Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I think it will be green


I have Kilz primer, spackle, tape, brushes, rollers, pans, and all the stuff you need to paint. We are painting our bedroom first. We  have been sleeping in a room with shockingly BLUE blue for 13 years. Time for a change. It is going to be a nice sagey green with white trim.
Tonight after I get off the computer, I am going to go upstairs and start putting up some spackle. I have to dust the ceiling fan, walls, and vaulted ceiling first. That should be fun! NOT! hehehe Then take all the pictures down and the very long and large reed rolling shade.
We have plans to do the livingroom and diningroom but I thought that our bedroom should be first. It needs it and it will be nice to sleep in a freshly painted room.

Painting is exercise!

Here is another miniature contest!


One of my mini friends is having a contest on her blog. You can go HERE to Dale`s Dreams to see what it is all about.  You can have up to seven chances to enter! I think I am all set. I am in a winning mood lately.
I forgot to tell ya. I had bought my first ticket to the MegaMillions lottery last week because it was up to $312 million dollars. I won $40! Pretty good, huh? Paid for gas in the car and a little bit of groceries. Best $2 I ever spent!
Okay..I am off to wake up with my coffee.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You could win a miniature cake!!


Hummingbird Miniatures is having a Choose a Cake competition!
You have a chance to choose from 6 original Hummingbird Miniatures cakes! Follow the Choose a cake link and you may be on your way to winning a miniature cake for your dollhouse. Oh I hope I win one. They are so nice.

Seeds! Glorious Seeds!


  I went to our local hardware store, Benny`s, this morning to pick up stuff for painting the house. Brushes, Kilz, tape, rollers, etc etc. I stumbled onto their annual seeds and they were selling them for 5 for $1! I was actually a little bit thrilled. Marigolds, Four O`clocks, Zinnias, Forget me Nots, Sweet Williams and some Basil. I want to sprinkle them in some of my beds around the yard to spruce up the place. Times are tough and I cannot afford to buy alot of new perennial plants..and I completely SUCK at starting seeds at home. I have been trying for 13 years and I always get damp off. Today I am going to take that left over chicken breast from yesterday and make a chicken salad. Tacos for dinner tonight. I am also going to try out the core exercise ball. I am all dressed and ready for it.

I looked at this video to get a little bit of a clue on what you do with the ball. I like what I see. Anything to make the gut smaller and strengthen my back is good for me!
 As for the chicken salad..I am going to cube the chicken, Kraft olive oil mayo, blue cheese crumbles, chopped up cooked bacon, celery, and red onion. Fred does not like chicken salad but he said he would give it a shot.
One thing I really need to do this week pronto..besides start working on my bedroom..is cleaning the fridge. No one else seems to want to do it so I guess that is on me. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lovely Lovely Laundry


 I guess I am feeling better. I do get intermittent cramps in the gut but otherwise..I am fine! I did a shit load of laundry yesterday. This is a anomaly in our house. Chelsea does her laundry and Fred does the rest. I vetoed the fact of ME ever doing laundry on an everyday basis. I did not want that chore so it is Freds. But every once in awhile, I get in the mood to do it. Natalie`s room looks like a clothing bomb was let off. She was going to be gone all weekend so I cleaned her room (with her permission) and threw away tons of crap but mostly washed clothing. I found some of MY stuff, some of Chelsea`s stuff..hell even some of Fred`s stuff. She is a clothing thief and has been one for a long time. Right now I cannot find a new bra that I bought. It was on sale. I was properly measured and got the right size. It felt great. No gouges. No slippage. LOVE IT! And now it is missing. I think I know who the culprit is and if you have been reading..You do too! I will keep talking about my missing brassiere until it is returned to it`s rightful owner..ME!
 So I did not do her laundry for that reason..I did it cause she was NOT going to and I was in the mood to keep busy. *Read lemon post below*.  I did not have to go to the gym, that's for sure. I went up and down the stairs, lugging baskets back and forth. I am still not even done with it all. But today I am cleaning the kitchen and making fried chicken. I was going to make it yesterday but I got too tired.
 So housework IS exercise if you think about it. Not as good as the machines at the gym but my legs were screaming last night. I did some good.
Now I need to just find my bra!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

When life gives you lemons....

