Monday, October 19, 2015

I am a class A shit head


    I said quite awhile ago that I would update. Of course my head has been up my ass so I did not do it. If I repeat shit, so be it. I have 15 min before I have to leave for therapy so I am not gonna read back what I have told already.  Blame it on Mame!

   The spinal tap said that I do have IH. I have been taking the diamox. I should be taking it twice a day but I only take it once. I have to squirrel away pills for the new year.  I think the Vit D is working for the diabetes. My blood sugars have been really good. The insulin is working more effectively. Less shots with meals. I am totally not on low sodium but I am watching what I eat. If something is too salty, I put it down. I have to go big shopping for all low sodium foods. So I am doing way better, I am just not a nun about it yet.

  Kid #2 and I have a appointment coming up in March to see a geneticist in Boston. We are on the cancellation list. I might ask them to break us up so that it would be easier to get us early.......
See..I gotta go now. I will post this and continue later..

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