Monday, March 10, 2014

Do not itch the stitch

Karl Lagerfeld Paris March 2014


   I posted that pic from the Karl Lagerfeld show because I thought it was cool. And because I do not want to instantly freak you out with my incision picture. It is nsfb <---not safe for breakfast. I did not realize that the surgeon was going to do actual surgery in the office. I thought it was like just below the skin. Oh no no Nanette! He had to cut through all the the picture will show forthwith. The surgeon was good and nice. He took out the tumor which he said was a lipoma. Because of it`s size, it still has to be biopsied. He also fixed a varicose vein that was near the tumor. I have five stitches and I go back on Friday to have them taken out plus find out results of the biopsy. I am glad that it is what it is and  I can stop stress eating. I have a picture because I told him how Kid #2 had wanted to see but couldnt come. He had his assistant take a couple snaps so she could. This is why I have this grossness to share.
 You wanna see the picture now?

Lipoma tumor taken from my thigh

 He  neglected to give me a script for the pain I endured on Friday and Saturday. I called early Friday morning for them to call something in. Every time I sat down or got up..I yelped. The covering peeled off so Fred had to fix that. I was a assy mess..LOL
 The sad part is the Dr said it was all set meaning it was called in, but it wasnt. He was gone so I just had to deal. I survived. The stitches are itchy today but I will preoccupy so that I do not touch. That would be bad. The incision just stopped hurting.
  All is well otherwise. We had some snow showers this morning. I miss that hour of sleep we lost. And I have to make a batch of grapefruit jam for my friend. I want to do today but we shall see. Lazy might take over. I do have some plants that need repotting and it is warm enough now. So much to do, just little ole me.
  I will let you all know if it is anything serious but it probably isnt. Happy Monday!

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