Saturday, March 3, 2012

March came in like a....


 This is a Leap year so on February 29th (March 1st the rest of the time) we had a yucky snow storm blow through. It was icy as hell out this way. The next day was fine but still yucky and gloomy. Just as March is supposed to be. My friend lives in Branson, MO and she had a twister! An overnight one. She, her family, and her belongings are fine. She is just a bit shaken up and worried about the areas economy on the short term. Gran, I will send you something if you need it!
It is the unofficial kick off of Spring for all of us gardeners.  I do not have the gear to wear for wet and gloomy. So I will stay inside and do laundry today. Yee Haa!

So I got Fred on the fiber train. I figured we can both suffer. He has NO bloating. I have excessive bloating. I cannot really answer you if I feel any change because I do not. My symptoms would wax and wane sometimes. So just cause I have no nausea and pain today, does not mean the fiber is working. Let us give it a good week and then I can answer better.  I am not hungry. That is for damn sure. This stuff plugs you up really good. If you eat any food on top of the fiber, you feel really tight in the gut. LOL
I have to shit more so I guess that is what it means by being regular. Isnt going once a day good enough?? I thought so?
Now it is multiple times. Goody. Something to look forward to.
I am being sarcastic cause I am still mad. I am mad at the metamucil, the bills, and the stupid Dr.  If he suggests another test, I will have to decline. I am sorry. I have enough to pay off now, I cannot afford another $300 co-pay.
I will eventually stop being bitter about the money. It is not all the Dr fault. It is the hospital too. But I will not get into that. LOL
Today is laundry day like I said. And I want Natalie to super duper clean her room. It is a viper pit! She has clothes every fucking where. I want her to bag up what she does not want, Those clothes will go in a donation bin. The stuff she wants will be washed and not balled up on the floor. LOL
We have all weekend. LOL

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  1. Aww, thanks for thinking of me. It definitely came in like a lion!

    I hope you're feeling better today. Metamucil is disgusting, but all you can do is plug your nose and chug it down. Get it over fast.

    Ask Natalie if she'll come over here and do some cleaning when she's done. I just can't seem to motivate my lazy butt today.