Monday, August 31, 2015

I am a chicken.


   Kinda Sorta.
    I cancelled the spinal tap for this Friday. I have some shit going and I decided I needed another month to straighten it out. I will have it done early October instead. Who wants to get their naked spine poked by a stranger in this heat? Blech! So my chauffeur and I are going to go consignment shopping instead. Oh yeah. Retail therapy is what this chic needs. That and some diner breakfast.  All serious though. I am going to have it done but something came up that I have to do that following Saturday. It is all good.
Bok Bok Bok.

   Mondays always start out with so much promise. I start getting things done, run a couple errands, plan dinner (burgers on the grill) and by 3pm I start to peter out. It is bullshit. I still have stuff on my list.
 As most of you know I am the Queen of my castle aka I do practically everything. This usually happens while three other adults sit around on their free time watching Hulu and YouTube. I do get help. I wont say they are completely lazy. But I am seriously getting sick of it. I cannot afford a maid and going on strike doesn't work (food mold grows in 2 days). I just trudge along while I wait for the cleaning fairies to do me a solid. Clean my house. Fairies!

  Health wise is a toss up today. My head feels okay but my body feels like shit. I can trudge through the body pains. I am a old pro at that. To me, this s a good-ish day.  Kid #2 and I went to the Book Barn. I found a copy of the big book Fibromyalgia Advocate (purple cover) for $4. I do not know where my copy went so I bought another. Kid #2 is devouring it now. She might be dealing with multiple diagnosis like I have and I want her to be informed. I also bought a book of 1000 tattoos and a Tony Bourdain book. I have some stuff to read. That always makes the day better.

My ass needs to get off this lappy. I have to season the burgers and let them sit for a bit in the fridge. The man will be home before I know it.

Today was okay for me. I can take a 1000 more of these in a row please.

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