Monday, March 19, 2012

Sniff Sniff Sniff! Goodbye Winter!

  It is a gorgeous almost Spring day out. Tomorrow is the actual first day of Spring. My allergies are kicking my butt a bit today but that is okay. Because I love it out. That is a bed in the front of my house next to the steps. It has many things that grow out of it during the growing season. Right now it is crocus. Then it will have big red tulips. I hope they all come up this year. I have had issues with squirrels biting the heads off of them and that can kill the bulb if it does not have it`s natural way of dying off.  After I drink my coffee, I am going to go out in that front area to clean and bag. I have to pick up bags of mulch this week also for the beds.

 After a really suck assed Saturday, I thought that the rest of the weekend was going to be just as bad. Fred knew. He took me out to lunch to this new Vietnamese place and we had some beef pho. Oh! We were in heaven. I have wanted to try this soup forever. It had beef and tendons and fat but it was sliced so thin that I ate it. I hate fat so this was a big deal! The bowl was HUGE. Like a bowl you would put a tossed salad in and serve other people from. We both had our own. The whole lunch cost less then $20. We will definitely be going back again.

 I took another nap. I guess all I do is sleep. I woke up and talked to some of my mini friends online. They made me feel so much better. I have been feeling like crap for days and they each knew exactly what to say to make it all better. I actually do not feel as shitty as I did. I am glad I have them.
 Then Fred took me out to dinner! I didn't have to cook at all yesterday. We went to this little El Salvadorian place in town and we each had a huge burrito. We were completely stuffed. We brought home some papusas and pizza for Chelsea and watched tv.  We always have good talks when we are out eating just the two of us. I realize that if I have him in my life, all is good.

He lets me know that I really am not such an asshole after all.


  1. I can't imagine that you are an asshole....and your flower bed is going to be beautiful!

  2. Thank you Trish. Nice to meet you! Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there.
    I can have assholey tendencies but everyone can be like that from time to time.
    I do not know what to think about this situation anymore.

    Thanks for commenting! And yes, that bed is so full of flowers and such that I cannot fit anymore.