Monday, February 28, 2011

What a dreary Monday

*283* I am determined to make that change!

Today is the last day of February. It is crappy outside today weather wise. Cold and raining. I wanted to start taking my walks but not now. That is a recipe for getting sick. I will just go to the gym as planned.
Fred and I are hoping back on the low carb saddle after a week of carb loaded debauchery. As you can see I gained some weight back. I deserve it. I did it to myself. My inches are still gone though so I do not want to ruin that! Yesterday I made a nice cheeseburger soup. Really good. Totally low carb and very filling. There are even leftovers for Fred to bring to work today. I am going to make a big bowl of salad for the fridge. I am going to chop the veggies for our snacks. And I am going to jump back on this. It was so easy to slide right back into eating those carbs. I feel like crap not because I feel guilty eating them..I feel bad physically because I ate them. My blood sugars are up. I can tell the difference and I do not like it.
So off to the gym this morning! Stair climber, treadmill, and weight machines!
Hopefully the weather will change more sooner so I can start walking the mile and then the 2 miles. My feet (heels) still bother me but not as badly. I have learned when to give my feet a break. I need to wear shoes that give my feet flip flops! That is when the pain started last year. I put flip flops on and a week later I was in agony. I think the combo of those and the walking did my tendons in.

Okay...going to finish up my coffee here in a bit and get moving! Have a great last day of February!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow is gone! And I am a bad bad girl


I found this picture up top looking for St. Patrick `s day pics. It is not exactly what I was looking for but I liked it. I have red hair and it is like Spring. Anything that has to do with making me want to lose weight and making me think of greener days..I am gonna like!

  We had a big long rainy day yesterday. I was so worried about the basement flooding again like last March. No flood yet. We will get one but most likely in the area where the sump pump is..that is normal winter melt. We are prepared though if it ever happens again. We bought a submersible pump and hose. It will help the sump pump on those rare occasions that we are inundated with water. A friend of mine asked me if I was going to return it after the frost to get my money back. I am not. Why am I going to dash to the hardware store every February in hopes that there are enough in supply. I have it.  One good thing out of the rain (still colder temps) is the snow is going away! Green is coming!
As you can see, I have gained some weight. After going to Cheesecake Factory..It went downhill from there. I had a carb loaded binge on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday. I decided on Friday that it was going to be the last day of it. Natalie is sick with a cold and she wanted a regular grinder for dinner. For those not from my neck of the woods,  a regular grinder is a Sub sandwich with cooked salami, provolone cheese,  lettuce, tomato, pepper and oil. It is so good it is sinful! Growing up here, you got a regular grinder for lunch on grinder day at school.
So my ass enjoyed every damn bite.
Today is a new day. At this moment, I am frying bacon for our breakfast. Bacon, and an eggy country scramble. Lots of cheese! LOL
Tonite we are having chicken wings, broccoli with cheese, and salad. Back on the saddle my friends.
I did gain a couple pounds but I am not heartbroken. I will just continue what I have been doing.

Now what the hell do I do with half an Oreo cheesecake that is in the fridge????

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great day yesterday but I am tired....

$198 shoes at Nordstroms


I took the picture of the shoe for a young friend of mine. She LOVES shoes. She has been collecting pictures of expensive ass shoes she wishes she could afford one day. She is going to nursing school so I told her some day she will!
 Yesterday we rented a car and went to Providence RI and outside of it. We left home at 1pm and made it home at 9pm. We spent a nice time with Fred`s family. I was so nervous because I was waiting for...something. But it never came. Everyone was nice and we all had a nice visit. We were there for about four hours. Unknown to me (or anyone) Fred started getting sick and dizzy. He never said a word when we left and then went to the Providence Place Mall. That place is big. The walking around in there is exercise in itself! I think it is 5 floors..? We had a nice big dinner in the Cheesecake Factory. Fred and I said all in for carbs last night. We even ate Oreo cookie cheesecake! We all ordered appetizers and shared. There was fried artichoke hearts (OMG!), quesadilla, Fried mac and cheese, and Vietnamese egg rolls (Yumm). We all had burgers..Chelsea had a portabello mushroom *burger*. We all enjoyed ourselves and the conversation. Fred drove home and let me know almost to the bridge (that is like 10 minutes from home) that he had been sick! Ugh..Men?!?!?!
 No exercise for me today. I am wiped out. Definitely going to the gym tomorrow. Need to work off the fried food I ate!

