is cooler today. I am going to take advantage of this small window of crisp air to finish moving the furniture in place in my room. I cannot find any clothes because it is like a bomb was detonated in there. The dressers have not been put where they belong and there is clothes and crap everywhere. So that will happen this morning..or that is the plan.

I also have a plan to get the jam done soon. I am hoping tomorrow. The following couple of weeks will be busy and I wont have time to do it. Right now the family is jam-less. We shall see how that goes.

I am doing ok. I have good days and bad days with my head. I try to take it in stride. Some people need to realize that when I feel like crap, it isnt just a headache. It is way more.

 Short sweet post today. I ate too much yesterday, cool off, cleaning and Jam! 



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