Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More coffee is an option

Dinner Delights!

      Just to let you know, I have had to get up super early the past few days. I am about to get my 2nd cup of Joe as I type....... The coil broke on the Nissan. It is getting fixed this week but in the mean time, I have been driving the man to his new first shift job...the alarm goes off at 530am. <-----I call bullshit! LOL
   He loves the job. He is around all guys, he is moving, getting exercise, and the day ends early. We are losing an extreme amount of money because of the job change. We will figure it out and survive as best we can. He can try to transfer to another job in six months. I am so glad that he is happy at his job. I am just sad that it is not more money.
   I will have to bring back my frugal skills of yore. I cried for a bit but I am better now. I have to start trimming the fat.   I think cable tv is a goner for us. I will keep internet but cannot afford the cable. There is alot to take in. I learned I can turn the furnace off to save oil. We can switch it on when showers and dishes need to be done.
 So much has gone on. Kid #1 is leaving in June for Cali for a internship for a couple months. Kid #2 is spreading her wings and moving in with friends temporarily until the Fall or sooner. She will be within walking distance. Unofficial Kid #3 has not said anything. He has no place to go. I am hoping if he stays here, he will give us some rent plus help around the house. Otherwise, he will need to go too. But that is just talk right now. I could actually be a empty nester this summer! Like a test to see if I can handle it. Challenge accepted.

  Yesterday I had my MRI on my neck. I was given a pill called Serax which is actually a benzo. I had a mild case of hives from it. It was determined I was okay so we proceeded with the scan. I was loopy, they made me comfy with pillows, headphones (music), and warm wash cloth over my eyes. I could have fell asleep in that thing if it wasnt for the noise. I have a disc to give to my neuro. It is too early now but I will call later to make a follow up appt to see what is up.

  My treat for my shitty couple of weeks is a lobster. They were on sale for $4.99 per lb. I got one that was slightly over 3 lbs. It was boiled last night. It is in my fridge awaiting my ideas for it. I could just be carnal...slightly heat it and eat it with butter. Or I could make a nice cold salad. Or something else..I have not decided. I know I just said I have to cut back on the budget but for this one time, I decided that I wanted this for ME and all the things I cried over this past week. A decadent food that doesnt require insulin! SCORE!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter from me to you!

*250*<---yeah,  I am okay with the 5lb gain for now. Stress eating

   I got a ham cooking in the oven Martha Stewart style. This is her Pork show on Martha Stewart cooking school. Of course they do not show the whole show. But if you can find it, she shows the whole way that she cooks a ham from start to finish. I am going to glaze my ham with the ruby red grapefruit jam that I have made. A suggestion from a friend. The ham has been cooking for almost two hours. After that, it will cool. I will score it, dot it with cloves, and glaze it. That will cook for about an hour. I have potato salad done. I have to make mac and cheese, deviled eggs, garlic green beans, roasted asparagus, and rolls.  I made cupcakes for dessert.

 I started this on Sunday but got distracted with the cooking and eating. So here I am, two days later to finish this bitch. It is more Spring like here in CT and all the bulbs are coming up. It is good. I put almost all the houseplants out. I have a Mother in Laws tongue that has to be repotted so that one will stay inside for now. Someone gave it to me in a sad state two years ago. It has over grown the pot and wants to be a floor plant now. I also have a couple rooted cuttings (spider plant and philodendron) that have to be potted also. One thing at a time.

 I did see that new neurologist last week. I liked him and his office. I have good news and bad news. I have been quietly dealing with electric shock feelings in my hands and sometimes my feet. I have been fumbled fingered and I drop shit on a regular basis. I will have numbness and tingling of feet and hands while awake or in bed. It does not happen every day though. I was thinking that I finally had Diabetic neuropathy. They did a  nerve conductive study on my arms and legs. He came back to tell me that my nerves are perfect. There is nothing wrong with them and that they are like the nerves of a non diabetic. This is excellent news. Very very good. Then he says the same thing my GP said...I think it is your neck. They wanted to do a MRI right there in the office but because of my insurance, I have to wait to do it in the hospital. That is for next Tuesday. My neck. It could be so many things. I do not want to speculate. So yeah....what the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I keep getting these catastrophic ailments?
 I have been taking Advil. It actually seems to help with the pain at the base of my neck and head. Plus I do not have any tingling so maybe it has to do with inflammation of some sort. I will let you know. All I know is if I can avoid surgery, I will.

 Hubs started working first shift today. I am making a special dinner for it. It came out of Eating Well Mag (freebie), May/June issue. And it is a quick chicken braciole. I have a sauce going on the stove now. I will substitute using bacon instead of proscuitto and spinach instead of swiss chard. I have penne pasta to make with it. Hopefully there will be enough left over to take to work tomorrow.

That is about it. I am taking it easy but trying not to completely slow down.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feeling Fine


  I am feeling pretty good lately. I have been able to get shit done around here and not be completely exhausted. Okay, I have been exhausted and took a long nap yesterday but I deserved it. Much was done by me. Today I did a bit of yard work while the hubs worked on cleaning out the basement. Kid # 1 is out of town and Kid #2 is watching all the episodes of Bates Motel. I LOVE that show. I resisted at first but #1 made me watch the first season. I was hooked. I very seriously doubt I will be cooking food tonight cause I am tired. I cooked last night. That should count, right?

   I think the combo of the cpap machine and the mastoid surgery has done wonders for me. It does not change the fact that I have a shit ton wrong with me that gives me daily pain and attitude but I feel better. I do not see stars when I bend over to clean the yard. I do not get dizzy anymore.<---yes I do but not like before. I get tired dizzy. Big difference. I know the reason why. I have thought that if I were to ever get really better I would take steps to try to go back to work. Just thinking about it. I would have to feel way better then I do today. Just a thought.

  Tomorrow we will get some big  news for our family. We were supposed to hear about it on Friday but I decision had not been made. I am crossing fingers and toes that the news is in our favor. I will come on tomorrow and let you all know one way or another. We have been waiting two weeks for a answer so what is one more day! Ahhhh!

  I posted this video for two reasons. I am thinking if I do cook, cornbread will be a side. And I loved this Jazz song. It used to be the theme song for a cable show called Dinner and a Movie. You would watch the movie and in between the commercial breaks the hosts would cook something pertaining to that movie.
  Have a great rest of your Sunday!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Cold hands, blustery day


  My hands are cold and hard to work. It is a blustery spring day. I have stuff going on but I am just not in the mood. I think Perla (10 yr old chihuahua) is very sick. She has an appt tomorrow morning at the vet. She is puking water. She is doing ok with food but when she gulps down the water, she barfs. I am hoping is a garbage gut. She ate something off the floor, she has a tummy ache, tomorrow till be better. If she has something like an obstruction, she is toast. She has a heart murmur plus a collapsible trachea. She is not a good candidate for surgery. I was told this the last time she was at the vet. If anyone reads here...please say a little prayer for her. I do not want to have to send her over the Rainbow bridge yet. It cannot be her time.

My man is the greatest. He is having someone come by tomorrow to say how much it will cost to build me two or three raised beds in front yard and fill with compost. Yip Yip! I have given up my beds at the community garden. I was sad about it but it had to be done. Beds at home are much better!

  Like I said..I am cold and not in the mood. I will update on Perla for sure. Hope it is warmer tomorrow!