Saturday, March 24, 2012

I feel good

I had posted a picture on Facebook about how not to treat people with chronic illnesses. I received some very nice accolades from one of my *friends* on there. She said I was an amazing and talented woman and she was glad to have me as an imaginary friend. I told her thank you for the unexpected loves. Then she said "You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS expect comments like this, unless it's a secret that you are extraordinary!" I have had people say things like this to me before but for some reason, this took me by surprise. She is not a stranger because I see her posts and name often but we do not converse. So she is letting me know that she KNOWS me.
 It is just hard to explain. When your friends and family tell you that, you like it but they have to say it cause they love you. :) But when someone you do not converse with and who is also talented in her own right says it. Wow.
I am walking on clouds today. If you read here Jolie, Thanks. You made my weekend!


  1. I love that pic! :)

    How sweet is that? Oh, that was so nice of her to say. :)

    I was afraid to say anything for fear of saying something dumb! :(

  2. You could never say anything that I myself would consider dumb. Say whatever you want!