Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be Gone MaryMary!

I need to get baskets filled for my *kids*

*270* <----yes, I gained some weight! Grrr!

 I had my V whisperer appointment today with Dr. M. He gave me some good news. That big old cyst is gone. In fact, all the cysts that I had were gone. Yay! Breathing a sigh of ever loving relief there. But I still have the pain. And my periods are all over the map. Right now, I am 4 days late. He says I probably never ovulated even though I had pain. So I am going to have the ablation done. Wednesday after Easter, April 18th. Update!!! My Pre-op is the Wednesday after Easter. Surgery is the following week on April 18th. So yeah, I need some more cold  medicine STAT!
 I had joked before that Fred wanted me to cook a ham, lasagna and all the trimmings and that there was NO WAY I would cook that much. Looks like it is a plan I will be down for the count on Wednesday, and maybe Thursday  I do not know how painful the internals will be and for how long. We will discuss all that on my pre-op appointment the week before.
So a 92% chance of no more periods ever. That does include the small instances of some spotting every 3 or 4 months.
I am actually excited about this. I hate my period. It has been heavy and hateful my entire life since the age of 11. I have ruined numerous outfits and it needs to be gone. But I still get to keep my hormones until menopause.
Oh. He told me that heredity plays a part in when you will go thru menopause. My mother had me at 46 so she probably went through change at 51 or so. He also said that smoking is a factor. It can take 7 years off your reproductive years. But since I quit, I should be okay as each year passes.

So that is all I know so far. No more cysts means no exploratory surgery or removing of ovaries at this time. Ablation will stop my periods so that it will stop the thickening of my uterus AND the pain AND the monthly Nile river.
You can Google Ablation or here is a link to Novasure.


  1. Sounds like good news all around :)

  2. Nice! My friend is considering that procedure can't wait to see how it goes.

  3. No period is always good news but what does this have to do with someone named MaryMary?

  4. Bloody Mary is way harsher to say in front of a young girl instead of MaryMary. My Mom used to say it.
    It is the name for having a horrific period.