Dermatologist report for you all. I probably am repeating myself but I am too tired to check. LOL
She told me that my mole was inflamed and infected. She poked it a couple times with a needle and squeezed out all the pus. Then she gave me a script for antibiotics and a antibiotic cream for it. I have to go back in two weeks to check it. If it is fine, the mole stays. If it is not healed or pus filled has to go.
The thing on my neck is an infected skin tag. I have to use the same cream on that. Then she will cut off all of them for $100. So I got to scrape some money together. These fucking tags annoy me. Not even vanity wise..they get caught on necklaces so I cannot wear them, they get rubbed on shirts and then they bleed. They need to go!

Okay. I need to go now. I have a couple things to finish and then I am going to relax and rest my weary bones.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Exercised my booty off!


On Saturday I had an exercise partner. It was my friend, S. She has been reading here, she is a FB friend, and we knew each other in high school. It was very cool having someone (other that my kids) there to motivate. She probably does not think she did anything at all to help me but she did. I have no problem going to the gym by myself. There is just something about going with another person that pushes me to do all the exercises that I need to do. I was on the treadmill longer that usual and I showed her all the different machines to work your arms, stomach, and back.
It was good. I am hoping we do it again.

I found out that Netflix has exercise videos for instant viewing. Yoga, Pilates, Burning your buns or gut. I found a Yoga one that I really liked and I found a Shape magazine one for your butt that is good. I am still searching for others. On rainy or snowy days that I am not in the mood for the gym, I want to be able to do it at home.  If you have Netflix, just look online in your account. Type in pilates or yoga or strength training. Then you can add them to your instant queue from there. I could not find any when I browsed the Netflix on the tv.

Tonight I have some marinated Pesto Pork chops to cook and a salad. Nice big tossed salad. Yummy!

The death of a beauty mark


Imagine if Cindy Crawford`s beauty mark just disappeared one day. You would notice. It is a part of her face, her persona..who she is. Okay, not that deep but you get my point.
I have a two beauty marks or Moles..actually I have many but I am talking about the raised kind. One on my upper lip and the other on my right temple. They have been there as long as I can remember. After doing some reading, I found out that being born with them is rare. They show up when they show up in childhood. I may lose the one on my temple.
I noticed about a month ago that I could feel it. It wasnt necessarily sore..I was just more aware of it. I have been keeping tabs on it ever since. It did stop feeling like that for about a week and not it came back...painfully! It is red, swollen, and it hurts. Like when the air hits it!
 Let me back track a bit..last year I had what I thought was a pimple next to bridge of my nose and right eye. But it never went away. So I thought "Fucking great! I have a wart on my face!" But wart medicine would not make it go away. It started to itch and burn. I went to the derm, she cut it off, and told me that it was pre-cancerous. I had to be more vigilant from now on about marks and moles on my body.
 Now I am most likely going to lose my beauty mark tomorrow. I will let it go of course. I mean who would be stupid enough to keep something that could be a squamous or a melanoma. Hopefully!!!!! it will be another easy pre-cancerous thing that goes away after it is cut off. I just know that the bitch is gonna hurt like a motherfucker. I can just tell.
I also have some skin tags on my neck I want cut off. One is infected and the others keep catching on stuff. That will be enough for insurance to cover it.

Wish me luck all!
I think I am going to cry a teensy bit over this one.

Friday, February 18, 2011



The Endo took me off Actos!! That is so exciting. Actos is one of the diabetes pills that make you fat! I am soooo happy!
He is glad that we are embarking on a new way of eating. I have lost 11 lbs but in his notes to my current weight..I had actually gained 20 lbs since I last saw him which means I had gained over 30 lbs since I had last seen him! WTF!
 So this is a good thing. I have to keep an eye on my blood sugars and I am still on the Lantus (insulin), Metformin, and Januvia.  I wonder what my blood work is gonna say when he sees it?

I had to share but I have to go now. It is Friday and I have shit to do. I will be back another time for a longer post.
I thought I would just share in the HOORAY!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feels like Spring!


