Saturday, March 22, 2014

I heart houseplants

 She cost me one whole $1. She was on the dead to me table at the grocery store. She is a succulent, she is over watered, her flowers need to be trimmed and she needs to sit dormant here near the computer for about a month. Wish her luck! My other unwanted plants are thriving. I missed having alot of houseplants. I used to have about 30 at one time. They did really well. But they all got old. Died one at a time. I was dealing with my sickmess <---misspelled purposely. I have been picking up plants here and there. So far so good.

  The biopsy came back clean. It was just a lipoma. The stitches are out and I will never wear that particular shirt to a Dr visit again. It was a spring shirt. My cleavage was not spilling out but it was more skin (arms, neck) I guess that this P.A could handle. He kept looking at the girls. He was not able to hide it. Made me feel a little dirty...LOL I actually went home to change. It is not warm enough for it. I stopped at a consignment shop in that town. I scored! $25 for a Coach wallet and $5 for a Worthington house dress. That wallet goes for 3x that in the Coach outlet. My Coach collection is complete for now.

  It is a gloomy day today. I am going to do some general cleaning, make the blood orange marmalade (i bought some more), and Kid #2 wants us to bleach her hair. I am also doing our world famous baked chicken wings. I have been craving it.
That is about it for now. Life is okay.

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