Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Phew! That was close!

Today turned out to be a really good day so far. Besides the damn cold I caught. After I write this, I am going to crash on the couch and watch Netflix under a blanket while I wait for the oil delivery.
 So, We had been stressing out lately over the large bill that was looming over our heads. Normally, it would have not been a major problem but this winter was just so bad money wise. We had the oil and electricity bills from hell. I am not going into it but I am surprised I had not given myself a tiny stroke over the whole thing. The bill is due this coming Saturday and we had less then half saved. Fred went to his Godmother and asked for a loan. I would much rather pay her back for it and feel good so that if another time comes and we need it, we do not feel leechy.
 So she gave Fred the money we needed plus a tiny bit extra. Thank goodness!
But something nagged at me. The dude told Fred that if he did not pay in time, we would be defaulted. That they would tell the IRS that we got an early payment and we would have to pay taxes on it. I wanted to know if we did not pay this huge bill (over $700) would we still be paying every month for the amount of the loan? Would the IRS charge us taxes on the loan amount or the amount we did not pay. I wanted to know!
 So Fred gave me permission to talk to the dude. Oh, by the way..we did not skip out on payments or anything. This was a unexpected bill they wanted us to pay (and probably others) because of a mix up on their part. Yeah, I know! Fuckers!
 So I ask those questions. Forget all about that...because the dude tells me we only owe $225. I  almost fell over. I said, "Well, Hell I got that!"
So he gave me the information, I got the bank check, wrote a letter with all the stuff on it, and express mailed it before lunch. All done. Phew!

Now Fred and I had this pile of money sitting in front of us. Do we give it back? NO! I ordered oil. We are so low that you can hear an echo in the tank. I got Fred`s medicine, puffs plus for my red nose, gas for the Jeep and the Nissan, and lunch for Natalie and I (FRIED CLAMS!!!) . I have money left to buy groceries tomorrow.
I had been so good paying bills this past month AND dealing with this looming bill, that I made myself thoroughly depressed. We have credit but I did not want to use that to pay this. Now it is done.
It will be there Thursday morning.

Ahhh! Now I can relax.

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