Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Feeling Halloweeny

  I am still feeling like shit but I am also starting to feel the Halloween spirit. We have two big pumpkins and two small ones. They are not gourds but just smaller in stature. I read that the weather this year was not good for pumpkins. They will be carved and have tea lights put in for the table on the front porch. I have to buy candy on Friday too. Kid #2 turns 22 next week too. She hasnt decided where she wants to go for her birthday dinner yet. It is a toss up between the casino and the new Texas Roadhouse. We shall see.

  My e
nergy has been really bad lately. I am blaming it on the October slide of fibro. If it gets worse or lags on, I will tell the Dr. I have a busy week medically coming up. I see my neuro on Friday, biannual ultrasound of thyroid on Monday, and gyn on Tuesday. Trying to get it all in before the end of the year. I saw the sleep dr last week. All is great on that end. 
See..Kid #1 came over to have me fix her earring. Just needed a plier job.

   My mi
nd wants to water all the houseplants, tidy up the front porch, dig hole and plant free hydrangea the neighbor gave me, and make jam. All those things wont happen. My legs have gotten weak lately and my energy levels suck ass. I will probably plant because I have a small window to do so. I will water the plants and tidy the porch..maybe. I just realized that I have to groom the dog too. she is in major need. Ugh.

So yeah, life is rolli
ng along and I am trying very hard to roll with it all. I am still breathing and a smart ass so that is a plus.

Monday, October 19, 2015

I am a class A shit head


    I said quite awhile ago that I would update. Of course my head has been up my ass so I did not do it. If I repeat shit, so be it. I have 15 min before I have to leave for therapy so I am not gonna read back what I have told already.  Blame it on Mame!

   The spinal tap said that I do have IH. I have been taking the diamox. I should be taking it twice a day but I only take it once. I have to squirrel away pills for the new year.  I think the Vit D is working for the diabetes. My blood sugars have been really good. The insulin is working more effectively. Less shots with meals. I am totally not on low sodium but I am watching what I eat. If something is too salty, I put it down. I have to go big shopping for all low sodium foods. So I am doing way better, I am just not a nun about it yet.

  Kid #2 and I have a appointment coming up in March to see a geneticist in Boston. We are on the cancellation list. I might ask them to break us up so that it would be easier to get us early.......
See..I gotta go now. I will post this and continue later..