Saturday, March 22, 2014

I heart houseplants

 She cost me one whole $1. She was on the dead to me table at the grocery store. She is a succulent, she is over watered, her flowers need to be trimmed and she needs to sit dormant here near the computer for about a month. Wish her luck! My other unwanted plants are thriving. I missed having alot of houseplants. I used to have about 30 at one time. They did really well. But they all got old. Died one at a time. I was dealing with my sickmess <---misspelled purposely. I have been picking up plants here and there. So far so good.

  The biopsy came back clean. It was just a lipoma. The stitches are out and I will never wear that particular shirt to a Dr visit again. It was a spring shirt. My cleavage was not spilling out but it was more skin (arms, neck) I guess that this P.A could handle. He kept looking at the girls. He was not able to hide it. Made me feel a little dirty...LOL I actually went home to change. It is not warm enough for it. I stopped at a consignment shop in that town. I scored! $25 for a Coach wallet and $5 for a Worthington house dress. That wallet goes for 3x that in the Coach outlet. My Coach collection is complete for now.

  It is a gloomy day today. I am going to do some general cleaning, make the blood orange marmalade (i bought some more), and Kid #2 wants us to bleach her hair. I am also doing our world famous baked chicken wings. I have been craving it.
That is about it for now. Life is okay.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

House of Miniature addiction?


  I love these little kits. They are from the 1970s-80s. They are not made anymore but so mass produced that you can find unopened kits for sale. I will never pay more than $20 for a kit. If it is super rare, than I guess I do not need to own it. I also bought a Hepplewhite Cellarette and a dumb waiter. I am saving them to use in my Pomeroy dollhouse. These kits will be cherry to build. They will look great in the house. I am actually excited about building again. Those of you that do not build dollhouses for pleasure would have to equate it to buying shoes or having another satisfying hobby. I have been on a hiatus since the banks crashed. I just did not have any extra to use. Geez. I was scared to spend $20 on something cause it could break my meager budget.  Life is not as hard as it was but it is still not easy. I can spend $20 or less here and there for goodies for the hobby that I love but abandoned.

   Last day of Winter today. I have been doing laundry plus puttering. The Man and I took another walk this morning. I want to build my stamina for when it gets warmer out. I want the walking to be an every day routine. If it is raining...I have not decided. I do not have raingear for that. We shall see. I know I will have to get a new pair of sneakers soon. You have to change them out every couple of months so you have stability.

 Gotta is time to start getting dinner started. Tilapia, spanish rice, and asparagus..Yummy!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patrick`s Day 2014


  Happy St Paddy`s Day to you all. I hope you have a luscious meal and don't get too drunk on Car Bombs and Guinness.  I have two flat cut corned beefs in the crock pot. I am partly using this recipe.
 I am using the glaze part where it is put in the oven. In the slow cooker, I have added 2 cups of apple juice, half cup of Bragg`s apple cider vinegar, 1 cup brown sugar, and a few squirts of Dijon mustard. I am also going to make Southern cabbage and roasted potatoes. It is in no way a traditional SPD dinner but it will be good as hell!

 Taxes are done! I used Turbo tax. I was able to do the HSA paperwork on there, it cost me only $25 and we owe $21! That is wayyyy less then what H&R Block told us. I procrastinated that shit for a couple weeks cause I knew I would have to finagle that HSA form (legally) and pay a large amount of money. I just pulled the band-aid and did it. I feel good getting that out of the way.

 I have really been trying to make my life for the better. I have been so complacent lately with the food. I have been walking but I need to step up my game. I added Myfitnesspal back on my phone so that I can be more accountable to myself with my choices that effect my body. I started it again yesterday. I had to adjust the amount of calories, carbs, and sugars. 1500 calories a day is good for me. It is not too much or too little. After I finish this, I am going to change to go on a mile walk around the neighborhood. My headphones died so I will have to listen to nature instead.
Keeping up with saying no. I had a couple slip ups but otherwise I am doing well. I actually got some help around the house...unsolicited. You could have knocked me over with a feather. One day at a time!

Have a great start to your week...think warm Spring thoughts!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Door Mat! not me.