Meyer Lemon

I am going to salt cure some Meyer Lemons that I bought yesterday. They can keep up to a year in the jar. I am pretty sure Chelsea and I can think of some great things to do with them.
Got a call from the Dermatologists office yesterday. That lesion cut off my neck is skin cancer. I have to go back on April 7th to have her do whatever to it, to make sure it is all gone. I am going to stress that I do not want some big ugly scar. She needs to be careful..it isnt like she is digging this out of my back or something. It is my throat, front and center!
 I was so hoping it was a pre-cancerous sun spot, because I want to drop this Dr like a bad habit and make an appointment with another one. The other one is wonderful but there is a waiting period until August for first appointment.  So I will just let her do what she has got to do, and be done with her ass.
The chick on the phone says it is a common skin cancer and I have to come in. As I am writing down the appointment, I ask her what it is called....this is so I can obsess about it online *smirk*. She again says, It is a common skin cancer. Umm! That is not telling me if it is Squamous Cell or Basal Cell. She blurted out something I could not comprehend and I just gave up. She did not say Melanoma! Melanoma is bad bad bad! So I did some reading.
If it is Basal cell that is the weakest of the three types. It wont kill you. But if you ignore them, they can be very disfiguring when they have to be removed. The other is Squamous Cell. That one is sort of like Basal with the disfiguring but you could actually die from them..that is if you like totally ignore them.  If I get another one of these fuckers, then the one of my face that was classified a pre-cancerous sun spot will have to be re-evaluated and maybe given a treatment because it has like 40% of coming back as cancer in that spot.
So this is where I am today. I am going to Spring clean, make Fried Chicken, and preserve some Meyer Lemons. Here is the link to the site that Chelsea sent me on how to do it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am coming around the bend

I am alive! Alive!!!

Got my appetite back but I still feel funky. My head and body are still kind of flu-ey. I really need to take a shower also. I will do that after I finish up here. This virus really got a hold of my ass, shook me hard, and dropped me on my head. The pain in the gut was the worst. It was not just your stomach that hurt. It was like your intestines hurt too. If you can actually feel them. I feel like I am repeating myself but I am sick so I get those liberties. HA!
  I do not think I will make it back to the gym until this weekend..probably on Sunday morning. I did not lose a huge amount of weight but it is now steady at 279-281. Has not gone up any higher than that. My blood sugar went high with the soup so I am going to be a good dooby and not eat any more carby pasta. I enjoyed it to the hilt! I needed it. I had not eaten correctly and I was dizzy. hehehe I will keep trying to convince myself that it was the right thing. BUT! That soup that I posted yesterday, New Years Noodle Soup, was fabulous! I will definitely make it again in the Fall and Winter. Really hearty with all the beans in it. I think next time, I will cook the pasta separate (like I did) but leave it in a pot and add it in to each individual bowl. That way, I do not have to have any. You can toss your pasta with a little bit of oil (olive is best) to avoid it from sticking together.

I got that DVD from Netflix with the exercises for the big silver exercise ball we have. I want to keep the tape for a week or two. Practice all the moves and then return it. Then I can use the ball at home when I do not go to the gym. It will be good for my balance and my gut. I can tell that my stomach muscles are strengthening because I can suck my gut in! I have not been able to do that in a year. I always could hold in the gut but once you get to a certain point, the muscles do not work anymore. So your gut just sticks out there. Now I can suck it in again. I have noticed I have been unconsciously sucking my gut in and out. This is GOOD. If you cant make it to the gym, this is just as good for strengthening your core muscles. You gotta have your core strong (stomach, chest, and back).
 I am going to play some Zuma Blitz (addicted!) and then go relax in the bed after a nice hot shower.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



I wanted to post a few recipes/blog sites that Chelsea turned me onto.
The first one is called HipsterFood. It IS a vegan website BUT it has beautiful pictures and some really good recipes to try. Chelsea has been vegan for over 5 years now so she has shown me many websites with food. This one is visually yummy and it does not hit you over the head with the no meat and dairy.

The second one is 101 cookbooks. It is also Vegan but she (her name is Heidi too) has so many recipes that you can adapt to your everyday carnivore menu. I want her New year Noodle soup so badly right now!
The third place is what she showed me yesterday. It is called Smitten Kitchen. It is not a vegan site but Chelsea can adopt some of the recipes as her own. I have not gotten through the whole site yet but I like what I see so far.
Lastly is a site that I like very much.  It is called Barefoot Kitchen Witch. She does so much more then show you recipes. She takes lovely pictures also. I visit there as often as think about it.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing. I thought about sharing before but I kept forgetting..
Oh..I am guessing you all know about Allrecipes.com? That is a staple here in this house too.

