Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shit smells like Convenience Store punch


I am home. Got the shits from the drinks but otherwise it went well. Nobody told me that stuff basically cleans you out! LOL
I had to drink two 16 ounce bottles of luke warm tropical punch sweetened with sorbitol. So you can just imagine how nasty it was. The smell reminded me of Pedialyte from back in the day. Ugh. I slow and steadily drank it. That is all you can do. You have an hour and you think that is plenty of time but you have no breathing room. You cannot chug it or you will definitely puke. So you just keep sipping sipping sipping through the straw.
The tech was really nice and told me to drink what i could. She was funny and we were joking around. I also had to have iv contrast in my veins. It makes you feel hot all over and almost like you have to pee but you do not. I had it done like 7 years ago to check for a clot in my chest but I did not remember what it felt like. So the actual scanning took about 20 minutes total and I was on my way to Dunkin Donuts.

I had a good experience.

I stopped by and saw Sandy, an old friend of Fred`s that works in radiology. She is such a sweet woman. I do not know why I do not talk to her more. Maybe I will. :) I will make Fred give her my cell phone number. She will be a good friend to have.
 I  have an appointment tomorrow morning with my Endo to talk about my blood sugars and the insulin and my gut and how that all plays together. Then the oil will be delivered sometime in the morning. I also have to have tech support with Dell work on the computer some more. Fuck I wish they would just give me a new one! I told them to call on Saturday or Sunday. Friday is no good.

Are they going to wait until it is past my FREE time, and then tell me *so so sorry, you have to pay now?*
I am going to be a tough cookie this time around. I wish I had a direct email addy or something to DELL itself. Tell them I am so disappointed. Maybe they will send me two! LOL

As for the rest of today, that all depends on my ass. Will I be sitting on the throne all day or am I all done?
I know..TMI! Too bad. You have read worse here..hehehe

You will know what happens when I do....

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