Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lost a friend

Fred and I lost a friend last night. His name was Junius aka Jun or as Fred called him Big Jun. Fred met him at work at the hospital over 20 years ago. They were so much alike in looks, likes, and personality. I never got to meet him in person. It just never came about. Not for any reason really. Fred has so many friends. But I got to finally meet him when I stumbled upon him on Facebook. He had been ill for sometime and not working. The computer and being a FB DJ is what he did with his time. Every night before he went to bed, he would put up all kinds of old skool music for the rest of us to listen to.  I liked him and he said I made him laugh at the goofy crap I would post. Sometimes I would do it just cause I know it would make him happy. I had planned on meeting him one day soon with Fred, face to face. That will not happen now. I am sorry I missed that opportunity.
He is finally at peace and not in pain anymore.

RIP Junius Stubbs Jr

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be Gone MaryMary!

I need to get baskets filled for my *kids*

*270* <----yes, I gained some weight! Grrr!

 I had my V whisperer appointment today with Dr. M. He gave me some good news. That big old cyst is gone. In fact, all the cysts that I had were gone. Yay! Breathing a sigh of ever loving relief there. But I still have the pain. And my periods are all over the map. Right now, I am 4 days late. He says I probably never ovulated even though I had pain. So I am going to have the ablation done. Wednesday after Easter, April 18th. Update!!! My Pre-op is the Wednesday after Easter. Surgery is the following week on April 18th. So yeah, I need some more cold  medicine STAT!
 I had joked before that Fred wanted me to cook a ham, lasagna and all the trimmings and that there was NO WAY I would cook that much. Looks like it is a plan I will be down for the count on Wednesday, and maybe Thursday  I do not know how painful the internals will be and for how long. We will discuss all that on my pre-op appointment the week before.
So a 92% chance of no more periods ever. That does include the small instances of some spotting every 3 or 4 months.
I am actually excited about this. I hate my period. It has been heavy and hateful my entire life since the age of 11. I have ruined numerous outfits and it needs to be gone. But I still get to keep my hormones until menopause.
Oh. He told me that heredity plays a part in when you will go thru menopause. My mother had me at 46 so she probably went through change at 51 or so. He also said that smoking is a factor. It can take 7 years off your reproductive years. But since I quit, I should be okay as each year passes.

So that is all I know so far. No more cysts means no exploratory surgery or removing of ovaries at this time. Ablation will stop my periods so that it will stop the thickening of my uterus AND the pain AND the monthly Nile river.
You can Google Ablation or here is a link to Novasure.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Phew! That was close!

Today turned out to be a really good day so far. Besides the damn cold I caught. After I write this, I am going to crash on the couch and watch Netflix under a blanket while I wait for the oil delivery.
 So, We had been stressing out lately over the large bill that was looming over our heads. Normally, it would have not been a major problem but this winter was just so bad money wise. We had the oil and electricity bills from hell. I am not going into it but I am surprised I had not given myself a tiny stroke over the whole thing. The bill is due this coming Saturday and we had less then half saved. Fred went to his Godmother and asked for a loan. I would much rather pay her back for it and feel good so that if another time comes and we need it, we do not feel leechy.
 So she gave Fred the money we needed plus a tiny bit extra. Thank goodness!
But something nagged at me. The dude told Fred that if he did not pay in time, we would be defaulted. That they would tell the IRS that we got an early payment and we would have to pay taxes on it. I wanted to know if we did not pay this huge bill (over $700) would we still be paying every month for the amount of the loan? Would the IRS charge us taxes on the loan amount or the amount we did not pay. I wanted to know!
 So Fred gave me permission to talk to the dude. Oh, by the way..we did not skip out on payments or anything. This was a unexpected bill they wanted us to pay (and probably others) because of a mix up on their part. Yeah, I know! Fuckers!
 So I ask those questions. Forget all about that...because the dude tells me we only owe $225. I  almost fell over. I said, "Well, Hell I got that!"
So he gave me the information, I got the bank check, wrote a letter with all the stuff on it, and express mailed it before lunch. All done. Phew!

Now Fred and I had this pile of money sitting in front of us. Do we give it back? NO! I ordered oil. We are so low that you can hear an echo in the tank. I got Fred`s medicine, puffs plus for my red nose, gas for the Jeep and the Nissan, and lunch for Natalie and I (FRIED CLAMS!!!) . I have money left to buy groceries tomorrow.
I had been so good paying bills this past month AND dealing with this looming bill, that I made myself thoroughly depressed. We have credit but I did not want to use that to pay this. Now it is done.
It will be there Thursday morning.