Okay, I need to stop now and get some sort of non puke inducing food..TaTa

Rest in Peace Beautiful


I am still sick to my stomach but I had to post something about this wonderful woman. I do not care what people say about her past and her lurid goings on. She was just a woman before her times! LOL
She was a beautiful woman and in her later years she did much for the AIDS community. My Mom loved her. Last year, TCM had Butterfield 8 on and Chelsea and I sat and watched it. First time for her..many many many times for me.
She can now be at peace and there is an end to her constant pain.

Chelsea was able to successfully negotiate with her boss and get a bump in hours (from 18-30 a week) and he says after the Spring (when he knows where is funding is) a bump in hourly pay. WooHoo! My kid is good!

My stomach is not good. My stupid ass is drinking coffee right now cause I am addicted to it and it tastes good and I have had nothing to eat or substantial to drink since lunch time yesterday!  So I am going to do some computer stuff, maybe make some oatmeal (Mmm! Oatmeal) and relax today. It is gonna snow. SNOW! 2-4 inches of it in my area. Now, we have been bombarded all winter so 2-4 inches is chump change in the scheme of things. But it is Spring. We do not want anymore snow.
oh well

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh my aching gut!


I have some sort of gastrointestinal disturbance. This is day number two. I went to the gym this morning with Natalie because I thought I was fine. I was not fine. I cut that shit short. We had to go to the grocery store to pick up cat food and I thought I was gonna barf in there.
Of course my appetite is FINE! But I just have pains in my stomach, headache, heartburn, burping, and the whole ball of wax.
So at least I got my gym time in. I ate some more crackers so my blood sugars are not good. This morning they were really good because I did not eat any carbs later on or into the night. I will pick up where I left off after this is over.
If any of you have it...I feel for you and I am sorry you are suffering. It SUCKS! And it is gonna snow. It is supposed to snow tomorrow into Thursday. Right now it is NOT coming to my part of the state, but that could change. I hope not. My bulbs are coming forth! I want to see tulips NOT Snowflakes!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saltine crackers are bad bad bad!


I am raising my blood sugar as I type. I woke up feeling like utter shit this morning. Ugh. I did it to myself.  Fred went to Providence yesterday with his friend to pick up some wienies and coffee milk from this place called Olyneville NY System. If you watch Diners, Drive ins, and Dives OR you live in the CT, RI, MA area..you have heard of it. Fred used to get wienies there when he was a kid in the summer visiting his Mother. Oh RI calls them wienies..NOT hot dogs. They are unusual red hot dogs with hot dog chili, onions, and I think celery salt on a bun.
Anyhoo..I ate 3 wienies and the coffee milk (which was still fucking cold I might add!) I paid the piper my friends..I paid!  I raised my blood sugar AND made myself sick as a dog. The feeling of wanting to puke has been on me ALL DAY today!
So here I sit, eating Saltines. Of course these are no better for my blood sugar but I will drink plenty of water and my dinner will be carb free (except for the salad). The crackers are helping.
 I have a real addiction to saltines. I can never eat one or two. It is always the whole sleeve. I am not like that with other types of crackers either. I can have a box of Ritz in the house and never eat one. This box of Saltines has been in the house less then a week..I am almost done with this sleeve in front of me. When I was younger, I was a weirdo. I would spread margarine on Saltines. Oh and peanut butter and jelly. Fred knows how to win my heart/stomach when I am sick in bed but want something  good and sweet that we do not have. Saltines with pb and J.

I did not go to the gym all weekend. I did go on Friday though with Natalie. Today of course NO. I will go tomorrow morning though. I have been really doing good. My weight this morning was 278 but I will keep it at 280 for now because I want to wait until it is a steady weight loss.
Do not worry about me. My sugars will go up in the upper 200s but not any higher. I keep an eye. I know it is not a good thing to do but my stomach ache is gone. Tums did not help me but the ole Saltine did!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When is this day gonna end???