Ruby Red Grapefruits/Blood Oranges

  I had already had plans to make some more ruby red grapefruit jam for my friend, A when I stumbled on these Blood oranges that were $3 per lb. Score! They sell these for 2 for $3 at the regular grocery. I am happy. I was thinking I couldn't afford to do a batch this year.

  I have said this before..I am a door mat to my children. Even the child that isnt even mine. They have me so wrapped that I catch myself buying them luxuries that they cant afford. One works part time with not a living wage. One is doing a side job for pettance and my non child has no job at all. But they all live here completely free and clear. Feeling they have the right to demand stuff but not earning their keep monetarily or house wise. I had a long talk with the man today. I have finally decided that I have had enough. I am not spending one dime on them. They will have to buy all their luxuries. How ever they can. I started today. One asked me how much money I had..I snapped back *none of your business*. They wanted me to buy something they did not have the money for. I said, *sorry, I do not have any money for that*.
  I know it is going to be hard for me but I have to do this. I have not been able to save any money this year because I am shitting part of it away on them. I am done with that. If I want to have something to eat, I will go out and get it. If I want to get eyebrows threaded or walk the mall...I will go on my own. They WILL be mad at me. Doors will be slammed. But they are 25, almost 21, and 20 (21 end of year). They really need to stop sucking off the teet and I really need to stop allowing it.

  This is going to be something I will talk about along the way. I just have to go cold turkey with this. I am going to get a door knob kit with a lock for my closet door. I will put my change jar and cash in there. If I do not have cash...I cannot give it to them. There is no stealing going on but there may be temptation if Mom doesn't buy cigs.

  Hubs and I have decided this will be two fold. First I will cut them off from their luxuries. Then in a couple months, if that does not make them seek better work, we will tell them they have to pay rent. Yes! I am going to make them grow up. Pay rent, do housework, do yardwork, help the family while you are staying here. Free rides are coming to a end.

  There will be some silent treatments, hissy fits, slammed know..all the stuff adults do when they are told to act like true adults. I have always caved because I did not want to be hated and ignored. That is just something I will get over with the help of my Love and my therapist.

 Wish me luck. Hubs is already a hard ass so he doesnt need any help.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Do not itch the stitch

Karl Lagerfeld Paris March 2014


   I posted that pic from the Karl Lagerfeld show because I thought it was cool. And because I do not want to instantly freak you out with my incision picture. It is nsfb <---not safe for breakfast. I did not realize that the surgeon was going to do actual surgery in the office. I thought it was like just below the skin. Oh no no Nanette! He had to cut through all the the picture will show forthwith. The surgeon was good and nice. He took out the tumor which he said was a lipoma. Because of it`s size, it still has to be biopsied. He also fixed a varicose vein that was near the tumor. I have five stitches and I go back on Friday to have them taken out plus find out results of the biopsy. I am glad that it is what it is and  I can stop stress eating. I have a picture because I told him how Kid #2 had wanted to see but couldnt come. He had his assistant take a couple snaps so she could. This is why I have this grossness to share.
 You wanna see the picture now?

Lipoma tumor taken from my thigh

 He  neglected to give me a script for the pain I endured on Friday and Saturday. I called early Friday morning for them to call something in. Every time I sat down or got up..I yelped. The covering peeled off so Fred had to fix that. I was a assy mess..LOL
 The sad part is the Dr said it was all set meaning it was called in, but it wasnt. He was gone so I just had to deal. I survived. The stitches are itchy today but I will preoccupy so that I do not touch. That would be bad. The incision just stopped hurting.
  All is well otherwise. We had some snow showers this morning. I miss that hour of sleep we lost. And I have to make a batch of grapefruit jam for my friend. I want to do today but we shall see. Lazy might take over. I do have some plants that need repotting and it is warm enough now. So much to do, just little ole me.
  I will let you all know if it is anything serious but it probably isnt. Happy Monday!

Monday, March 3, 2014

I am tired

This post has been sitting here for about a hour. That is how tired I am. I go for my biopsy of my leg lump this Thursday. I will update if I know anything. We didmt get any snow yesterday or today. Yay! I am cleaning house, cookimg breaded mushrooms, and basically vegetatimg. I woke up with hot flashes while sleeping. I couldmt wear my mask so I had a rough sleep. This is why tired.
 But I wanted to check in. I am here....just gotta take a siesta later.