Sunday, February 26, 2012

Learning is good

I love tomato juice

 My stomach hurts a bit today. I do not know what I ate that is making it so. It is not awful pain and bloating but enough for me to know it is the gastroparesis. I have been able to basically eat whatever I want and did not understand how that was so. I have been told by so many people that I will end up nauseated (thanks Frimmy!), and vomiting all the damn time. But that is not the case.
Then I found this website, Living with Gastroparesis.
I stumbled onto it because I wanted to know if I really have GP. Do I? I will know definitely tomorrow but according to this woman, I can have it with my light symptoms. Not everyone ends up a worst case scenario, which I knew but also not everyone has to eat a limited diet. I have to figure out what hurts me and avoid it. Then I can try to live my life, lose some extra poundage and be happy.
I want to lose at least another 25 lbs (50 would be better) before I go to Denver in September.
So yes, I have GP but GP doesn't have me.

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