Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Good news sucks sometimes


   Lots to post. I have been in a bad mood because of my appointment with the ear doctor and the cat scan. So I have been quiet.

Let`s start with the weather. It was hot hot hot. And the Lord made the rains come. We had not finished the Ark in time. We were deluged with 4 inches of rain in an hour. It was bad. And the worst part is me and Kid #2 were out in it! We made it home safe. I did not know it was gonna be that bad but when the flash flood warning came on my phone, we got out of dodge carefully as to not hydroplane, and made it home. We had a wee bit of water in the basement but it was okay. I have pictures too.

 This is Broad street. A major street in town. To the right of that pillar on the porch is a street that I use to get home. I say 20 minutes before this picture was taken, I was driving where that tractor trailer was to get home. It had not flooded like that when I was there.

This is the 7-11 down the street from my house. I knew not to go anywhere down there. How can you drive into that? The minute it hits the tailpipe, you are done. The rain ended soon after and it all dried up. Except for the junk piles in the yard. They stink. And because the Man stacked the crap next to the house, the basement stinks meaning I am gonna go insane.
 But my frie
nd man said he would take it all for the dump for us. And then I will bleach out the whole fucking area. I dont do mold. 

  So I have good health news and sucky health news. The cat scan looks really good. There is no fissures or holes in my skull. The seals in my skull are good. I do not need another surgery. Yay!
My symptoms that I have are basically what I have to live with. He still feels I have IIH. That the symptoms are because of IIH. I am so bummed out about it right now. I am back on the low sodium way of eating full force. I had been lax before because I was in major denial. So it is low sodium all the way for me. I will start back on the diamox after I have that spinal tap in early October. Then we will see what the neuro sees. If this is IIH, I will have to just live with it because that is all I can do.

  oh, appare
ntly I have really low Vitamin D. I started a 50,000 unit Vitamin D pill this week. I take it once every Sunday. Supposedly, the twitching and aches are probably because of it. My medications should work better too with me on that. 

  I think that is all for today. I was really down this past weekend because of the realization that I have a brain disease that will never go away. Kind of ironic that September is IIH awareness month,
 I k
now I should be more elaborate and fun with the post but this bitch aint feeling it. Maybe the next time. I hope you have a great Tuesday and the weather is cool for you.


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    1. Thank you. I am sorry I have been lax. But it is understandable