Ahhh! Now I can relax.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sniff Sniff

  It started last night with a scratchy throat and a bit of coughing. It is full blown today. I had a bit of a fever last night with the chills. It is not a horrendous cold. I have had worse. I will make some ginger and garlic tea later to help move it along. I had a full box of Kleenex in the house! Score! No red toilet paper nose for me.
 I had plans this week. I was going to finish up cleaning the yard. Then I was going to go to the community garden after my Dr appointment tomorrow (endo follow up) to plant some cold weather crops. I guess not now. Fuck it! I will at least plant the seeds tomorrow. I want to get that done.
I also want to have NO COUGH because I am getting my tattoos on Friday. Must get better!

So other then a bunch of mucous and small panic attack last night that I might be able to breathe if my throat closed (i have never had that happen before)...I am fine. Do not worry about moi.

Ugh. Something tripped the living room circuit in the basement so I had to go downstairs and figure out which one that was. Pain in the ass. Now we have to figure out what tripped it and why.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Rose is a rose


I am getting a tattoo in one week from today. I am also getting my finger moustache touched up for free. I know what I am getting but do not know where i should put it. I am getting an old fashioned sailor style rose with 1923-2002 underneath. It will represent my Mother. Her name was Rose. Now for where to put it. I do not know if I want to put on my upper right arm and start a sleeve. That would require me to have this tat done on my elbow. Or someplace else on my body. I want to be able to see it so I think it will end up on my arm.
Where should it go?

I feel good

I had posted a picture on Facebook about how not to treat people with chronic illnesses. I received some very nice accolades from one of my *friends* on there. She said I was an amazing and talented woman and she was glad to have me as an imaginary friend. I told her thank you for the unexpected loves. Then she said "You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS expect comments like this, unless it's a secret that you are extraordinary!" I have had people say things like this to me before but for some reason, this took me by surprise. She is not a stranger because I see her posts and name often but we do not converse. So she is letting me know that she KNOWS me.
 It is just hard to explain. When your friends and family tell you that, you like it but they have to say it cause they love you. :) But when someone you do not converse with and who is also talented in her own right says it. Wow.
I am walking on clouds today. If you read here Jolie, Thanks. You made my weekend!

Friday, March 23, 2012



Chelsea and I cobbled enough together to get three tickets to the Hunger Games tonight. Sweet! I have to pick her up in a few minutes, then come home and start dinner for later. Rice, kielbasa and Manwich meat. I have buns if they want to make them into sandwiches. I will let you all know how good it was. The fucking new girl that does accounting screwed up Fred`s check twice already and we had to skip going out to eat. Dinner home is okay. I bought groceries.
Okay gotta go.......zoom!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jams, Jellies, and Marmalades

 I had my follow-up ultrasound this morning. I drank plenty of water so that I was fully hydrated. It was still painful this time around but I did not have to drink more and wait for the bladder to fill. I asked the tech if she could tell me one simple thing: Is the 6cm cyst on the left still there? She said she couldn't, but the Dr office will get the results this afternoon. I do not have an appointment until next week. More waiting....

  I am planning on expanding my jam and jelly horizons. I am going to make some for my husband`s godfather and he is going to sell them at his stall at the Farmer`s Market each week. He will pay for the supplies. I want to try some different things along with the old standards. I will do strawberry jam, apple butter, peach preserves, and orange marmalade. I wanted to know if there were things you like or that you would love to try out in a flavor. I also do a really nice raspberry/jalapeno jelly. Tastes good on crackers!
I always grow alot of basil so I am going to see  if I can find some jelly that uses that. But in a non-gross way. LOL I have to get rid of this cabinet behind me (I am giving it away) so that i can buy two wire shelves like the one we already own. I want to can a lot this year. Times are tough and if I can get some foods in jars for the winter, all the better. Especially the local corn in the summer..but I am digressing. We will talk about that at another time.
 I am not doing grape jelly. I heard it is a pain in the ass and I am not in the mood to ruin a batch right at this point in time.
Would you eat Lemon or Lime Marmalade?
Pear Jam or Jelly?
Lavender Jelly?
I will keep searching online for ideas and start jumping in and trying it out.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Time to get measured

Victorian Gyno exam

I have to start drinking plenty of water starting today. I want to be flooded. Wednesday morning I go in for my follow-up on the size of the 6 cm cyst on the left, the size of the 2cm on the right, and the thickness of the uterus. I have a follow up with the gyno the next week. I still have to take Vicodin when I ovulate. I just try to ignore it all because there is nothing I can really do about it anyway. If the 6 cm is gone, then I will just have follow ups. If it has grown, then it will have to come out. So I will know at the end of the month.
Now on to getting the water!

