Friday, February 24, 2012

An the results are......

Cybil Sheppard, beautiful

 I am sitting here on hold with the Gyno office. It has been over a week since my biopsy. I called two days ago to get the results. The dimwit that answered the phone could not find them. Dimwit told me to call back later. So I did and I got the more seasoned secretary. She told me that biopsy results take longer to cook then say blood results. I do not know if she was throwing me shade to get rid of me or what but She said to call TODAY because it will be a day over a week and they should have them.
 Guess what? The seasoned secretary cannot find them! She said that she has tons of stuff going on and that she will call me back. WTF? It is Friday. If I have to wait the whole weekend to find out after I have waited over a week to find out if I have hyperplasia or cancer..I am going to beat the crap out of somebody and I am seriously not joking. My hormones are all over the map!

  So now I have to wait for this chick to call me. This is how it is gonna play out, my friends.

-One...She will call just before closing. She will either tell me that all is fine. Then I will say then what? She says the Dr is gone for the day and call on Monday (BITCH!).

- Two.. She will say that I need to schedule a consultation with the Dr. Let`s set one up sometime next week. So that means they found something and they want to tell me in person..Make me wait another whole weekend and weekdays. (BITCH!).

-Three..She calls and says she cannot find the results..They want me to either wait till next week for them to materialize  or come in and have them redone! (Oh Hell No!).

- And finally She will not call at all. I will have gotten lost in laundry and realized I should call and the office is closed for the day.(Oh no she didn't!)

Or I am just being bitchy about the whole thing and I will find out something today.

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