It is almost 60 deg F out today at 3pm. It has been a gorgeous and sunny day! I know it wont last though. Winter is still on the calendar so it could and probably will snow any day until and after March 20th. I was going to say that it was wonderfully peaceful here because Fred is at work, Chelsea is at work, and Natalie went to Boston for a few days......Chelsea just got home. Peace bubble has been busted! She is always noisy and always messy. She will huff and puff until I get off the computer.
  I have a few developments. One thing is I kinda did not take my insulin last night. The pens have to stay in the fridge until you use them the first time. Then you can leave them out of the fridge. So I leave mine in the upstairs bathroom. That way I do not have to worry about climbing the stairs if my feet are killing me. My whole body was killing me last night and I ran out of insulin in the pen. I usually would just bite the painful bullet and get a new one...but yesterday I just said Fuck it! I wanted to see what would happen today if I did not eat carbs without my insulin. And you know what? It is the same. It was about 170 this morning but all day long I have been checking and it has been under 110. ALL DAY! I have a feeling that I may not need the insulin anymore. But I am not going to do that right now.
I have a follow up appointment with my has been awhile. I want to talk to him about the low carb eating and the insulin. I am always worried that I am going to have a low blood sugar crash. It scares me because a couple times it got really really low. I want to see what he says.  How I should handle the insulin intake and the pill intake for that matter! All these meds I take actually make you gain weight. So if he starts deleting some of these meds, it will make it easier for me to drop the poundage.
Baby steps though. He may tell me to take more insulin! Who know? I just know that for today, my blood sugar is normal and I am not worrying about having hypoglycemia.

Oh well, I enjoyed a couple hours of solitude!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When is the next chocolate holiday?

That was our Valentine heart of chocolate. Russel Stover. You can buy something that big at Walmart for $20. Quite a steal for all that chocolatey goodness. It is looonngg gone. That shit does not last in this house. Not with three females. Hmmm.
Easter is the next chocolate holiday. So I have some time to really work on the losing. No more cakes on the horizon. Chelsea`s was the last one until October for Natalie`s birthday. YeeHaa! I survived. Chelsea`s cake was really good. It had apple in the batter and chopped walnuts around the edge. I needed it because I got my period today. I knew it was coming cause of that period tracker I told you about before. Anyway...
I am feeling better. Out of the bed. It is a bit chilly today though. I am glad we will be having a warm up soon. Warm tomorrow, Friday and possible Saturday. I am going to open windows and clean!
I will try to avoid the rest of the cake in the fridge. It may be a bit hard but I will do it. It is a vegan cake so there is no egg or butter but it is full of carbs! Do not want that. I have not even checked my blood sugar this morning.....217. That is not good. Not tragic but not good. Back on the low carb train!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my 1st born!


Today is Chelsea`s 22nd birthday. She is at work today until 5pm. I picked up her vegan hummingbird birthday cake downtown. She wants to go to this vegan chinese place that is like 20 minutes away. Fred and I are going to starve. We cannot eat rice, pasta, noodles, or congee. All the food is vegan! No beef. No pork. No chicken or fish! HUNGRY!
I am already hungry. I have been running on coffee since 7am. I took Miss Birthday Woman to the DMV today to renew her state ID. It was in the same damn city we are going to for dinner tonight. I just do not want to go that far away. I am still sick as a dog, we have an older car, and it is going to be 10 deg F outside. She wont here of it. We MUST go or WE ruined her birthday.
It was never like this when I was a did not demand shit for your birthday. You got what you got. A cake (if you were lucky), a present, and dinner at home. Ta-Da!
I am not going to start being a bitter bitch. I am just ill and I do not want to have to drive. Fred will say he is too tired to drive...which is a lie. He needs glasses to drive at night but wont admit it.

I have not gone to the gym all week because of feeling like shit. But I am sticking to eating healthy. Last night I was on my own for food.
So I threw together a baby spinach salad with sweet onions, capers, sunflower kernels, and fried shrimp. I seasoned the shrimp in salt, pepper, garlic powder and corn starch (not breading)..and fried in veggie oil till lightly browned. I tossed it all together with a balsamic Dijon vinaigrette. It was really good and I was not hungry for the rest of the night!
I will try to be a gracious birthday slave. I really really will. I just wish sometimes they would make their father do some of the grunt work. I have to give you a bright note though. Fred told Natalie that she needed to help me while I was ill because I do sooo much for her. She cleaned the livingroom and washed all the dishes! Then she made me grilled cheese. Yes, bread but I was starving and she is starting out cooking. It is something she is already really good at! LOL
Maybe she will be my little helper as I get older and older.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine`s Day!