Sniff Sniff Sniff! Goodbye Winter!

  It is a gorgeous almost Spring day out. Tomorrow is the actual first day of Spring. My allergies are kicking my butt a bit today but that is okay. Because I love it out. That is a bed in the front of my house next to the steps. It has many things that grow out of it during the growing season. Right now it is crocus. Then it will have big red tulips. I hope they all come up this year. I have had issues with squirrels biting the heads off of them and that can kill the bulb if it does not have it`s natural way of dying off.  After I drink my coffee, I am going to go out in that front area to clean and bag. I have to pick up bags of mulch this week also for the beds.

 After a really suck assed Saturday, I thought that the rest of the weekend was going to be just as bad. Fred knew. He took me out to lunch to this new Vietnamese place and we had some beef pho. Oh! We were in heaven. I have wanted to try this soup forever. It had beef and tendons and fat but it was sliced so thin that I ate it. I hate fat so this was a big deal! The bowl was HUGE. Like a bowl you would put a tossed salad in and serve other people from. We both had our own. The whole lunch cost less then $20. We will definitely be going back again.

 I took another nap. I guess all I do is sleep. I woke up and talked to some of my mini friends online. They made me feel so much better. I have been feeling like crap for days and they each knew exactly what to say to make it all better. I actually do not feel as shitty as I did. I am glad I have them.
 Then Fred took me out to dinner! I didn't have to cook at all yesterday. We went to this little El Salvadorian place in town and we each had a huge burrito. We were completely stuffed. We brought home some papusas and pizza for Chelsea and watched tv.  We always have good talks when we are out eating just the two of us. I realize that if I have him in my life, all is good.

He lets me know that I really am not such an asshole after all.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It will never happen again

I fucked up. I am an asshole. I have a big mouth and I need to learn to THINK before I SPEAK. For the first time ever with friends, I have been called out repeatedly for my bad behavior. Now, either I have never ever done this before, or people in my past were just being polite and not saying anything. 42 years was a good run, huh? Seriously, I made what I thought was a joke and I was called out for being a insensitive bitch. This person did not say those exact words but I could tell they were thinking it. For a split second, I was waiting for the BOOM! Like they were joking with me and we would all have a good laugh at my expense. But instead they were very mad at me. And then others did not like what I said. I was only joking and now I was the jerk who had to explain what I meant by that.  So I lost it. Fred wondered what the hell had me crying like that at 3am.  I apologized but I get the feeling it was not accepted. Now I have no idea what I am allowed to say and not allowed to say.
How am I supposed to know if I am ever crossing the line? The line is always fucking crossed at all given times by other people.
 I am very sad now because I sure I have lost a good thing.
So I am just going stand back in the shadows from now on. It is safer there.

As for this blog and my life, everything is wonderful.

No more bad jokes. No more talk of medical issues or health. No more weight up at the top of the screen. If I have nothing nice to say, you wont see me on here.

 Oh, do not talk badly about the person that called me out. I deserved it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

This was about grilling but got depressing real quick


It is St Patrick`s day today. We are not doing boiled dinner. I made our corned beef on Thursday. It was good. I do not have a stitch of green on and I do not desire a green beer. So there!
  I think I am a bit depressed today. I have been waking up at like 11am every morning lately. Never fails. 11am. The whole fucking morning is gone. It is gloomy today. I made the mistake of saying that I would make burgers and steak on the grill today. I have one grill outside and I have a brand new charcoal grill that needs to be assembled. I do not want to do it. It is not hard. I have done it before. I just do not want to. I had to FORCE myself to write an article today for the dollhouse newsletter I am a part of. I got it done though.
 I need to figure out a way to make more money. I have come to the conclusion that if I do not, life is gonna suck for a long time. We struggle all the time now. I never have a nice relaxing day because my shoulders are always up above my ears. I have bills, taxes, home repairs, medical never ends. NEVER!
 I was going to cancel the gym memberships but Natalie and Fred do not want me to. It would save me $40 a month but they want me to continue to pay it for some reason. I guess it looks good to be part of a gym that you NEVER go to. *rolling eyes* As you can tell, my weight hasnt dropped one pound. I have not gained but I have not lost either. I am weak in some aspects of my physical body that I never noticed before.
I am just a sad, depressed person that has no real life like other people and it bothers me to no end. I cant even work a job like other people because of my failing body and depressed mind. I feel like I do not contribute one bit to anything.
What the fuck do I do? I cook meals for my family. I clean a bit each day. I read a book or watch a movie. I am a fucking taxi driver.
That is not a life. Getting out of the house to drop somebody off someplace is NOT getting out.  Friends of mine go out all the time. ALL THE TIME. It is like I am missing out on my 40s cause I am a downer to hang out with.

