Friday, February 10, 2012

Cysts and Bills

 I had a good appointment with the Gynecologist. He told me that the cysts are not too big. They are each 3cm big. The one of the right is a complex cyst and will not go away on it`s own. On Valentine`s day I have to go have a ultrasound and blood work done. If everything looks good, then it will just have to be monitored to see if it gets bigger or not. It is causing my pain. If the pain does not go away after awhile, I have the option of having the ovary removed. I am going to wait and see. He is concerned about my wayward periods, extra estrogen and something about thickening lining. I have to have a uterus biopsy too. Ugh!  So that is that with that. I will know more later on but he said for now, not to worry.

Bills are creepy up my ass. Now, I am complaining, not asking for a hand out. So please do not take it that way. I am griping.
The electric company USED to give you payment arrangements if you needed them. As long as you did not break the arrangement, you were fine if you ever needed another one. Every winter I would use it maybe once. I tried to do that yesterday because I have a bill over $400 that is due on the 20th. I sent them $300 two weeks ago. They told me no. The company looks at your ENTIRE history with them...ummm like 25 years, and if you ever were late or carried a balance, they would not allow you to have a payment arrangement. This is going to be a shock to many. Just like me. I just paid the car insurance bill, I have held the mortgage payment, and I have A HUGE bill due at the end of next month. I am thinking I am going to break at one point.
 Oh! Plus the shop had no cars to clean this week so Fred wont get paid. He never saved a dime of that money for the future. So that means, I have to give him some money this week out of the non-existent money I have. He will then talk about how he makes so much money and there should be some.
Yup, there is and they pay bills, scripts, medicine, Dr appointments, etc etc.

So I am not going grocery shopping this week and maybe next week. I will put gas the Jeep and car, buy cat and dog food, toilet paper, and get some hot dogs, macaroni, and some hamburger. We have plenty of food in this house. I can be creative. Natalie will starve but oh well.
Chelsea`s birthday is on the 15th. I have to get supplies for her cheese cake.
I am fucking stressing.
*Hey Gran! This does not mean I want you to be quick on our arrangement!! It stays the same!!*
Winter is always hard because it costs more. But I have been behind the 8 ball because the price of Dr appointments went up and I have had to go a few billion times.
Electricity is high. Cable is high. Food, gas, etc. It is stressing me the fuck out. I have not saved one penny for my trip to Colorado yet because something else falls into my lap.
What am I gonna do? I cannot work. That has already been established. The girls? Ahahahaha! Thats funny!
I am thinking I may have to start selling off my miniature collection. I have some pieces that could fetch a nice amount of money.
Oh well, maybe I will clean house this weekend and think about it. I need money.

I need to take some of these bulbs out of these light fixtures too.

This is for a certain someone that likes to stalk:
*Laugh away you special Snowflake! Karma will be coming for your ass one day soon!*

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  1. Fred is my hero. He let me cry on his shoulder about the bills. I told him that I didnt even have money for groceries. He told me that I did. He also told me that no matter what, I always am able to get the bills paid. Come hell or high water.
    Then he went upstairs. He came back down and gave me some cash. He had been saving his money!
    I was able to buy groceries!
    All is good(for now) in the world!