I think my allergies are kicking in. It was gorgeous out on Thursday and Friday so I went out an raked/bagged leaves. The dogs were out with me, the sun was shining, it was a great two days. It is windy and colder today and I feel kinda shitty in the head. I went to the gym yesterday with Natalie. We had a good session. I am getting a dvd from Netflix in the mail on how to do some exercises with the exercise ball that I bought. I want to do more on getting rid of the stomach. I have noticed that my pants and shirts fit differently. Some days I still feel bloated but mostly..I feel different.
The scale is not moving fast though. Slow turtle pace pisses me off. I guess if I starved myself it would go faster, huh?
I am not the starving myself kind of gal.
I have a date tomorrow to take Fred for his MRI of his head. Dr thinks he has a different kind of Meneire`s like I do. He said it is highly unusual for a couple to both have it! LOL
We are an oddity.  Then I have plans to go to the gym with my friend S.

Fred has the whole weekend off so I wanted to plan something nice to do but I think we are going to end up in the bed watching DVDs and napping..Hahaha
In fact, I think that is right up our alley.
Hoping it is just allergies and not something else. Have a nice weekend ya`ll.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beautiful day!

  Here is a bit of Vivaldi for the end of this beautiful *almost* Spring day. Classical music relaxes me oh so much. I started listening to it when I had Natalie. Having two kids can be nerve racking so I used it to help me relax. I am having a bit of trouble with losing that hour of sleep but I will move on from that in a week or so. Today I went to the gym with Natalie and it was good. We did much and had a good sweat. I did some new leg machines that HURT my ass and thighs right now.  I am going to start walking outside starting tomorrow. I know I can get alot more inches off if I do that also. It is going to be 60 deg F on Friday here in Old CT.
I bought the dogs new runners so they can wander out in the side yard without me hold onto a leash. They LOVE it. They have been bugging me constantly all day long to go outside then back inside and then back outside. It is still too cold for me to leave them out for too long. It is still only in the 40s here. But when it warms up and I am out working in the yard..you can be for sure that those two will be right there with me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We need to stand up for ourselves


Remember when I was talking about last weekend and how Fred and I were going to take a stand? It did not happen. Not cause we chickened out but because one of the girls came down with something and was really sick that weekend. So we postponed the new world order. Fred has to work this weekend so we will do it next weekend..he has off. We want to have a family meeting that is not rushed because he has to go off to work.
So we are still gonna do this! I have not forgotten to tell you all. Oh, but I did take a stand on one thing. Natalie off the cuff said she wanted another piercing (rolling eyes) and without skipping a beat, I said, "I am not paying for any more piercings." She did not say a word and neither did I. I did not get into the no more tattoos either..that will come when they ask for it.
Last week there was a sale at Lane Bryant. We were all fitted and purchased the right sized bras. That was my last luxury that I spent on Chelsea. She will find that out next weekend.

MaryMary is much better today and I think I might go to the gym. I say might because today was the SPRING FORWARD of our clocks. I am kinda coma like this morning. Plus I have some yard work I can do instead that will be just as beneficial to my body. Leaves to rake and bag, rocks to move, branches to snap and tie, and I have a path to build in the yard. I have been putting it off forever, but now that I am better.. I am gonna do it this Spring.

Okay, more coffee to wake up and then change clothes.

I think I will go to the gym anyway.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ahh! Spring is in the air...

Garden flag
*279* <----L@@k at that!

Before you go to bed tonight, do not forget to Spring your clocks forward for daylight savings time..That is if you are one of the states that does it. If not, go about your lives.
I want to say a small thing about what happened this week in Japan. I am in shock still over what nature can do. I think I am more in shock because it could happen HERE. That is some devastating shit. And if you can mixed up in the waters, you are dead. There are cars and houses inside that water!
I decided that my petty little complaints about this or that are NOTHING compared to what the people in Japan are dealing with and what their friends and families outside of Japan are feeling right now.
Thoughts and Prayers to all!

I bought two of these 6ft garden flag spike things. I thought they would look cool when all the flowers come in during the next couple of weeks. I have my period and it is a bad one this month. So no gym or walking today. I am going to stick close to home and do some raking in the yard. I am also going to buy some Girl Scout Cookies. They are being sold up the street from my house today starting at 11am. I have three boxes to buy..That is it! LOL Samoas, Tagalongs, and Thin Mints.  That is what the family and I like. They will be gone before you know it! Ha!