I love Valentine`s day. And I am not one of those sappy bitches that hopes for diamonds and roses. I just like it because of the memories it gives me. Being a kid in school, wearing red, putting Valentines into the individual Valentine`s boxes of each child. I hear from parents that it is so not the same anymore and that is sad to me. Everything is done to protect the children. Next thing you know they will ban paper Valentine`s cause one kid got a paper cut! No wonder kids dont do shit anymore. They have no toughness. I had calluses on the heels of my feet when I was a kid from walking around most of the summer barefoot. I had shoes. I just chose to not wear them. Of course my feet are all jacked up now but that is okay. I hate high it is a win/win.
Back to Vday. We do not do anything special. Just say Happy Valentine`s Day..maybe a card and chocolates. Just show a little extra love...
I am still not feeling well. I was in bed all day yesterday. I figured I would air myself out today. I have a miniature article to write and turn in anyway. If I continue to feel like crap, I will go back to bed for third day. I need to remember that I have to make some phone calls.

I hope you get what you wanted today. A flower, a candy, a card, or just a bit of love.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick Day

I am sorry but I was distracted with stuff on Friday and sick yesterday and sicker today. I do not have a cold because my nose is not stuffy or running. But my ears hurt, my throat hurts, headache, and just general feeling like shit. I stayed in bed most of the day yesterday. I am going to do a few things downstairs this morning and I am going to see if the Dayquil kicks in. If it does not, back to bed for me!
I have noticed that since I quit smoking, I do not get as sick as I used to. It does not last as long. And when it is a cold, it does not go to the point of bronchitis like before. I still have a crappy immune system and I will still get sick more than others..all my life. But it is better. Quitting smoking was the absolute smartest thing I have done recently.

I am done..this is a short one for today. I did lose another definite stay away pound! Even though Fred and I ate some carbs on Friday.
Long story..I will talk about it tomorrow.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Russel Stovers is laced with Crack!


All I am saying is I put the heart box of chocolates really really high on the tippity top shelf so that I would have difficulty getting it down. That is all I am saying..LOL  Chocolate is evil. Evil I say!

I am going to go to the gym today and work off some frustration. I am a bit pissed off at someone. Not getting into details because it isn't anyone that any of you know, just someone from RL. This person is just a major annoyance and I have to figure out how to extricate them from my life with the least amount of drama. So I think the stair climber and the treadmill will help me figure things out. I have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles tomorrow. I was going to go today but I changed my mind. I think I will do my Friday errands today so I will be free to do the dreaded DMV tomorrow. Chelsea and Natalie need to do some business there. I am hoping to get them out of the house early so we can get it done. But I just know that one of them will take her sweet assed time getting ready. And telling me how she does not want to be told what the fuck to do! grrrr! Women!
So off to the gym after I wake up the kid. I wanted to take a walk today but it is way too cold for me to do that. I can handle walking when it is in the 30s but in the 20s is too much for me. My walking time will come soon enough.

Last night I made Mock Mashed potatoes with Cauliflower. I found the recipe on Food Network online and I thought I would share with you all.

*Mock* Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Recipe courtesy George Stella, Food Network


  • 1 medium head cauliflower
  • 1 tablespoon cream cheese,  softened
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan
  • 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1/8 teaspoon straight chicken base or bullion (may substitute 1/2 teaspoon salt)
  • 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon chopped fresh or dry chives, for garnish
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter


Set a stockpot of water to boil over high heat.
Clean and cut cauliflower into small pieces. Cook in boiling water for about 6 minutes, or until well done. Drain well; do not let cool and pat cooked cauliflower very dry between several layers of paper towels.
In a bowl with an immersion blender, or in a food processor, puree the hot cauliflower with the cream cheese, Parmesan, garlic, chicken base, and pepper until almost smooth.
Garnish with chives, and serve hot with pats of butter.
Hint: Try roasting the garlic and adding a little fresh rosemary for a whole new taste.

 Now I had to tweek it a bit because I did not have certain things in the house, plus Chelsea wanted some so I made it Vegan. I used vegan cream cheese, margarine, garlic, veggie bouillon base, black pepper, and I actually had a big sprig of rosemary in the kitchen. I grow chives in the back yard but it is 20 deg F so that was a no go.
After I prepared it and served..I topped mine with a dollop of sour cream. OMG! This is so good! You will love it and it is low low carb. It will not add to your waistline or your blood sugar.

