Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fat As I Am


   I am 243 this morning.  This is with clothes on so you know I weigh like 2-3 lbs less then that but I will stay with what the scale says. For a little while there I was not following my food protocol. I was essentially falling off the sodium/junk food wagon. I wasnt going crazy but my head and scale were whispering to me. Girl, knock that shit off! You have to lose weight and protect your eyesight. You are not gonna do that while eating bread or pickles.  I lost 4 lbs so I am back on track. My goal is to be 210 by Christmas. We shall see. 

   Perla is doing so much better. The medication has shrunk the inflammation below her eye, made her stinky breath go away, and put a ton of pep in her step. It is like the meds added a few years to her. She is acting like a youngin. It is a pain to dose her but it is worth the twice a day fight. She has to finish this bottle and another bottle. It wont fix her but it will make her feel better while we decide what to do about her teeth.

It is warm today. Tha
nkfully not humid. I always have a bunch of stuff to do. Especially now that Hubs is back to work. It isn't like the adult children will help me. That would take them away from watching tv, having iintellectual conversations, and treating me like a maid/cook/chauffeur. Yeah. something is gonna change with that.
  I paid bills, and replaced hubby`s work shorts. That is all the money I have spent. So far so good. I have a new motto: Dont count yer chickens!! I wont spend it cause who know what will come up. My kids wont help bill wise so we have to economize and hope the frugality makes them so crazy that they move out. I could dream it. That is just as good for now.
I have to go...see the dog needs to go out but the two adults are too busy talking to do it while I try to type. They actually turned to look at me as to why I havent taken her out yet cause they are oh so busy. Grrrrrrr

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Damn computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seee...THAT one goes thru....damn it all....so for the third time...let me repeat myself....You need to go all Madea on somebody's ass. If they can't help out...tell em to get out. Some tough love might speak loud. They don't need to be taking such advantage of you.

  3. LMAO! Madea. Baby steps with me. I have had 20 plus years of conditioning of being a Mommy DoorMat. I have been actually doing things and saying things to them that I would have never before.
    Therapy works wonders on your perspective.