Friday, February 17, 2012

Biopsies suck!


I had my endometrial biopsy yesterday. Or should I say biopsies. He took four samples. It wasnt horrific to be perfectly honest. The part that hurt was that as he was getting ready to release the speculum, my uterus seized up in a massive cramp. I actually yelped. They had me rest for 10 minutes before trying to get up. I was crampy for the rest of the day and I did have spotting but I am okay. He started talking about having a D and C and an ablation done. He also wants to do an lap. in the belly button to peek around inside my abdomen. If I get an ablation, no more periods at least for the next two years.
 I do not know why he has did a 360 on it all. The right side cyst is a smallish 2.5 cm. The one of the left is 6cm. I have to go and have another ultrasound at the end of March to see if it has changed. I think that will steer how all this goes. Plus what my biopsies say. I was just getting a cat scan to have my gut looked at and I ended up at the lady bits Doctor. Hmmm.

Speaking of Lady bits..Ruby went into heat! Fuck!!!  I was going to have her done in March but either I was told she was a month younger then she really is or the weird weather has kicked her into maturity. Now I have to wait till the heat is over before she can go in and get fixed up.

So this is the season of the Bloody and Ru.

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