I served chicken sausages and tossed salad with this. Balanced low carb dinner until we broke out the chocolate.
I will be to the gym for me!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hate Men! But I love Macys


Fred potbelly stomach has practically disappeared! WTF! I know I know..Men lose weight and inches faster then women. We are regulated by our hormones.  Blah Blah Blah! He said, Look at me..I am svelte.
 I know we are not having a competition. I know we are doing this for our health so it is a good thing, I am glad. But I am also a bit pissy cause I still have this huge fucking gut. It has gone down but I could never ever call myself svelte! I need to step up my game. I have to stop giving into some of the foods that I am working on avoiding. Valentine`s day is coming and I bought a big old heart of Russel Stover Chocolates. The thing that I said I was not going to buy..I bought. It is up high on the shelf. I want to wait until next week to open it. We will see if that even happens.
His shirts are bagging, his pants are hanging..It is not fair!
I am being a whining bitch about it. I want to see more results. I need to step it up as I have said. I need to exercise more. The streets are practically clear. I should start walking in the cold. I think that is the plan. Tomorrow!
  Macys had their annual winter clearance sale today. There were racks and racks and racks of 75% off stuff. I was getting a bit dizzy because I did not know where to look next. Natalie and I bought some excellent deals for practically nothing at all. We bought some kids coats for a friend`s sons. $7 a piece! Originally $65 a piece. I love when shit like that happens! Fred took the car to work. I so want to go back but I am sort of glad he took the car. I did not want to go and overspend.

Okay, I feel better. Rant about Fred`s sessy body is over.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dressing up feels good


I had a Dr appointment today and I decided to dress up a bit. I have gotten out of the fatty rut of dressing dumpy. When you feel bad about your physical self, you tend to dress like you are do not want to be seen. All black clothes styled by Omar the tent maker. I will never wear tight clothes in the condition I am in but I have been adding more color. I have a long fuchsia scarf I wear when it is really cold out. You cannot miss me with that on. I have started wearing different colored winter hats, I have been braiding my hair or even letting it go long, and I have colored my hair red!
 So today I wore a bright peacock blue flouncy shirt that hung down onto my thighs with black leggings, and my kicky black winter boots. I looked good! I felt good! Since it was warmish today I even wore my dressy denim jacket.
 I think what I am trying to point out is that the more weight and inches that i lose, the better I feel, so being I lose more inches and weight. It is a good cycle!
Of course when  I got home, I got into my t-shirt and comfy sweats, with slippers! LOL. I have housecleaning to do and do not want to mess up my couture. I like the way I have been feeling. I do not have to strain to put clothing on anymore. I hated that when it started happening. Now that is gone. I know I can work this and lose so much more.
Last night I made carne asada and pico de gallo for dinner for Fred and I. There is enough leftover that I am going to have it for dinner again tonite. YummY!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine`s Day...What the hell do I do??


I am trying to figure out what to do for Valentine`s Day. We always sort of celebrate it as a family because Chelsea `s birthday is actually the day after.  There was a place that actually made heart shaped pizzas when she was in elementary school.
Anyway... I usually buy a HUGE box of chocolates that go on the table for all of us to share. That would be our shared Valentine...fatness!  I do not want to do that anymore. I am losing inches and I want to keep that trend.
They are not going to want to eat Sugar Free chocolates..they are so good by the way.  I am just trying to figure it out. We do not do flowers because they grow in my yard in the Spring. That is much better to see after a long winter. I always give food for love. That is how I was taught. If you cook something wonderful, or give something are showing that you love that person even more because you took the time to do it. I know there are alot of fat haters out there that think that people that use food as a extension of their love are sick individuals (i have read it..they are out there!) but I do not give a shit what they think. I honed my craft of cooking to share with my family. I didn't do it just because I felt like messing up my kitchen.
I dont know. Easter is going to be hard too. Gosh. I usuallymake a very large Easter bread for Easter Sunday Morning. HUGE! It is soooo good. Look it up and you will see what I am talking about. Things have to change and some of the best parts of my favorite times of the year revolve around food that I should not eat.
I will just brainstorm my ass off....Any suggestions are appreciated!

