Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oh Spring!


  I am dealing with the return of hot flashes and fibro flare so I am not a happy or cognitive camper right now. I will try to be uber positive even though I feel shittay. We had pizza for dinner last night. I ate 3 pieces of mushroom from a small pizza, so not large slices. I am paying for it in many gut wrenching ways. But that is life, and I move on.

   Except for it being really cold, Spring is moving along nicely. I am going to wash all those pots and spray paint them. I was going to do it before Easter but we had that snow storm and lots of rain and wind. I have to catch a day with sunshine and no wind so I dont paint myself.

   This poor duck had lost all his paint and started to become waterlogged. I dried him out and spray painted him with Valspar gloss. I covered his eyes and spent a couple days doing it. He is now rain proof and a nice bright makeover for the quacker. I am trying repurpose what I have to save money. That is the plan anyway.

   I have been eating more veg since Monday. Easter was my last day of not following the cdiff rules eating. I have a fridge full of vegs and chicken. I will try my hardest to lose the 30lbs or at least 20 And to make my gut feel better. I have like a week of feeling great then I eat pizza and set myself back. I definitely have to stay away from grease and dairy.

  Lu is not doing well. Her heart meds were upped again. She has fluid around her heart.  She takes a diuretic and another pill. I wonder if she will survive this year. She is my love. I have never loved a animal as much as I love her. Because of her age, there is really nothing to fix it. I just love her and spoil her rotten while I still have her. She is 8 years old. We have had her for 6 years.

  Okay, I am done for now. I am cranky and I have a sink full of dishes waiting.
Have a great week!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St Patty`s Day 2016

*231* <---guessing cause scale needs battery

  What a beautiful day it has been so far. I have been in slug mode for the past couple days for whatever reason. This morning I had to have a abdominal ultrasound and afterward, I just felt like doing stuff. I am being careful to not over do. I will know the results on Monday. He wants to look at my pancreas and the spot on my liver. I am just going to go with the flow.
black one done last year

  I have all the plastic pots, big and small out on the patio. They will be scrubbed and on a less windy day, they will all be spray painted in bright colors. I did a couple last year with Rustoleum spray paint and they look really good. I have a couple blues, green, and a fuchsia. I want to pick up a yellow and maybe a purple. They cost $3 a can. You can spruce up your old plastic stuff and it looks really good.
It will be a
nice little project. They will all have herbs in them. The bigger ones will have cherry tomatoes. There are a couple more in front that I have to empty and bring out back.  What other colors should I do?

       I did
not buy corned beef this year. I cannot eat it and why stink up the house unnecessarily. I have pork chops marinating with garlic, black pepper, and spices. I have some steak strips marinating for this recipe I am trying out today, Low sodium Chinese Pepper Steak. I will do some white rice in the cooker and make a corn bread in the cast iron. I have been very bad with my food choices lately in terms of my brain. I have been all about my fucked up gut and threw my brain off in the corner. She didnt like that. Today she gave me a real taste of last year. Oh boy did I figure it out quick. I have my group that I will be more active in. We have all been lax with our low sodium for our iih. Hopefully this recipe will be a keeper and I will find others. I will be purchasing a new charcoal grill end of this month so i will be able to have lots of healthy grilled things too. Mmmm

So life is
nt great but I choose not to mope about it. I am going to keep myself busy. If I could only stay up in my room and clean it. I have clothes to donate. And the room has to be switched around. I want all this done before it gets hot. 
Baby steps though...
I hope you e
njoy your day of Irish. Have a green beer for meh!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carafate sucks!


   I have some good news for once. There are two very small nodules on my left lung. Very teeny weeny. I dont have to worry. Because I was a smoker, they will have to be scanned every year to make sure they have not grown. One down. I do the ultrasound mammo in two weeks. So yeah..this is a good thing.

    I have to take this pill called Carafate. It is a high dose a
ntiacid pill that will help with healing the ulcerations in my stomach and small intestines. It is so bad ass that you can only take it for a short period of time. This pill sucks with side effects. It makes me dizzy and my gut actually hurts a little worse. Especially when I eat. The gastro aprn is gonna talk to the gastro to see what he says. She wants him to put me on a proton pump inhibitor but I cannot because of the cdiff. I am cluster fucked basically.

   It is absolutely gorgeous outside! It will rise to the 60s. I put o
n my first pair of size 16 capris in decades. Everytime I take the dogs out, I rake some more leaves, throw some more fallen branches, and corral some more petrified poop. GORGEOUS!

  I want to spray paint the rest of my big plastic pots so that I can have herbs growing on the back patio. I want to buy a nice used patio set with a big umbrella and a new charbroil charcoal grill. I want to spend time outside! The grill has to be in the side yard now. All grills have to be 10 feet from the house. I have a place to put it. It will be good. I cannot wait!

   After I drop the adult #1 off to work, I will make sauce for di
nner. I have some italian sausages and I will do mini meatballs. I have a window open! It is Spring like and I love it. All I have to complete is our taxes. I have all the paperwork set up. I will do it on Sunday.

That is about it for today. Good
news and a beautiful day. What more could you ask for, huh?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring will make me happy


  It is cold tonight but that will change as the days of Spring come upon us. I have started to slowly rake all the leaves for the beds so that my tulips and other bulb plants can stretch in the sunshine. Spring helps to awaken me.
 I have not been feeling well. I have some major issues with my gut. I still have cdiff and I have ulcerations in my stomach and small intestines. Eating has become a challenge. I have figured out most things I can eat. The problem is I cannot take a proton pump inhibitor because of the cdiff but that is what I need for the ulcerations. I am a difficult case, I will be taking a Tagamet type pill that is prescription strength. I also have to take a pill that is used to coat the ulcerations to help them heal. We are hoping this will work, I can fit into a size 16 pants now. Pretty soon all the size 18s will have to go.
  Last week I had a catscan on my gut to see what was going on. I found out a few things I didn't want to know. I have to go have an ultrasound on my breasts. There is some lopsided shit going on inside that needs to be looked at. They found a spot on my liver. We are going to wait and watch that. My liver panels are good so that is a good sign. They found a spot on my left lung. I am having a catscan on my chest this Friday. I have tried really hard not to worry but it can be so difficult. I will just wait and see. It is probably nothing.
  My baby Lu is sick. She is my 8yr old Maltese Yorkie. She has heart issues. The pills are not working like they used to. We are trying some other pills and a antibiotic. I have to give those some time. She just started taking them. I love her so much and losing her now would kill me. So I have had much stuff on my mind plus I feel like donkey shit.
I am not gonna be positive tonight. But! I won't be a depressing sad sack like I was today. I decided not to post and took a long nap instead. It was the right choice. I feel a bit better. I ate a couple authentic tacos (stomach feels ok), and I am rested.
Tomorrow will be better because I will make it so.
I thought I would update. I just wanted you all (I really don't know how many of you there are :) ) to know that I am here. I just do not feel good and have nothing to offer that is uplifting at all. When I find out the spot is nothing, I will be able to move forward with this gut business.

Go out there and enjoy the fresh air!! Well not now, cause it is cold.