Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Forbidden Foods


I decided yesterday that I was going to really sit down and read the GP diet to see what I was up against. I have to tell you the truth, it is pretty bad. See, I am diabetic so some of the things I can eat are carbs and I have to watch my carbs. So I have to be very creative. Yesterday I found out that I can eat Malt O Meal (like cream of wheat) and it does not hurt my stomach. So I have a bowl of it beside me now. It has one equal packet and a tablespoon of light cream. Not an ideal breakfast but it filled me up and I had no stomach pains or bloating. I have to make sure the food that I eat is easy to digest. So I can have ground hamburger, chicken and pork but I cannot have a steak, a chicken wing (damn!) or a pesto pork chop. I wanted to share with you all the list of foods that I should avoid. Just so you get an idea what I am up against.

I have to eat six small meals a day so that it is easier to digest. I have to avoid high fiber and high fat foods because both are hard to digest. I have to limit my coffee and soda intake. If I notice that they become a problem in the future, I will eliminate them.

Meats: all meats must be ground or blenderized (eww). No sausages or cured meats. I can just imagine they would be hard to digest.
High fiber foods: Cabbage, broccoli, artichokes, peas, turnip greens, corn, brussel sprouts, sauerkraut, tomato skins, green beans, kiwi, orange, all berries, oranges, figs, fresh pears, all beans and split peas, lentils, popcorn, coconut, all dried fruits and persimmons.
Dairy: Low fat everything. The only cheeses I can eat are cottage cheese and Parmesan. I can have eggs but they cannot be fried.
I cannot completely eliminate fats from my diet cause that would be awful for my body and my psyche..LOL. I just have to eliminate glaring ones like chicken skin, french fries have to be baked, etc. Seafood is a go too as long as it is not breaded. So no fried clams but yes to steamers.
I can eat potatoes but not the skin. I can eat tacos with ground meat but no cheese. I can have spaghetti with meat sauce. I had that for dinner last night and I was not in pain afterwards.
 There is lots of pasta, white rice, cream of wheats, cereals, bagels, tortillas, pancakes, waffles...lots of carbs. These are things that are not good for a diabetic. So I have to balance my meals so that I have some of these carbs but not alot.
I can also drink lots of smoothies and juices. Most veggies and juices are on the NO list but you can have some of them if you juice them or put them in a blended drink. Peanut butter will help me alot! I now have to save up for a juicer. That is going to be tough. I have got winter bills up the ass and there is really no breathing room for a good juicer. It will just have to wait until Spring.

So that is about it.  I went to bed hungry last night. I think that sucks but I woke up pain and bloat free. Major plus!

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