No SuperBowl but plenty of Sex

*283* (I actually weigh 281 but it could be a hormonal fluctuation so I will just leave it as it is.)

Fred went to his friend`s house yesterday from 3pm-10pm for the SuperBowl. All I know is that some of the commercials were hilarious and Fergie sucked ass. I did not have to cook for anyone. I did not have to super clean the house for guests. I actually took a nap and watched the Law and Order SVU marathon. I love SVU. I could watch a marathon once a month if they offered it. I also flipped back and forth with the Sex and the City marathon. E! has started showing the series and I have to say that I am very happy about that. When Sex became syndicated and went to TBS they chopped it up and did not show many of the episodes. It angered me because I loved it when it was on HBO. So now I am getting to watch it again! They have bleeped out the swears instead of completely cutting out the scene. They did (of course) cut out all the gratuitous sex scenes but asses are in and shading is used where a scene should stay but penis should not. I am actually so happy! LOL
 Off to the gym today for me today. I have to pick up Natalie in an hour and a half,  she has a quick stop to make, and then I will take her  home to change. I want to be sweating my ass off today and I will not be ashamed of a little stomach jiggle in the process.

This is one of Fred`s favorite commercials from last night. I think it is really cute.

I am off now. Going to make breakfast and chop some ice. It is 42 deg F right now and going to get a bit warmer.

Sunday, February 6, 2011



It is gorgeous out there today! The sun is out and it is in the 40s! And it is only 9am. This is a good SuperBowl Sunday. Even though I hate football.
I have gained a pound but I have lost. I really have lost. We have a galley kitchen. And our fridge door opens the wrong way. You have to get behind it to get into it. (I cannot wait to get a new fridge!). So for the past few months, my ass and gut have gotten to the point that two fat asses could not pass each other or they could not pass me in the kitchen. And when I went to get stuff out of the fridge, my gut was in the way of the door opening and closing. I think that was partly one of my turning points for all of this. If I cannot even fit to get into the box that is making me fat..OMG!
Well, yesterday I really noticed it. The door does not brush up against my stomach like it used it. In fact, it does not brush up against it at all. And Fred was able to pass me in the galley kitchen! And he remarked about it. He said that he can tell that I have lost some of the chunk in my face and in my neck/chest area.  Natalie says that I probably have not lost a tremendous amount of weight because I am doing it slow and I am building muscle. I notice I can walk farther, I can bend over without it being an issue...and I can get my shoes ON! No acrobatics!
 I still have a long way to go. The tub still bothers me but I have been working on my arms so I have been stronger getting out of the tub.
 Today I am going to finish cleaning up the downstairs, I am going to figure out what to make for dinner tonight, and work on my half scale Arthur Dollhouse.
I might even spend a bit of time digging out the Jeep! It is getting warmer and it will all melt away! LOL
The big threats of snow for Tuesday and Thursday have been lowered to Rain on Tuesday and Snow showers on Thursday. THANK YOU JESUS! I hope we are turning a wintery corner.

I am going to enjoy some Netflix later on while you all are watching the footyball. TTFN.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Carbs are Bad Bad Bad! Naughty Carbs!


  I have learned two lessons. I learned about carbohydrates in general. It had been almost three years since I had seen a nutritionist so I forgot the lingo. I wanted to make sure I was not leading anyone astray.
Simple carbohydrates are smaller molecules of sugar unlike the long chains in starch. For example the individual sugars themselves -glucose , fructose and galactose , or two sugars bonded together ( disaccharides ).  and concentrated sweets: All carbohydrates can be broken down into glucose in the body. Some carbohydrates have a simple structure that easily breaks down into glucose . They are commonly called sugars.

Complex Carbohydrates as their name implies, are more complex. They are long chains of sugar molecules linked together and they're also known as starches. Pasta, breads, rice, root vegetables, fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and etc. The complex carbohydrates in vegetables,  fruits, and grains have sustained the human race since there was a human race, what we have difficulty in dealing with is the onslaught of simple carbs found in white flour, sugar and fructose.

This is helping me. It is letting me have more choices. 