I need to stop! You are all gonna read this and tell me to snap out of it. Get a med check. Shut up. Or you will walk away.
This is not being an uplifting, feel good blog anymore. I think the money troubles are consuming me and I cannot think of anything positive.
Like I could talk about how I will plant lots of herbs this year but then I can say that I cannot start the seeds because I cannot afford to buy the planting medium.
I could lie and pretend everything is wonderful. How does that sound? Should I do that?
Lots of my friends are doing so well and I am not. I am sad and jealous and there is nothing i can do to change that.

So I should wrap this up and attempt to put a grill together. OR I could play Slingo and go back to bed.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am in a good mood

Here and over there are my community beds
The Dell guy just left. He changed the wireless card and fixed the antenna on the inside. I went in the living room and the wireless worked! I am hoping that this is the end of the computer drama that I have been dealing with. He said that if it still acts up, then the next step will be the motherboard. Let`s hope all is well now. Ruby has bad manners. I had to send her outside and she barked like a maniac cause some stranger was in her house, I do not like that. I have to break her of that habit.

I cleaned out the community garden beds. Yesterday I bought five home depot buckets for my tomato planting plan. I am also slowing cleaning up the yard. It is cooler today but I think I will get some yard cleaning done in the front today. That is after I enjoy the fact that I can go online anywhere in the house now! Woot!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Neck is better


It is GORGEOUS outside today!! The sun is out, the windows are open, and it is 65 deg F. Ruby has been outside most of the morning playing with sticks. I cleaned out one garden bed. I am taking a break because my neck and shoulders are not perfect yet.
You all would be proud of me. Yesterday, Chelsea smarted off to me. I had it! I texted her and told her that on Monday (today) I was sleeping in and she could walk. She texted me back that she has been depressed today. I did not answer her back. I am not falling for it. I am depressed on certain days, I get it. I feel she needs to do some things for herself. Like get to and from work.  She had to be to work at 930am. She walked. I texted her to find out when she wanted to me to get her but she never answered. Maybe she will walk home. From now on, if it isnt raining, and it is daylight out, you can walk to work. I wish I could say the same for Natalie, but her school is at night and she would have to walk through some sketchy neighborhooods.
 So today is all about cleaning the yard. I am not going to kill myself. I want to clean up around the beds where I have bulbs. I do not want them to turn yellow cause they are smothered.

I hope YOU are having a nice Springy day too.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hugs to my Ginger

Much love to my favorite Ginger! Everything is going to be okay. I love you. We all love you. And we will help you get over that hump.

((((((Big Ginger Hugs))))))

Being a dutiful housewife sucks butt


That commercial cracked me the hell up!

I woke up with a crick in my neck and middle shoulder area. Feels like I slept with my shoulders scrunched up all night. I want to work at the community garden but i am not sure that will happen.

 Hey! Did you remember to Spring your Clocks ahead? I just let the computer, cellphones, and cable box tell me the time until I lazily get around the changing the rest. I used to enjoy the ritual of changing the clocks. It was like YES! I can change the time, change the batteries on the smoke detectors, and dust! I was a sick individual back then. Now I know better. Fuck it. I will get to it when I get to it. I do change the smoke detectors and that will happen after the Vicoden kicks in for my neck.
 Fred worked yesterday and also today. That means I have to be a nice wife, cook a full course dinner, and drive it to him hot so that he does not have to eat cafeteria food at work. I do not mind doing it at all except for the cooking, packing, and driving across town to deliver it. hahaha
Does anyone else do that? Do they drive food to their spouse so they can have a home cooked meal for dinner? Oh and the spouse works 2nd shift so YOUR dinner is interrupted so you can give them theirs?
Yup that is what I do. And I may bitch and complain about it but I will always do it cause I love him to bits. I know, sappy shit!
When I was younger, I did all those housework horseshit because it was my job. He worked two jobs so that I could stay home with the girls when they were young. I did not mind it. But now that I am 43 years old and those kids are adults, I am kind of hating all this Suzy Homemaker crap. I wish they would take over. But they wont, dammit! I look at all the mess and know that it is all mine! MINE!
 I guess I will keep playing the Powerball to win the big time so I can have a maid come in twice a week.
That would be heaven.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I don`t wanna! This is a mega rant so do not read if you are in a good mood!

