Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July 2015!

   I woke up almost an hour ago. My first day to sleep in since he started work. Ahhh! He is off to the barber. The youth are sleeping. I am on my 2nd cup of coffee and staring at the clouds out the window. If it rains, so be it. We had grilled wings with grilled corn on cob last night. It was delicious. So if I have to cook the burgers and hot pups inside, that is okay.  Today is kinda lazy for us. I am feeling okay to cook (knock on wood). I will make a small potato salad and some baked mac and cheese.  I could do a big salad for our veg. I am also gonna do cupcakes.
But first....I have to drink this coffee and clean the kitchen from yesterday. Yuck!

  Last night I got two surprises. One was being introduced to a new show called Wayward Pines. Matt Dillon! Are you kidding me? I love the show.  You can catch up on Hulu plus because it is still airing every Thursday. There are 10 episodes to the season. Really good..I am not spoiling at all. Surprise two came while I was catching up on Hulu. Kid #1 says that she thinks she is gonna buy us a new laptop. Both Kid #2 and I stopped what we were doing and said What? at the same time.

We shall see people. We shall see.

Some days my head/health are good. Some days not so much. I still have the autophony pretty badly. My balance is iffy and loud noises make me sick still. The leaking has stopped. Maybe it was just a left over thing from surgery. Which is amazingly good.  The other stuff not getting better..i dont know. It will probably have to be another surfacing to fill all other divets and holes in my head.
 I am waiting. I could call early before August to have the cat scan but I might want to wait. I dont want to discuss surgery right now. I am enjoying our mild summer.

Okay. I gotta go. Ruby is whining to poop. Must go outside.

Have a Happy 4th and be safe!


  1. Oh holy crap I LOVE Wayward Pines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seeing Matt Dillon makes me want to see Little Darlings for some reason.