My weight has been at the 279-281 side of things every day this week. That means it is sticking in that area. Very good. Way Way far away from 300. Slow and steady wins the race. I am building muscle and I have more stamina. I can put my shoes on NO PROBLEM! I am not afraid of the tub anymore. I can fit behind the fridge door/wall. And I fit into a pair of pants that I could not fit into over the winter. They were a favorite pair of khakis and I just could not button them. Yesterday I could! They were snug but not camel toe snug..LOL
I am very happy. The Actos is letting me lose weight even when I eat the carbs. But I need to limit them alot still. My sugars are still high in the morning when I wake up..Like in the upper 100s close to 200s. So no more carbs at night except for veggies. Then we will see how that goes.

So I had lots to say and now I am done. I want to change into some yard work gear so I can do some really good and dirty Spring Cleaning.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gary Taubes on Dr. Oz.

My favorite thing

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

This is the guy that I read about..This is the diet we have been (more or less) trying out. I have learned on my own that this diet is hard. I want more fruits. I want more grains but whole grains. I just have to be careful because of my blood sugars.
I am still going to avoid potatoes, white pasta, white bread, and white rice. I am going to start adding things like oatmeal, beans, lentils, and etc.
So I am guess I am sort of in a learning process. I have learned that not eating those carbs actually helped me but in the long run..it will never last.

Sliced and Diced


I went to the Dermatologist this morning. My mole looks good but she thinks it needs to be watched. If it changes, then it may need to be removed. She cut the wart from my neck because it did not heal for 2 weeks. It is going off for a biopsy for a cancer check. It is most likely another pre cancerous sun spot. All those sunburns and tanning of my youth are biting me in ass in my 40s. Oh the joys of middle age. I was going to go to the gym after the derm but only if I did not get cut. I think sweating on a cauterized surgical site would be really ouchy!
Today I was going to make some jambalaya because it is Fat Tuesday, but I do not think I am in the mood. Too much work cleaning all the shrimp. I want something simple. I have acquired a headache since the Derm appointment. I think I am trying to not let it bother me but having stuff chopped off and analyzed  is not normal shit.
So I am going to do normal at home stuff today. I am going to wash all the dishes and then I am going to wash the dogs. Lu has a vet appointment tomorrow to get her yearly shots. So my day is full of excitement!
That weight up there has been steady for 3 days and my period is coming!! So I am doing good y`all!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Do not know what to do

Look at the brand name!

My blood sugars in the mornings are high again. It is because I am not taking the Actos anymore. But I am noticing a steady drop in my weight. I could just up the insulin intake. I am just afraid that will just add on more LBs and it will be a vicious cycle of me fighting the medication to lose weight. I do not want to go back on the Actos..just yet. I want to see what I can do on my own without it.
I am supposed to go to the gym with Natalie this morning but she has not dragged her ass out of the bed yet. The other one is having her own issues that I am not going to get into. I will just say that I am getting really tired of being patient.

No flooded basement! And the best part about that storm last night...All the ice and snow are gone from my yard. Finally! Now the bulb flowers can start working their way out of the ground. I am very happy about this. I love Spring! The ground is still frozen so there will no working out in the yard for quite some time.
So I have to work harder at the gym, be more consistent in my eating, raise the level of insulin I take a night, and hope that it will lower the sugars by at least 50...I want better but I will take what I can get.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rain rain go away..

How to make pancakes..I think


I am making pancakes this morning. I already have the batter made and I am  letting it settle. You get better cakes that way. I know they are most definitely not low carb but I do not care. I want them! LOL
Just for one day, I want something besides eggs and sausage.

It is going to rain a butt load today or so they say. I am worried about the basement. Is it going to flood like last year. Is this going to be a new weather thing we have to deal with year after year? Like meaning, the weather patterns are changing. I am NOT going to go there today. We will see. Fred has the day off today so I will not have to pop an Ativan and deal with any flood on my own. That is good!
I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday but that did not happen. Then I am supposed to go today but I woke up at like 3am (worried about the basement..I know..I am sick). So I do not know if I am going today. Natalie wants to go so she may just push me out of the nest.
Part of me is now feeling guilty about the pancakes..But I want some! Too late, I made enough batter for four people. Cannot back out now. You know what would totally kill it? Putting bananas on top!
I have probably lost a bunch of you cause I am not going full force on this life change. Little steps. I want BIG steps. I think I get discouraged because the inches are going but not really the LBs. If I could actually SEE it with my own two eyes, I would be encouraged.
I am in NO way giving up on this. I just want flat cakes with CT maple syrup on top. With buttery scrambled eggs and sausage patties.
I will resume low carb for lunch and dinner and the next day and beyond..Until i want them again!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jane Eyre