Lu relaxes me

I am really not in the mood today. I have to drive Chelsea to New Haven for a job interview. The job is working at a school called Common Ground. It is a temporary summer job for three months. She will have to quit her job at the library. She wants to live in New Haven for the three months. After the three months, she will have no job and come back home to us.
It is just a job like the one she did at Fresh. It is only going to be a notch on her resume bedpost. She will lose so much by not staying at the library at least for a year. She is working with the kids and trying to make New London better. I am angry because she is 23 yrs old, spouts off that she is an adult, but is making childish decisions. She has these friends that give her all these lofty ideas of places she can go..but they seem to forget that WE are supporting her and they have disposable income. They need to think about how this will effect the rest of the family. Are they going to take her in to live with them after September? Of course not! That will fall on us. Another fucking year os support. We are struggling to pay bills and I am so glad winter is almost over. Now this girl is going for a job interview that is she get it, I will have a hell of a summer. She will expect me to drive her up and back for this and that. I already told Fred and I will tell her later, that this ride today is the only ride to New Haven she is getting from me in terms of this job. I think it is wrong.

Okay, I have spouted off. I will tell her all of this tomorrow after the high of the interview wears off.
 The birds were singing their asses off this morning. Made me feel good. I am hoping to have a good weekend where I can get some outside stuff done
I love Spring.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Opening up the garden

Oliver in the sun

  It is really nice out today. This sun is shining, no clouds, and it is cool but not cold. Sweater weather. I went outside a bit ago to let Ruby outside. I instinctively started cleaning. I cleared out the bed on the side of the house. All the poop and leaves are gone and some bulbs are trying to poke up. I have many areas to clean but I will take it one day at a time. I need to buy those 20 utility buckets, some perlite, vermiculite, and potting soil for them. I have to go to the community garden and start planting some bibb lettuce and other cold crops like radishes, carrots, cabbage, and I can start broccoli now too.
I love this time of year....except for my seasonal allergies.
If I could totally get rid of the alleriges, I would be in utter heaven.

Monday, March 5, 2012

MockingJay Monday and Fibro Flares and Reflections

European Robin red breast
 I finished MockingJay last night at 330am. So I am done with the Hunger Games series. It was very good. I liked it very much. I also like how it was wrapped up nice and neat. No loose ends. I do not like who had to die but somethings have to happen to move a story along. Now I have Wolf Gift by Anne Rice to read. I am going to start that tonight. It is a new library book so you only have a certain amount of time to read it before you have to bring it back. I am back to loving to read.
   It is chilly out today. Lots to talk about so this will be a jumbled post.

   I was thinking of doing that yard work I was talking about but brrrr! I want to do some Spring Clean-like stuff but I do not know what. I could clean out the food pantry. It needs to be emptied, wiped down, and organized. I also have to clean the damn fridge. You would think scientists would figure out a way for the box to clean itself, huh? I really dislike my life of domesticity but what ya gonna do? I just do not want to do anything. I am not depressed. I am starting my Spring time Fibromyalgia flare up. Happens with every drastic seasonal change. Summer into Autumn and WInter into Spring. Or I just took a fucking stupid pill. The bad hormones have worn off and I am just me. But I am still stupid.  This will last until it stays a steady 60 degrees out. Then I will be fine until October. So if I sound stupid, or cannot form sentences correctly, or get know why. I have lost my mind and my coordination temporarily.
   Fred told me that we may be getting a very BIG flat screen tv in the not to distant future. His god mother is going to be buying a larger one for her husband and is giving us the one they already have. I think Fred said it was 46 inches. We are going to have to re-arrange the living room if that is the case. And I will have to call the cable company to come move the wire. Holes will have to be drilled. But I want that TV! 10 years ago when tube TVs were still in fashion, I bought Fred a 26 (32? i don't know) TV for the living room when I got my first check from Social Security. We never had a TV that big, ever. He was thrilled. Now people have TVs so big they would not even fit in my house!  46 inches! I cant even imagine it!  If it happens, I will definitely take a picture!
 I have to ask a serious question to myself. I thought going number 2 once a day (sometimes twice) was normal. Now that I am drinking the orange sludge, I am on the crapper at least 4 times sometimes 5 times a day. WTF? Is it necessary for me to shit THAT MUCH? I have things to do. I have places to go! I have to take Chelsea to New Haven on Friday for a job interview and I am worried about having to go. That is not normal. But I will continue to drink that crap because if I do not, the gastro will say I am non compliant. I do not want that. He will give up on my ass .And that would be a bad thing.
Now on a serious note. I have to talk about something that pertains to some friends of mine.
 I am very conflicted about something. I have been called out as being not caring to others in some situations. That I have changed the subject TOO SOON in conversations with a group of friends. The gist of the entire group is to change the subject on a constant basis. We actually laugh about it. But I guess I have been lax in paying attention. I am sorry that I have not allowed others the spotlight that they deserved. It will never happen again. You have all given me what I needed and I have not done the same for you. I get it. I am insensitive.  I need to just walk in and be absolutely quiet. Do not answer anyone's questions for fear that I might piss somebody off again. Or I could just walk away for some serious reflection.  I really have been  thinking that  I may just  step away for awhile...or all together. I do not know yet. I dislike that I have been wrong but I also dislike that I now feel that I have to walk on egg shells.
We shall see.