The second thing I learned is I need to stick to the plan, man! Our tax refund came into the bank on Friday. I went shopping with Fred and the girls..It was a Target day! LOL I was getting tired. My feet were hurting. I KNEW that Heidi was NOT cooking dinner. They wanted to eat Thai food. So I relented and we went. I order Beef Pad Thai. It was good...oh sooo good! I came home and did some stuff like I usually do but I started getting tired. I took my blood sugar. It was 301! It has never gone above 150 at all since I started this. So my body protested. I felt like utter shit the rest of the night. It really does not help that I fucked up in the morning when Fred and I went to breakfast. I wanted to have Corned Beef Hash with two over easy eggs on top. No potatoes. I was keeping the toast but Fred and I were going to share. So we would each get one slice.  When they set the plate down, I instantly realized that hash is FULL of potatoes! Teeny tiny potatoes but still..I ate every bite. 
Washing hands..That day is gone. New start. Pick myself up. I learned a lesson!

I bet you wanna know what I bought huh? I never get to go shopping anymore because of this rotten economy so when I get to just buy something..It makes me extremely happy. I hope you do not think this is bragging cause I do not want it to be. I just want to share cause I got to SHOP! WooHoo!

I replaced two kitchen items, our microwave and our food processor. I bought our microwave about 9 years ago. It had a good run. The buttons started dying about 2 years ago but you could still use it. I am frugal that way. I will not give up the ship until it is sunk. It sank. When you would heat something up, the rotating plate internals made this loud scraping sound. So I bought a smaller one and it is RED! (favorite color). Emerson 900 Watt Microwave Oven. I paid $20 less for it so I think they need to update unless the sale price ended yesterday. I like it. The other thing I replace was our food processor. We use that thing practically everyday so it is a MUST in this house. About five years ago, my neighbor bought it for me for Christmas. Thursday the Oliver knocked it off the kitchen counter. The insides made a rattling sound. It is dead. So I splurged big time. I usually go for the cheapest but not worst but this time I wanted what I wanted! LOL I got a Kitchen Aide Food processor.  I have not even taken it out of the box yet!! I need to clean my kitchen and do some re-organizing. 
Except for the carb snafu, everything is good. It is not going to snow today..just some late day showers. THANK GOD!!
I am off to eat my low carb breakfast and then some cleaning!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Time for some more SNOW!


It is 7:35am est and it is 21 deg F (But feels colder) outside. I just went out in my pj pants and slippers and started the car. It is Friday and I have my bullshit Mom errands to run.  The belt to the heater on the car is making a noise..Fred is going to have his mechanic friend fix it tomorrow.  I had to drive cold yesterday but in the evening I tested it and it did not make the noise. That does not mean it does not need fixin..just I did not freeze my ass off!
I do not go to the gym on Fridays because I have too much going on and only so much energy. I have to get dressed for one thing..LOL I do not do the grocery store in jammie pants and slippers.
The bank, pharmacy, grocery store and the co-op. We were supposed to go to DMV today to renew Chelsea`s id and get Natalie one (Chelsea does not want her license..she is a big frightened of driving herself..that could change)..Natalie wants to drive but we are making her wait till she is 18 (end of the year).  But since we had crappy weather ALL week..Chelsea has to work today instead of having it no DMV.
 I think I will go to Sally`s to see if I can find a nice pair of pants for myself.
If we do not get too much snow on Saturday..I will go to the gym on Sunday. Tomorrow is busy with housecleaning and taxes!
Okay..time to change clothes and I am off!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eating my Jello


   I spent part of my day chipping away at the ice and snow on the Jeep, I cleaned out both silverware drawers, and I went downtown this afternoon to order Chelsea`s birthday cake. I feel like I accomplished sooo much! LOL I did not go to the gym though. I had shoveled so much the past couple days hat I am in so much pain (legs and arms). I will go on Sunday if the snow we get on Saturday is not too bad.  My hands have been hurting but nothing to be alarmed about. I think it is the cold outside that is bothering them.
   I ate bread today. Gasp! I have been sticking to the plan but I am also human. Breakfast today (for fred and I) was a very large, nicely seasoned ground chicken burger, with one slice of bacon, gouda cheese, and a fried egg on top. It was gooooood!
Then I did all that shoveling and breaking ice and cleaning the kitchen. So about an hour ago, Natalie and I had Campbell`s Chicken Noodle soup (i think it said 8 carbs) and a grilled cheese sandwich. I just finished my sugar free Jello.
  I need to step up the exercise! I know the reason my stomach seems smaller IS because of all the shoveling that I have been doing. After spending 2 hours doing it yesterday, my stomach muscles hurt. In a good way. :)
 Slow and Steady wins the race. More chipping away tomorrow, doing our friend`s taxes on Saturday, and I get peace on Sunday...It is the Super Bowl! He will be gone all evening!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



