Friday, April 4, 2014

Cold hands, blustery day


  My hands are cold and hard to work. It is a blustery spring day. I have stuff going on but I am just not in the mood. I think Perla (10 yr old chihuahua) is very sick. She has an appt tomorrow morning at the vet. She is puking water. She is doing ok with food but when she gulps down the water, she barfs. I am hoping is a garbage gut. She ate something off the floor, she has a tummy ache, tomorrow till be better. If she has something like an obstruction, she is toast. She has a heart murmur plus a collapsible trachea. She is not a good candidate for surgery. I was told this the last time she was at the vet. If anyone reads here...please say a little prayer for her. I do not want to have to send her over the Rainbow bridge yet. It cannot be her time.

My man is the greatest. He is having someone come by tomorrow to say how much it will cost to build me two or three raised beds in front yard and fill with compost. Yip Yip! I have given up my beds at the community garden. I was sad about it but it had to be done. Beds at home are much better!

  Like I said..I am cold and not in the mood. I will update on Perla for sure. Hope it is warmer tomorrow!

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