Okay, I have had my coffee and it is time to do something around this Pit. Toodles

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It feels like Spring.

Pretty Painful Dresses

  Yesterday I deadheaded a couple bushes, pulled out my chive pot, and moved some other larger pots out into the light on the patio out back. I am going to be growing many plum tomato plants this year for canning. I am going to can tomato sauce for the winter. I want to make paste too but I am going to have to look that up. Today is just as gloomy as yesterday and a bit colder. I am thinking I am going to go on shit patrol. That is always fun, huh? Walk around your yard with a rake, a shovel and a garbage bag. There are alot of things to do but there is only me so we will see how far I get today before the cold, rain, or my muscles tell me to stop.
 Gardening started for me when I was young. We lived in a large house with three apartments. The landlady and landlord lived downstairs. They allowed my dad a portion of land on the side of the house to garden. Plus we had a ton of houseplants. It just came natural to me. I have learned and read along the way but there are some things that I cannot grown like African violets and Oriental Poppies. I want a big swath of Poppies but those damn things will NOT grow for me. Stubborn bitches!
   For years, I was happy with working my house plants but I needed more ground. When we saw this house, I was more entranced by the yard then the house itself. The yards sold me. I have been here 14 years and have not done as much as should have but i have changed the way the landscape looks. I want to do more but that will come with time and money.
 I love this time of year. It makes me thoroughly happy.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March came in like a....


 This is a Leap year so on February 29th (March 1st the rest of the time) we had a yucky snow storm blow through. It was icy as hell out this way. The next day was fine but still yucky and gloomy. Just as March is supposed to be. My friend lives in Branson, MO and she had a twister! An overnight one. She, her family, and her belongings are fine. She is just a bit shaken up and worried about the areas economy on the short term. Gran, I will send you something if you need it!
It is the unofficial kick off of Spring for all of us gardeners.  I do not have the gear to wear for wet and gloomy. So I will stay inside and do laundry today. Yee Haa!

So I got Fred on the fiber train. I figured we can both suffer. He has NO bloating. I have excessive bloating. I cannot really answer you if I feel any change because I do not. My symptoms would wax and wane sometimes. So just cause I have no nausea and pain today, does not mean the fiber is working. Let us give it a good week and then I can answer better.  I am not hungry. That is for damn sure. This stuff plugs you up really good. If you eat any food on top of the fiber, you feel really tight in the gut. LOL
I have to shit more so I guess that is what it means by being regular. Isnt going once a day good enough?? I thought so?
Now it is multiple times. Goody. Something to look forward to.
I am being sarcastic cause I am still mad. I am mad at the metamucil, the bills, and the stupid Dr.  If he suggests another test, I will have to decline. I am sorry. I have enough to pay off now, I cannot afford another $300 co-pay.
I will eventually stop being bitter about the money. It is not all the Dr fault. It is the hospital too. But I will not get into that. LOL
Today is laundry day like I said. And I want Natalie to super duper clean her room. It is a viper pit! She has clothes every fucking where. I want her to bag up what she does not want, Those clothes will go in a donation bin. The stuff she wants will be washed and not balled up on the floor. LOL
We have all weekend. LOL