Monday, February 27, 2012

Redecorating..the beginning


 I had mentioned briefly that I was thinking of redoing, repainting, sprucing up the house. I have not bought any new furniture (or new to me) in forever. I also want to get rid of stuff. I have a huge tv hutch in my dining room that I will practically give away! I need to empty it and clean it before I sell it. It is one of those uber expensive shabby chic ones. We bought it off a friend with the tv inside of it for $100. The hutch would not fit up our old fashioned stairs. It has got to go.
 Anyway, I found this side table on Craigslist for $20! It is 18 inches tall. I do not know if I want to make it a true side table or use it for plants. All I know is I want it and I pick it up today at 3pm. LOL
 I think selling off stuff, throwing things away, and having a true change will make me feel better. And I wont spend a ton of money. I found an older tan/yellow leather/vinyl loveseat that is to die for! $40! I am waiting to hear on it. It will replace the yucky love seat in the livingroom.
I am thinking (if my brain remembers) that I will post as I go along. I get a new thing, you get to see. When I start painting, before and after.
Good? Good!