Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dog Piss

Today I am going to shampoo the carpets upstairs and the big rug downstairs. This is because I am a bad person and cannot get my dogs to do it outside. I have had dogs for 14 years. I have successfully trained dogs even one stubborn shelter dog. These three? Forget it! Perla was never trained when she came to me. I tried and tried. She will tell me when she needs to go, she will go but then she will still do it in the house. Lu came from being abandoned outside. She didnt know how to go outside at all. I taught her that much and she goes when the others go out but she still does inside. I did find out that she is pad trained. When we brought Ruby here we put pads down. Ruby would use them but we would find small pee stains. It was Lu. I leave one upstairs everyday in the bathroom for her. She uses it but still likes to defile the carpets too.
So Ruby smells all the piss, and it is hard to train. She never tells me she has to go outside. NEVER! Then she was doing really good. I figured out her schedule and I took her out and she pooed and peed. Then when the snow hit, it is like she got anmesia. She is very hard to get to shit outside now. Take her out, she plays around with sticks. Take her for a walk, she just walks. 10 minutes or an hour..doesnt matter. Bring her in the house and in five minutes she has shit in the corner. Every fucking time!
 I was happy this morning because she actually shit outside for once in about a week. I praised her up and down.
So I shampoo the carpets. I need to really BUY a carpet shampooer but we never seem to think of it when we have the cash. I have probably bought one 4 times over with renting one. We have the damn thing until 9pm. Of course, Fred is working at the shop so he is leaving it to ME to pick everything up off the floors and shampoo them myself. Isnt he wonderful? He has gotta make sure he gets his money before I ever get any help.
This isnt a rant about Fred at all. It is a rant that I cannot control these dogs bathroom habits and it drives me a bit nutty. I am hoping I can crack Ruby`s code.
I understand if you want to tell me what a dirty bad pet parent that I am and I should fork over immense amounts of money in training my dogs, but I do not have it so it aint gonna happen.
 So I will shampoo all the carpetting upstairs and later Fred will bring the cleaner down and do the rug in the living room and for about 2 weeks, it will be fine and then we start all over again.
I really need to get my own carpet cleaner to shampoo once a week AND I need to get these dogs to keep their business outside.

That would be heavenly.

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