Friday, February 3, 2012

A BOMB of bad news and a smidge of good


I went to my GP/Endo this morning to find out what to do about my blood sugars...But I need to back track to yesterday. I had cat scan and then went about my day because I knew I would not hear anything until sometime next week. I was taking Chelsea to a meeting around 1pm and my cellphone rings and says it is the hospital. I tell Chelsea to answer it. It was my gastro. He called to let me know that my stomach and digestive organs look really good. He feels that with all the results so far and my symptoms that I most definitely have gastroparesis. He said he does not usually do the stomach emptying study but he wants me to because he wants to see how weak my stomach truly is. My heart sunk..Then he said something else. He said he was calling because the radiologist told him that I have several ovarian cysts and one of the is so large that it cannot be ignored. It needs to be seen in ultrasound. So he asked who my Gyno was and said he was going to send a copy of the scans to him right away. He told me not to delay calling the Gyno. I am driving while he is telling me this....(Dont yell at me! I do not do that at all but there was no place to pull over at the time.) So I said goodbye. Got to the place I was dropping Chelsea off, stopped the car, and burst into tears. She didnt want to go to her meeting but I told her to go because it was important.

I found out I have Gastroparesis AND ovarian cysts that need to be looked at all in the same conversation. Now I want to clarify. I have had ovarian cysts before. They are the kind that come and go with my period. My gyno (same one) did exploratory lap to find out if I had endometreosis. I did not but he found some adhesions and a small cyst. He left it alone cause they go away on their own.  Now you all know me...I am a researcher by nature. I want to know everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  So what do I google?..Go ahead. Take a guess.....

Ovarian Cancer! You win a gold star!!

The more the 2/3rds of the symptoms of ovarian cancer are the same for any stomach disorder like the one I am trying to find out if I have. I have the pain in my back and my right leg too. So I went bat shit a teeny bit.
But I am more informed after I screwed my head on straight. It is big enough that it needs to be seen. That means that it can be in danger of bursting or twisting itself. Those are bad. Also if it is bigger then so many centimeters, it needs to be biopsied. If it is full of clear or bloody is fine. If is filled with a gelantinous type liquid, then I should worry. So I am going to think in my mind that it is just a big old cyst and I will lose that ovary. No biggie.

Now for some good news. After talking with my Endo  about my course of action with my wild blood sugars, I asked him about my prognosis with GP. Was I going to get bad like some of the worst case scenarios?
He said he could not predict it but he said that in Diabetes, so many things an happen to you. You could lose your limbs, go blind, etc. But not everyone has that happen to them. He says many diabetics have GP and there are not a large portion of them the the *worst* symptoms. He said I have to change my eating and watch my sugars and there is a couple pills I can take, He told me that if my Gastro wont prescribe the pill that is in Canada, then he will refer me to a Gastro in another city who he knows will.
So I feel better today. I am still in pain from the cysts. But my stomach is doing well today. That contrast flushed out my gut so I have a shiny clean slate. I will have good days and bad days.

I have an appointment next week for the Gyno. Two weeks I see my Endo again to see what to do about my sugars (he wants me to log log log), and at the end of the month I do the stomach emptying study.
Busy Busy Busy!

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