Monday, March 26, 2012

Sniff Sniff

  It started last night with a scratchy throat and a bit of coughing. It is full blown today. I had a bit of a fever last night with the chills. It is not a horrendous cold. I have had worse. I will make some ginger and garlic tea later to help move it along. I had a full box of Kleenex in the house! Score! No red toilet paper nose for me.
 I had plans this week. I was going to finish up cleaning the yard. Then I was going to go to the community garden after my Dr appointment tomorrow (endo follow up) to plant some cold weather crops. I guess not now. Fuck it! I will at least plant the seeds tomorrow. I want to get that done.
I also want to have NO COUGH because I am getting my tattoos on Friday. Must get better!

So other then a bunch of mucous and small panic attack last night that I might be able to breathe if my throat closed (i have never had that happen before)...I am fine. Do not worry about moi.

Ugh. Something tripped the living room circuit in the basement so I had to go downstairs and figure out which one that was. Pain in the ass. Now we have to figure out what tripped it and why.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe snot tripped the breaker. Get over that cold. :) Good luck with the tat and the gardening.