  Everything outside is covered in a nice layer of ice..or should I say a bad layer of icePhil the groundhog did not see his shadow today so that means EARLY SPRING!!!!!!
 I am so sick of winter. It just needs to pack it`s bags and go. And DO NOT flood my basement this year. But it is gonna happen regardless of what I have to say. We have a sump pump so it is all good. When our state refund goes into the bank, we are going to buy one of those submersible pumps that do double time with the basement water. We had bad flooding last March. That is the worse basement flooding I had ever seen and we have lived here 13 years. But some people that never had flooding at all were shocked to their core when they went into their basements. Now every time we have a big rain, we all think the basement is gonna flood again. It is like we are a bit shell shocked from it. 
*Looking out the window* I hope Fred decides to keep his ass at home if it is still dangerous out there later on. He won`t. Stubborn ass.
 He told me last night that he is going to start working three 12 hour shifts a week starting next week, 9am-9pm (then a three 12s and one 8 the following week).  He is not going to be pleasant to be around but hopefully his body will get used to it. I will have to get used to not having him around. Kind of sad.....
 No gym for this chica today. The parking lot where the gym resides is NEVER taken care of properly in inclement weather. NEVER. It is probably an ice skating rink right now. That is another reason why I cannot wait until Spring. I can go to the gym when I want AND I can walk the neighborhood. I will probably start after the Snows stop and it is not icy anymore.
Last night I made some Szechuan beef with broccoli. It was really good. I was full and did not need the rice that you would normally have with it.  Chelsea made the marinade so I only know it had orange juice and soy sauce in it..LOL So I will ask her and I will post the recipe for the marinade. I just used local stew beef. It was really tender. The citrus helps tenderize the meat. I made enough for Fred to take to work tonight. I hope he forgets it..hehehe
  I still wish I would lose weight faster but I understand what some of you have said to me here and in other places. I need to just take it as it comes. It will come off if I am doing the work. I know! I know! LOL
Valentine`s day is gonna be tough but I can do it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February better be better then January!

February 1...Rabbit Rabbit!
I am so sick to death of all the snow! It is keeping me from the gym or from walking outside. IT SUCKS! I went to the gym on Sunday with Natalie and her bestie Raymond. We had a good time. I felt the burn. LOL Then we had shit to do yesterday because of the storm that is here today. Ugh.
 I want more weight loss then I am getting. I need to step up the exercise. I could do the Just Dance in the house. I have to be able to do both, eat better and work the fudge off. LOL

  Yesterday I had taco salad with nachos. I wanted them and I did not want to deny myself. I am not feeling guilty. I do not want to fall into that trap about food. I want to learn to eat better to keep my blood sugars in check so I can lower my insulin intake so that the weight can drop off! The insulin is one of the reasons it is so hard to lose the weight. I have to work even extra harder. But I have some great news to report.
I can tell that my stomach is smaller. It looks it and my pants fit better. I think it is the extra water bloat that I was carrying around. It makes me happy. It is giving me the drive to continue to work at losing it. I just want to see the results faster. You know?

I think I am going to make a big pot of soup, guilt Fred into staying home from work today because the roads are very dangerous (i have heard from others in my city), and work on the Little Arthur dollhouse. She has been neglected these past few weeks. I am going to finish the trim today, and start on the siding, I also have to put the porch roof on.  I hope that our wires do not get burdened by ice and we lose electricity. That would SUCK!  I should have called this post SUCK! ROFL
I am just a big complainer and I am not the only one. I am not used to this old fashioned winter that we are getting. This is the shit of the last century. When they had sleds to get around. Sounds like a plan, huh? The jeep`s battery is dead so Fred never bothered to dig it out of the snow. So now I am going to have to do it. I do not want some rogue cop coming down our little quiet dead end street and giving us a ticket for having our vehicle parked in front of our own house. And it could fucking happen. That is my city! They bend the rules for those that they know and screw the rest of us..and then tell us we have no right to complain.
Okay, I have to make breakfast now. I am getting sick of eggs ya`ll. I need to think of other breakfast options that have protein in them.
2nd cup of coffee first!