Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feeling Fine


  I am feeling pretty good lately. I have been able to get shit done around here and not be completely exhausted. Okay, I have been exhausted and took a long nap yesterday but I deserved it. Much was done by me. Today I did a bit of yard work while the hubs worked on cleaning out the basement. Kid # 1 is out of town and Kid #2 is watching all the episodes of Bates Motel. I LOVE that show. I resisted at first but #1 made me watch the first season. I was hooked. I very seriously doubt I will be cooking food tonight cause I am tired. I cooked last night. That should count, right?

   I think the combo of the cpap machine and the mastoid surgery has done wonders for me. It does not change the fact that I have a shit ton wrong with me that gives me daily pain and attitude but I feel better. I do not see stars when I bend over to clean the yard. I do not get dizzy anymore.<---yes I do but not like before. I get tired dizzy. Big difference. I know the reason why. I have thought that if I were to ever get really better I would take steps to try to go back to work. Just thinking about it. I would have to feel way better then I do today. Just a thought.

  Tomorrow we will get some big  news for our family. We were supposed to hear about it on Friday but I decision had not been made. I am crossing fingers and toes that the news is in our favor. I will come on tomorrow and let you all know one way or another. We have been waiting two weeks for a answer so what is one more day! Ahhhh!

  I posted this video for two reasons. I am thinking if I do cook, cornbread will be a side. And I loved this Jazz song. It used to be the theme song for a cable show called Dinner and a Movie. You would watch the movie and in between the commercial breaks the hosts would cook something pertaining to that movie.
  Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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