Jane Eyre is a classic book written by Charlotte Bronte. It is basically one of my favorite stories of all time. I cried the first time I read it. I have a copy that I will never get rid of. I have seen a couple movies versions but they were BBC/PBS type. The one with Timothy Dalton was very good.
I stumbled on the fact that there is a new movie of this story coming out this month! I am so excited! If I cannot get anyone to go with me...I will go by myself!
That is how much I love Jane and Rochester.
 I think I am going to break the book out again.

Oysters on the half shell/Cleaning the house

*282* This is my weight yesterday and today in the morning..Yay!

Last night I went out to dinner with my friend, A. I took her to a place that I love called Me and Ma`s. I have known the owners for a few years. This place has it`s own fishing boat so the seafood is always fresh. To my friends disgust, I enjoyed an appetizer of 6 oysters on the half shell. It was so good and salty. It was just the thing I wanted and I was thinking about it all afternoon before we got there. It is hard to describe. If you like clams, you will probably like the raw oysters. You just have to dive in and try one. If it is gross, you never have to do it again. Or you will find a new tasty treat!

 I woke up at 10am est today. I never do that, unless I am sick. And I am not sick. Maybe it was the oysters! HA!
Half Scale Arthur by Greenleaf
 I am going to clean the house some today after Fred and I have a really late brunch. Two cheese burgers, with bacon, fried onions, and a over medium egg. Just the protein kick we need in the morning...errr I mean afternoon.  I also want to get more of the siding done on the Little Arthur. I did one side (as you can see) and I started the front. My hands have been feeling better now that the weather is not so horrendous.
I was going to the gym today but I do not know if that is gonna happen now. I am still in my jammies. I think I will go tomorrow instead. S..if you see this..You can go if you are available!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


*282* lost those lbs I gained from carbfest

I want some luxury in my life. Hubs and I are in our 40s now and it is about time. We have decided that any luxuries are going to be for us now.
Fixing up the house would be the best luxury. And we want to do it but the money seems to keep leaking out for things that do not pertain to US. This weekend we are going to take a stand. I am going to do some calculations and print out some stuff. We are going to declare our right to spend our money on ourselves.
There is going to be some bitching and moaning but we will not give up. This is our right as middle aged people. Even if the luxury is to have enough money on a Thursday to afford a cup of coffee and the local newspaper.
I was resting a bit this morning before I finally had gotten up. I had a really bad dream and it got me to thinking. It is time for Fred and I to have things and not feel guilty.
One kid is working (and 22yrs old!) and the other will be 18 yr old at end of year. They can both pay for their own luxuries from now on. Youngest just needs to find a job. Those are hard to come by lately.
This is going to happen! I will keep you up to date on it.....

I am back on low carb for the 4 days. I am not feeling like I am going to rip anyones head off anymore. I got past the addiction to carbs stage.
I have lost the 3 lbs I gained and I am back at the gym. All is good in the world!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I want spaghetti!!!!!


I am jonesin for some carbs. It is worse this time then the first time we did this. I want toast. I want rice and beans. I want Spaghetti! I miss it oh so much. I used to make that slut`s spaghetti with the anchovies..yummy!
I will fight it. I have to. My blood sugars are not as normal now that I stopped taking the Actos. That means I have to work it girl. More exercising, no bad carbs,  no more sugar.  It is gonna be hard. I feel like a damn junkie. Please, just one bowl of ziti. I wont bother you again! Just some lasagna. PLEASE! Last night was good. Fred and I had leftovers of the hamburger soup, salad, and some chicken sausage. Everything tasted good.
Brunch was bacon and eggs.  Tonight is going to be steak, collard greens, (mac and cheese and corn..for Nat) and possibly a salad.
I used to eat pasta of some sort every week my entire life. I have my mother`s recipe for spaghetti sauce and I have nothing to put it on.

Just ignore my little rant for today. I will get over it.

I am going to work on the Arthur and hopefully have some pictures to post.