Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wow, that was quick!

I guess this is all I need.

 I will try really hard not to swear so that everybody that I love can read it.
According to the stomach emptying study and my Gastro`s opinion, I DO NOT have Gastroparesis.

Yay! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Woot! Yes! Yes! WTG!

Fred and I said the same thing..Then why is she sick and in pain??

The Gastro has no idea. He wants me to drink Metamucil every day for three months. He thinks that will do the trick.
You had me go through all of these super expensive tests that I have co-pays racking up back to back to pay and all I really need is some Fiber????? Why wasn't that the first course of action?
 There are going to be some GP people out there that will gleefully say I told you so. I wont type it but imagine my middle finger saluting you happily. Not all my GP friends are like that, just some and they are not my friends.
So what do I have?
 I have to take a Vicodin at least two times a week from the stabbing pain on my right side. I am nauseated. Stomach pain, bloating, food backing up, I cant eat certain foods cause they just sit there in my gut. I am taking something for the scary acid reflux (and it is working, thank god), but sometimes it breaks through on certain nights. I am not constipated at all. In fact sometimes the opposite could be true. But I am fine. YAY!!!!!! All I need is some Fiber!

* I bought a big ass can of that crap for $16 and I will drink it every single day. Because what if he is right? I would rather drink that then have a devastating disorder. So I will behave.*

Oh, and since the dog ate my retainer, my teeth are killing me! I can feel them shifting. But i do not have any money for that either.

Cause I have all those co-pays to pay!


  1. Oh Heidi, how frustrating. I sincerely hope the fiber helps. Hugs to you.

  2. Gosh Heidi I guess this is good news because it's not bad but is not resolve. So sorry. I guess yes you go by Dr.'s orders and then when that doesn't work (hopefully it will) you can send them back to the drawing board. Good luck and all the best darling.. Hang in there.

  3. Well, that sounds like a House episode. I am SO glad that there's nothing wrong with you but backed up poop. This news makes me happy. I am laughing at my own "backed up poop" joke.

  4. Thank you. I know this is sounding so negative because Fred said the same thing. I told him I do not have it! I only need fiber. He said *what the fuck? Then why are you sick then??*

    So yes, great that I do not have GP, I actually breathed a sigh of relief. It is a devastating thing to have and I have been humming about it for the past 2 months.
    But what? I tell you the grossest honest truth, I am not constipated. I haven't been since I had my back surgery.
    So this is going to be awful, isnt it? It says laxative on the bottle.

  5. Oh, sweetie! Well, that is good news indeed!

    And to think you almost went the opposite way with no fiber!