Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Brain Days are the Best

*The Bird*

*243* <----cant make her move!

  It is a humid morning so I fear today will not be a good day after all. We have rain and a tropical system for this weekend also. I know already that my brain is not happy. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have my spinal tap this Friday morning. Hopefully I will get some answers about my IIH. I have finally just come to terms with it. I have it. It is a rare disease (1 in 100k) and there is  no cure. I have to roll with life and try to find sunshiney spots. I don't know what the cold air will do to me but it wont be humid. Less water in the air means less in my head. I have been so stubborn with fighting this diagnosis. Enough of that. I have the end of the month money coming in and I can buy lots of low sodium foods. I have to do this. *YES!*

  The picture up top is from the book Miss Peregrine`s Peculiar Children. I read the whole thing. I have not done that in over a year.  That is a big deal to me. I have the 2nd book in the series that I started yesterday, Hollow City. I will pick up the 3rd book soon. I have used a Kindle but there is something about reading from a book. The smell. The paper. The bookmark. You cannot replace that. Tim Burton is right now doing a film on the first book. If you are looking for something different to read, give it a go.

  The less humid weather has my head feeling pretty good. Those I am deeming Good Brain Days. That will let those that love me know that I always feel like shit but my brain feels good today. I can accomplish so much. I cut down almost the whole front bed yesterday. It was all bagged up too. I want to get the front done soon because I have a huge inflatable spider to put out there for October. I bought it from a neighbor for $5. Kinda excited to have it. I hope it fits out there nicely.  I have finished out the community garden. There are a few cherry tomatoes, peppers, and Swiss chard growing.  I go back periodically to pick. Once it gets cold, I will clean out the beds. I was thinking of planting some garlic.  I still want my own beds at home though.

  Last winter, I won like $75 from American Eagle Outfitters. It was in the form of gift cards. I bought the Man a pair of jeans and I found a pair of size 18 Boyfriend jeans for me. Alas, they didn't fit me. At all. Couldn't get them over my ass. I packed them away. I tried them on this past Sunday. They fit! They zipped! And no camel toe! I needed a belt! Woot!
See..that makes me happy but the scale doesn't fucking move...why is that? I am losing inches but not pounds. I am a numbers gal. I like to see lower digits. Extremely happy they fit. Just want to be able to say I weigh 223 instead.
 I guess once I have all the foods I need to sustain me here, the weight will drop off. Crossing those fingers.

I have to say that I hate this laptop. Yes, I am still using that ancient Dell that has a broken letter n that I have to paste when I type. I wish a computer fairy would drop a lappy at my doorstep. *wishing really hard* I had to just gripe cause it took me extra long to type this out. One day I will have extra money..one day.


  1. I am doing. I promise to post tomorrow. I should have posted with the long boring weekend I had but I didn't think of it.