Thursday, August 20, 2015

Allergist is an ass

*242* <----oh yeah. That is the ticket

   Okay. this humidity has got to go. My house is a sticky mess. It is too too humid to do life stuff. I just sit around and stare at it all. Partly cause of my health, partly cause it is so juicy. Thank goodness I gave up smoking (2007) otherwise I would be screwed. Hopefully there will be a break this weekend. *pray*

   I saw the allergist yesterday. He is a jerk a
nd that is probably why I stopped going. He cut me off, didnt explain shit, made me feel stupid for questioning why my allergies have gotten worse, and he was smug. I got what I wanted though. I have a script for a epipen, he told me to up my zyrtec to two a day (am and pm) and that is about it. I guess I will be going to new york.  
***taking sip of water..profusely sweating*** I had to stop mid post to bring the man his lunch. I came home and started working on the dusticles. I totally forgot I had you all hanging in limbo. Taking a sweat lodge break over here till I get back at it. 

    Anyway, I, myself, personally have a referral to the Rheumy too. They haven't called to schedule but if they dont call today, I will call them Friday.  Tomorrow I see the ear surgeon for my 3 month post op check and talk about my symptoms. I have a list of things to tell and hope he has some answers. I have good days and bad days. Today is good. I am moving..I am grooving. Two days ago was really bad. It scared me a little how bad I felt. I had to just lay down in the dark to wait for it to pass. I was dizzy and felt not right. But it went away so I have to just learn to dial down even more. I hate that. I barely do stuff like a normal person as it is.  The heat is sapping me dry. But the Fall is coming. I cannot wait. 

   Kid #1 is looking at apartments with two friends that will be room mates. They are hoping to move in for September. I am very happy that she is launching and a tad sad too. It will be a big change. We have not decided what we do with her room yet. It will not be storage. I hate that. I hate seeing a perfectly good room turned into storage. It could be a craft room, a tv room, a guest room, or just about anything but a storage room. The walls are red. That will have to change.

  Okay, I am done for now. It is too hot to think. I will sit here and puddle till the laundry tells me to get up.

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  1. The appointment with the surgeon was not what I had hoped. I have to have a special cat scan of my skull asap. I either need another sealing OR all is good but I have to live with the symptoms. Just yummy huh?