Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl...Meh! M&Ms..,YES!


Fred watched the Superbowl. I read about book about celebrity deaths until commercials came on. Then I watched and waited for grandma..Oh I mean Madonna to fall off the chariot. Damn! Didn't happen.

I have been keeping busy and trying to keep my mind from wandering about what could be or couldnt be. It has been hard but I do have moments where I forget. My stomach has actually been good since Thursday. Weird.
 I have like nothing to say cause my brain is just moosh. I will be better on my next post. I promise.

3 more days.....


  1. We tuned in just for Madonna. I thought it was great. :)

    Grace used to sit in her car seat and bang her legs yelling, "My Donna, My Donna." ;)

    Glad to hear the tummy is holding up. :)

  2. I remember hearing Madonna for the first time on the radio for the first time when I was in high school. She was signing lucky star and I was in my closet getting something to wear. Funny what you remember.

  3. Yes, it is.

    Borderline was on the radio a lot when dan and I had broken up...